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Commissary Court of London Will Abstracts Volume 26 (1629-1634) Surnames G-J


GALLEDGE, Thomas - citizen and innholder of London (f179)

Isaac Mount; Thos Hollis; Geo Baker of Barrett; land in Yeovil, Somerset to sis Joan & her husb; son Jms; wifes sis Alice Preston & her chldr; poor of St Albans Woodstreet; wife Anne exec; overs Jms White, Wlm Barrisse, Sam Claridge & Jms Wancourt; wtns Roger Nicholls, Anne Patrickson & Sam Walpoole


GARDNER, John - St Mary Whitechapel, Mdx, clothworker (f414)

chldr Jane & Edward; wife Eliz exec; overs Thos Harrington of East Smithfield, Mdx farrier; wtns Sam Abbots & Thos Hunt


GARDENER, Edward - St Mary Whitechapel, Mdx, clothworker (f554)

late father Jn G; mother Eliz G widow; svt Thos Phillipps; aprnt Thos Thurston; wife Mary exec; wtns Clemt Galward


GARFORD, Peter - London, gent (f63)

sis Beatrix Hodgson & her dtr Eliz; bible at Grays Inn to bro Jarvis G; niece Dorothy Garford; mother in law Ursula Carter; aunt Morris; bros in law Jn & Joseph Carter; dtr Rebecca; execs Ursula Carter & Jarvis Garford; wtns Geo Oldfield & Jeff Debdell


GARMON, John - Enfield, Mdx, victualler (f181)

wife Eliz; Jn son of Rich Potter taylor; wtns Thos Hoare & Roger Hunt


GATES, Flower - Limehouse, Stepney, Mdx, widow (f338)

Jn Parker of "Leinster" Devonshire, seaman; 2 sisters; cousins; Eliz Wilkinsonne svt of goodwife Longe; Jane Barker widow; exec Sara Harping singlewmn; wtns Rob Haye & Joan Dyer


GATTWARD, Oliver (f561)

chldr Anne, Oliver & other son; son Thos exec; overs Dan Gouldsmith; wtns Edward Prewer & Ralph Thomlinnes


GIBBINS, Alice - Wapping Wall, Stepney, Mdx, widow (f294)

late husb Jn G; son Jn G (on voyage in ship Anne) & his wife Jane & dtr Alice; Sarah Chapman dtr of sis Mrs Whetstone; Alice wife of bro Rob Gibbins; sis Bradshawe; bro in law Wlm Gibbins; sis Collins; sis in law Mary Gibbins; Mr Thos Abbott; execs son Jms G & Mr Wlm Gouldston; son Jn G overs; wtns Bart Cressener & Wilmer Parramor


GIBBONS, John - Wapping, Mdx, mariner (f523)

sons Jn & Jms; grandtr Alice Gibbons; unborn child; wife Alice exec; overs bro Mr Luke Whetstone & Mr Wlm Goldstone; wtns Jn Heathson, Anth Maynard & Rob Earle


GIBSON, Anne - London, widow (f250)

bro Jn Mould; Jn & Geo sons of sis Harrison; knswmn Eliz Hawkins widow exec; wtns Wlm Fitton, Jos Ferrett svt of H Dyson, Rowland Worthington & Rob Walpoole


GIELS, George (f114)

bro Lancelot G; execs dtr Emme & wife Kath; wtns Wlm Long, Joseph Bardell & Rob Chambers


GILBY, Thomas - St Anne Blackfriars, London, blacksmith (f542)

chldr Dan & Ruth; son Thos G exec; wtns Rob Cordwell clockmaker, Roger Collins cutler, Rich Wheeler haberdasher & Jn Farmer chandler


GILNEY, Vaughan - St Dunstans in the West, London, widow (f178)

bro Henry Colman of Petham, Kent; bro Thos Colman; Henry, Adam & Jn sons of bro Jn Colman; Mary wife of sisters son Jn Jones; svts Rob Waters, Anthony Burton & Anne Gune; Geo son of Debora wife of Geo Gaskoyne of Westminster; Eliz wife of Geo Moreton & their chldr Jn, Geo, Edward, Eliz & Susan; exec sister Susan Jones' dtr Susan wife of Jn Larramore hatpresser; overs Geo Morton; wtns Ed. Winne, Jn Lowe & Jacob Dawbney


