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Census Index 1841

Index of 1841 Census - Parish of Knettishall in the District of Thetford

Index of 1841 Census - Parish of Knettishall in the District of Thetford, Enumeration District #23

Transcription by David and Barbara Kolle, Melbourne, Australia, September 1993.

Based on Crown Copyright material held in the Public Record Office, and reproduced by permission of the Controller of Her Majesty's Stationery Office.

Name Place Occupation Age Born
in Co.
ASHMAN, Ann Thetford Road F.S. 19 No
BAKER, Susan Parsonage House   19 Yes
BALLINGBROK, Bath ?? Brick Kiln   35 Yes
BALLINGBROK, Jas ?? Brick Kiln   15 Yes
BALLINGBROK, John Brick Kiln Ag. Lab 36 No
BALLINGBROK, Sarah Brick Kiln   12 Yes
BARHAM, Margt. Parsonage House   28 No
BARHAM, Saml. Parsonage House Ag. Lab 30 No
BARHAM, Willm. Thetford Road Ag. Lab 25 No
BENTLY, John Thetford Road Ag. Lab 20 No
BOLINBROK, John America House Ag. Lab 20 Yes
BRAMY, Ann Lodge   13 Yes
BRAMY, Geo. Lodge   9 Yes
BRAMY, Jas. Lodge   1 Yes
BRAMY, John Lodge Ag. Lab 40 Yes
BRAMY, Susan Lodge   36 Yes
BRAMY, Theo. Lodge   1 Yes
BRAMY, Willm. Lodge   11 Yes
BROWN, Harriett Thetford Road   25 Yes
BROWN, Jas. Thetford Road   6m Yes
BROWN, Philip Thetford Road Ag. Lab 21 Yes
COATS, Rachel Thetford Road   15 No
EVERITT, Mary Thetford Road   45 Yes
EVERITT, Robert Thetford Road Ag. Lab 40 Yes
EVERITT, Sophia Thetford Road   65 No
EVERITT, Willm. Thetford Road Ag. Lab 64 No
GANT, Willm. America House Ag. Lab 20 Yes
GREEN, Henry Thetford Road Ag. Lab 17 Yes
INGE, Emma Thetford Road   6m Yes
INGE, Jas. ?? Thetford Road   8 Yes
INGE, Stephen Thetford Road   1 Yes
INGE, Susan Thetford Road   30 Yes
INGE, Willm. Thetford Road Ag. Lab 30 Yes
INGE, Willm. Thetford Road   3 Yes
LINGE, Eliz. America House   50 No
LINGE, Willm. America House   45 Yes
MATHEW, Geo. Jn. Thetford Road Farmer 45 Yes
MATHEW, Maria C. Thetford Road   25 Yes
MATHEW, Mary Ann Thetford Road   35 No
MATHEW, Willm. Thetford Road   15 No
NEWMAN, Eliz. Thetford Road   5 Yes
NEWMAN, Emily Thetford Road   11 Yes
NEWMAN, Harriett Thetford Road   10 Yes
NEWMAN, Jas. Thetford Road   2 Yes
NEWMAN, Mary Ann Thetford Road   12 Yes
NEWMAN, Sophia Thetford Road   35 No
NEWMAN, Willm. Thetford Road Ag. Lab 40 Yes
NOBLE, Mark Thetford Road Ag. Lab 37 Yes
NOBLE, Thos. Parsonage House Ag. Lab 70 Yes
PARKER, Jane ?? Thetford Road F.S. 15 No
PEACH, Jas ?? Brick Kiln Ag. Lab 73 Yes
RUSHER, Bernard Lodge   1 Yes
RUSHER, Birdy ?? Lodge   37 Yes
RUSHER, Henry Lodge   5 Yes
RUSHER, Mary Ann Lodge   7 Yes
RUSHER, Sarah Lodge   11 Yes
RUSHER, Willm. Lodge   42 Yes
RUSHER, Willm. Lodge   13 Yes
SHURING, Eliza America House   25 Yes
SHURING, Robt. America House   25 No
WHITAKER, Briggs America House Ag. Lab 55 Yes
WHITAKER, David America House   15 Yes
WHITAKER, Eliz. America House   60 Yes
WHITEMAN, Lucy ?? Thetford Road   25 No
WHITEMAN, Margt. Thetford Road   45 No
WHITEMAN, William Thetford Road Ag. Lab 50 No
WHITEMAN, Willm. Thetford Road Ag. Lab 20 No
WOOLSEY, Jas. Lodge Ag. Lab 26 Yes
WRIGHT, Ann Parsonage House   38 Yes
WRIGHT, Ann Parsonage House   3 Yes
WRIGHT, Ebenezer Parsonage House   5 Yes
WRIGHT, Eliz. Parsonage House   13 Yes
WRIGHT, John Parsonage House Ag. Lab 40 Yes
WRIGHT, John Parsonage House   11 Yes
WRIGHT, Louisa Parsonage House   8 Yes
WRIGHT, Sherwood Parsonage House   1 Yes