GINGE, Thomas - St Mary Matfellon alias Whitechapel, butcher (f135)

Hugh Ginge of Tuttle St brewer & his sis Alice; dtr in law Sara Danyell; wife Alice exec; wtns Sara Mathewes & Rich Culpeper


GITTINS, Thomas - Edmonton, Mdx, husb (f327)

sons Jn & Henry; wife Anne exec; wtns Rob Rawlins & Rob West


GLASCOCKE, William - Waltham Holycross, Essex, yeo (f156)

dtr Anne wife of Jn Salisbury; son Thos G; wtns Phil Cros & Margt Broning


GODDIN, George - Limehouse, Mdx, seaman (f252)

4 chldr of bro Hugh G; cousin Ames Spaine ctz & merchantaylor; Jn Checkley senr; execs Fortune wife of Thos Johnson seaman & Anne Gresham spinster; wtns Jn Woolston & Rob Filbrigge


GOLDER, William - St Bride, citizen and haberdasher of London (f140)

Jarvis Hewett; prsnt wife Kath exec; overs Mr Edward Jones & Mr Wlm Toynton; wtns Wlm Brend


GOODALE, Ellen - St Sepulchre, London, widow (f495)

son Edward G; bro Edward Arris; wtns Barbara & Mary Arris


GOULDING, Christopher - Waltham Holycross, Essex, yeo (f70)

chldr Thos, Chris, Edward, Margt, Agn & Anne; svts Alice Batron, Jn Humfree & Dan Pener; bro in law Thos Burrage; execs Jn Fulham & bro Jn G; overs Geo Bettinson, bro in law Mr Jn Burrage & kinsman Jn Robinson; wtns Thos Watts, Reygnold Sheredge & Wlm Nash


GOWEN, Johane - St Sepulchre without Newgate, London, widow (f534)

4 chldr of sis Eliz wife of Thos Bury; sis Jane Dickenson of Deeping St James, co Lincoln; Tobias, Jn, Mary & Elnr chldr of sis Alice wife of Jn Wright; Mary dtr of bro Jn Storer; Edward son of decsd sis Laye; cousin Mr Jn Clarke of Fulham Mdx; Mrs Tennant; Margt Winter widow; Mr Gamaliel Voyce; godchldr Joseph Dowsell, Joan Hickman, Jn Turnpenny & Anne Sherman; Kath Dennys; Mary dtr of niece Dorothy wife of Wlm Smith; late mother Storer; Jeremy Loveday; Jane Gardener; old Weston in Housditch; Mrs Christian Pennington; countryman Jn Ashton armourer; Mr Rob Peake, Mr Jn Peake & their bro Adam; cousins Dorothy Sweener & Eliz Olley; Eliz Gantlett; Mr Wlm Clarke of Charterhouse; svt Mary Smith; execs bro Jn Storer of Stamford, co Lincoln shoemaker & Geo Smith of Church Lawford, co Warwick gent; overs Mr Wlm Peake goldsmith & Geo Britten gent; wtns Leonard Tenant, Rich Gwalter, Isaac Rowlett svt of Jn May


GRAY, Dorcas - widow of Henry G (f463)

son Geo Wilson; son Henry G; dtr Pagett; exec dtr Dorcas Gray; overs Mr Jn Wardall ctz & grocer; wtns Henry & Sam Gibs & Jn Taylor


GRAY, Susan - London, widow (f121)

sis Grissell wife of Jn Sharparrowe in the country & her son Wlm; son Joshua & his wife Alice; grandtrs Susan & Mary Gray; exec son Joshua; wtns Chris Dutton svt of Mr Alex Colston


GRAYES, John - South Mimms [Mdx] (f386)

bros Wlm & Rich Grases; Jn son of bro Quentin Grase; godsons Langborow Cattenes & Rob Gaslyes; Mr Gladman minister; wife Eliz Graves; wtns Jn Gyles & Jn Robbens


GREENDOME, Richard - Shadwell, Stepney, Mdx, mariner (f17)

to marry Margt Chambers widow; knswmn Elnr Greenedome; wtns Roger Allen, Andrew Worenbrey & Jn Morgan


GREENE, Agnes - St Sepulchre, widow (f156)

knswmn Sarah Houard; knsmn Jn Howard & his sis Mary; exec knsmn Jn King; wtns Jn Atkins


GREENE, Agnes - St Sepulchre, London, widow (f371)

cousin Edward Coles; Margt Grendon; Jn, Anne & Alice chldr of Jms Willmot; Eliz Carrott; 4 chldr of Edward Hall; widow Jones; execs Edward Savage cordwayner & Jn Long blacksmith; wtns Margt Neane widow, Eliz Long, Wlm Clewet & Anthony Hudson


GREENE, Edith - St Mary Aldermanbury, London, widow (f469)

dtr Eliz G; sis Jemminey Webster; knswmn Eliz Gill; Rich Bates; son Ambrose G exec; overs Francis Eastgate & Jn Alice ctzs & curriers; wtns Thos Smith, Thos Bedda, Wlm Dawson & Jms Brookes


GREENE, John - St Mary Whitechapel, Mdx, victualler (f498)

land in Westham, Essex; son Dan; sis Eliz wife of Jn Barrett of Romford, Essex, husb; cousin Winifred wife of Geo Dyer of Barking, Essex cook; bro in law Jn Buckner; Dorothy wife of Henry Ashley of Gedington, co Northampton, baker; sis in law Eliz wife of Rich Ward bricklayer; dtr Eliz wife of Jn Middleton yeo; godson Jn Halfacre; Rich & Eliz chldr of Giles Haynes of St Botolphs without Bishopsgate taylor; exec Jn Middleton; overs Jn Biggs chandler & Jn Halfacre senr yeo; wtns Jeff Whiffin, Wlm Fowke & Wlm Simonds


GREENWOOD, Joyce - Christchurch, London, widow (f230)

son Edward (or Edmund?) G & his dtr Jane; grandtr Mary Greenwood; niece Anne Greenwood; wtns Alice Wright & Eliz Chambers


GREGORY, Edward - citizen and goldsmith (f440)

chldr Jeremiah, Jane & Sara & their uncle Coles decsd; chldr of sis Kath Savage; svts Edward Marson & Francis Perkins; wife Martha exec; overs Rob Alce, Thos Pauleson, Mr Ballard Baker, Jms Laurence, Mr Lane gent & Wlm Deakins; wtns Rich Osborne


GRIFFIN, Edward - Blackfriars, London (f461)

Eliz Taylor; wtns Jn Baylye, Isaac Ashe, Rich Denby & Francis Warren


GRIFFITH, Richard (f145)

bur in Harefield; Lady Patby; Ladies Alice & Eliz Hastings; Lord Chandos; Mr Wlm Bridges; Mrs Frances Bridges; Mrs Harte; Thos Beckington clerk; born in Thlandew, Merioneth; sis Margt wife of Sir Rob Lewis of Thlandew & her chldr; sis Margt widow of Lewis Davies & her chldr; Mr Jn Roberts attorney; Jn Griffin taylor; Jn Weedon; Henry Todd; Thos Partridge; Edward Wardon; Rich Preist; knsmn Griffith Jones son of Jn Griffith; Mrs Smith; Wlm Beamont taylor; Mr Southen; Thos Peters; Mr Hmfry Kelsey; Mary Patey; goodwife Andrewes; Jn & Anne Clifton; Bates child of Ruislip; widow Baldwin; Rob Baldwin; Jn Lything; godchldr: Jn Barbers dtr, Barringons son of Ruislip & Chambers son of Ruislip; goodwife Hammond laundress; goodwife Bateman; Elnr Holland; Anne Croshier; countryman Rothericke Jones; land in Ichenham Mdx; land from Edward Clifton decsd; exec Mr Thos Jackson; wtns Thos Juice minister & Jn Lyving


GROVE, Elizabeth - Fulham, Mdx, widow (f236)

grandchldr Anne, Ellen, Dorothy & Rich Bateman; exec Anne Bateman; overs Mr Jn Floyd; wtns Rob Finck & Jms Clewett


GROVE, Margery - London, widow (f242)

son Rich Bankes; chldr Jms, Jn, Margt & Rebecca G; exec Jn Charsley; overs Mr Jn Sawyer; wtns Jn Sallowes & Jn Marsh svt of Alex Colston


GROVE, Robert, senr - Nazeing, Essex, yeo (f215)

son Nichls & his chldr Rob, Nichls, Joan & Agn; son Andrew & his dtr Mary; knswmn Jane Richards; execs wife Joan & son Nichls; overs Jn Ford & Geo Daye; wtns Rob Jarrett & Jms Fale


GRUDGERY, Mary - St Mary Whitechapel, Mdx, widow (f486)

Rob Wem; Jn & Dina chldr of Joan Roberts; 2 sisters of 1st husb Stafford; Rob Horne; David Chambers; exec Jn Nicholl; wtns Sara Tompson & Mary Horne


GUTTERIDGES, Francis (f194)

sons Jn & Thos; wife Anne exec; wtns Chris Cole & Dorothy Gates


GWILLIMS, Sarah - London, widow (f164)

bro Jn Moone; bro in law Roger Gwillims; execs: cousins Wlm Andrewes ctz & girdler & Abrm Moone ctz & pewterer; wtns Thos Willis, Magdalen Scarlett & Joan Clarke


GYLSON, Edmund - Enfield, Mdx, husb (f179)

land in Buntingford, Hertford to sis Jane Hall & her son Jn; Jane Norman widow; Sam Steevenes senr; wife; execs sisters Jane Hall & Eliz Charles; overs Peter Baleull & Thos Woodham; wtns Jn Page & Thos Lamber


HACKLEY, Stephen - St Sepulchre without Newgate, London, butcher (f216)

Thos Johnson; Josua Hill; wife Mary exec; wtns Sam White, Jn Bryan & Rich Merydale


HALKE, Joan - St Dunstans in the West, London, spinster (f160)

bro Jms Crookes; bros Jn & Wlm H; godtr Susan Cleyton; cousin Eliz Halke; Mr Kibble; cousin Mr Jn Harvey doctor; exec cousin Mr Elihab Harvey; wtns Thos Pennant & Mary Keble


HALL, Anne - Queens Street, St Giles in the Fields, Mdx, spinster (f23)

Thos son of Thos Hall decsd labourer of Bromley, Stafford; Mr Harman Sheppard curate; Tim Bolinge; Margt Ilye; exec Jn Harbert of St Andrews in High Holborne, London


HALL, John - citizen and tallowchandler (f425)

sons Jn & Geo; wife Mary exec; wtns Jn Wren, Jn Grove & Thos Reason


HALLAM, Nicholas - St Mary Whitechapel, Mdx, shoemaker (f529)

land in St Botolph without Algate to son Nichls; son Jn; Nichls son of dtr Eliz wife of Chris Barcocke; grandtr Mary Cooper; Mr Jn Howland; 3 dtrs of bro Gilbert H; 2 sons of sis Alice Hatch; Mr Jn Holmes & Millington; Thos Abraham; Wlm Browne; Jn Porter; Chris Price; Adrian De Croote; Peter Vanhuest; knswmn Frances Taylor; goodman Jordan & Rawlett; Thos Moore; Jn Martyne; Henry Chamlett; Thos Ley; Mrs Cooke widow; svt Wlm Newman; Mr Rob Dixon; Mr Paul Smith; Wlm Howkins; Mr Beere; exec sisters son Thos Atkinson; overs bro Gilbert & son in law Chris Barcocke; wtns Thos Butcher, Wlm Marten, Rich Poole, Thos Levet & Wlm Simonds svt of Anthony Bodye


HALLYMAN, William - Mile End, Stepney, Mdx, almsman (f462)

knsmn Randall Beeston ctz & pewterer; wtns Wlm Simons, Thos Buckocke & Edward Porter


HALYN, William (f57)

childr Jn, Edward, Eliz, Mary & Margt; wife Lucy exec; wtns Henry & Rich Cocking, Rich Morton & Wlm West


HAMBLETON, Elizabeth (f500)

cousin Jn Waters; Jn Dagers; Susan Ward; wtns Wlm Blackburne & Anthony Christopher


HAMERY, John - St Anne Blackfriars, London, cordwayner (f392)

chldr Abrm & Sara; wife Cicely exec; overs Mr Rich Browne esq, Bart Philpott cordwayner & Jn Baielie whitebaker; wtns Ezekiel Maior, Geo Croothere & Jn Swann


HAMOND, Thomas - citizen and haberdasher (f183)

son in law Jn Gough & his sis Mary; Eliz dtr of Thos Addams of Hurcott, Shropshire; mother; cousin Anne Meredith; wife of bro Wlm Onley; wife Ursula exec; overs Wlm Onley; wtns Abrm Church & Ben Ward


HANE, Charles (f323)

chldr Peter, Ester & 3 others; wife Ester exec; wtns Isaac Poutre


HARDING, Jane - Christchurch, London, widow (f133)

late husb Thos H; nephew Michael Harding of Hitchin [Hertford] & his sons Thos, Wlm, Michael & 4 dtrs; Anne wife of Jn Darling of Hitchen; Mary wife of Hmfry Hoare & her dtr Mary Stone; Thos & Barbara chldr of Thos Smith late proctor of the Arches; niece Eliz Robson of Hitchen; husbs godson Thos Motherhall; svt Judith Blackbury; godtr Jane Darling; relatives Anne Wright & Henry Parker in the North; execs knsmen Hmfry Hoare & Michael Harding senr; wtns Thos Blisse, Thos Carpenter & Anne Hoare


HARDWICKE, Francis - citizen and grocer (f288)

exec Kath wife of Matt Welch of St Leonard Shoreditch, mariner; wtns Jn Pecke & Wlm Hall


HARFORTH, Katherine - London, widow (f20)

sis Charity; cousins Tim & Thos Harforth; Sam Harforth; parish of St Michaels in Woodstreet; cousin Geo Owens of Chiswick; Mr Jackson parson; Thos Walter; execs Mr Lawrence Hill & Thos Ropper; wtns Francis Nicholes & Wlm Taylor


HARLAND, Elizabeth - London, widow (f174)

bur St Mary Aldermanbury near late husb Rob H; Mr Wlm Palmer; Fortune Townsend; Mr Thos Heaton; cousin, wife of Thos Brace ctz & grocer & their dtr Eliz; exec Thos Brace


HARRIS, John - Wapping, Mdx, mariner (f126)

bro in law Jn Warrener; mother Ursula wife of Jn Warrener; sisters Ursula & Eliz; cousin Mary wife of Jn Rackham taylor; wife Judith exec; overs cousin Jn Rackham; wtns Rich Williamson svt of Thos Abbott

HARRISON, Anne - St Catherine Creechurch, London, widow (f135)

Anne Dolly; exec knswmn Julyan Emerson; wtns Faith Stone & Cath Puttifar


HARRISON, Anne - widow (f439)

son Wlm H; dtr Madgalen Hogge; wtns Rob Jacksone & Mary Wesson


HART, Alice - Parsons Greene, Fulham, Mdx, widow (f321)

late husb Thos H & his son Thos; dtr Dorothy H; chldr Eliz & Edward Best; exec son Jn Best; wtns Thos Hooke & Jms Clewetts


HART, William - citizen and merchantaylor (f442)

son Jn; Sam, Mary, Jn & Mary chldr of dtr Eliz wife of Wlm Harsnett; shop in East Smithfield; land in Gracechurch St to Susan Powell widow; land in Howsditch; wife Anne exec; overs Simon Payne; wtns Nichls Fletcher, Ed Bunne, Jn Cuttin & Fran Wiseman


HARTLY, John - citizen & merchantaylor of London (f40)

grandchldr by 3 sons in law: Jn Hasteed, Rich Bateman & Rich Walker; dtr Sara wife of Henry Kayton; 2 chldr of cousin Jms Marshall; dtr Anne wife of Wlm Cottesford; son Peter H; exec son in law Wlm Cottesford; wtns Thos Fyerbrother & Francis Harrison svt of Jn Davyes


HATFEILD, Julian - St Botolph without Bishopsgate, London, widow (f155)

bur St Sepulchre without Newgate near late husb Edward Hollis; comp of cutlers; chldr in Christs Hospital; son in law Wlm Hatfeild & his 4 chldr; Mrs Smith in Long Lane; Margt Redding in Basingstoke [Hampshire]; svt Anne Pode; execs knsmn Wlm House & Wlm Harvie broderer; wtns M Jones & Bart Bigmore svt of Rob Woodford


HAVERS, Christopher - Chingford, Essex, yeo (f137)

father & mother; bro Henry; uncle Rich Havers; debt of Jn Norton of Wreningham, Norfolk; bros; sis Mary; wifes legacy from Jn Nodes; execs wife Joan & Francis Hopton; wtns Rob & Edward Leigh


HAWES, Anne - daughter of William H, St Leonard Bromley, Mdx, gent (f507)

poor of St Antholins; Mr Gardner; goodwives Fockes, Lisney & Deanes; aunt Rolfe; cousin wife of Casen; Rich Thurgood; exec sis Susan Thurgood; overs uncle Rolfe, Mr Crowder & bro Thurgood


HAWOOD, James, jr - Bowe, Mdx (f322)

Mrs Susan Halett; Joan Ward; Mr Conyers preacher; father; sisters; uncles Jms & Francis; bro Wlm H exec


HAYCOCKE, Valentine - citizen & coop of London (f7)

grandsons Jn & Wlm Warren; exec dtr Mary wife of Dan Warren; wtns Jn Wyse, Wlm Newman, Jn Heath & Geo Wright


HAYNES, William - St Sepulchre without Newgate, holbertmaker (f92)

son Thos; dtr Alice wife of Thos Ockford; bro Henry H of Hanbrey near Tilbury Castle; Jn Turner; wife Anne exec; overs Henry Griffin & Jn Lambert alias Lambeth; wtns Jn Swann


HEALE, Andrew - Plymouth, Devon, mariner (f84)

exec Thos Wytherly of Wapping Wall Mdx yeo; wtns Rob Rosse, Chris Wraye & Jn Ball


HEATH, Eleanor - Wappinge, Stepney, Mdx, singlewoman (f18)

Mary wife of Rob Wolston; Anne Bradbury singlewmn; Jn Bradbury; exec Gartrude Bradbury widow; wtns Henry Guildner, Jn Hunter & Rob Watson


HEATH, Elizabeth - London, widow (f51)

late husb Jms H ctz & leatherseller; Eliz dtr of Thos Case decsd; dtr Mary decsd & her husb Wlm Ashwell & his sons Geo & Wlm; dtr Philip Lyon & her dtr Eliz; cousin Mary Busham; knsmn Jms Heath plaister; Anthony Hudson scrivener; Wlm Hall, his wife Eliz & their dtr Rachel; svt Wlm Terry; goodwife Feild; exec dtr Philip Lyon; overs Geo Buckridge haberdasher & Wlm Hall; wtns Chris Langly & Jn Webber


HEATH, James - citizen & leatherseller of London (f8)

dtr Philip wife of Abel Lyon ctz & merchantaylor & their dtr Eliz; decsd dtr Mary wife of Wlm Ashwell cutler & her dtrs Mary & Eliz Case & her sons Wlm, Sam, Jn, Edward & Geo Ashwell; decsd bro Wlm H & his son Jms & Nichls; svt Wlm Hall; house at St Brides near Fleetstreet; wife Eliz exec; overs Jn Lugar leatherseller & Geo Buckridge haberdasher; wtns Anthony Hudson & Geo Wilkinson


HEATH, John - Waltham Holycross, Essex, husb (f191)

bro in law Henry Kent of Essendon, Hertford, yeo; land in Stevenage, Hertford; chldr Agn, Eliz, Jn & Wlm; wife Kath exec; wtns Jn Coe, Rich Sowerbutt & Sara Kent


HEDDINGTON, Alice - Christchurch, London, spinster (f212)

wife of son Nichls H; bro Edward Heddington; sis Anne Mowdy of Reading [Berkshire]; cousin Susan Wilder; Mrs Kath Davis widow; Susan wife of Geo Towers; landlady Mrs Sharpe; exec Rob Worrall gent; wtns Eliz Glover, Wlm Sharpe & Rob Hanson


HEDGE, Abraham - of the ship Reformacon (f143)

Rich Alcocke & Jms Frith chirurgions; Rich Cayke pursers mate; Elias Mowrant sailor; exec mother Eliz wife of Edward Rayncke of Fawchurch Street near Algate, London; wtns Jn Snesell & Jn Morris


HELLEND, Edward - Mdx, mariner (f20)

gunner of the Great Sapher of London, riding in Alexandria Road in Egypt; bros Rob & Rich H; sisters Eliz & Joan H; cousin Kath Goven; Bartholomew Thornton now in the ship; 3 cousins Maninns; Jn Bellamy; goodwife Burt; nephew Rob Hellend; bro in law Henry Jeffers; wife Margt exec; wtns Steven Abbott & Jn Rogers


HENN, Henry - Chingford, Essex, yeo (f401)

chldr Francis, Mary, Nichls, Judith, Wlm & Martha; wife Alice exec; wtns Francis Hopton & Thos Sanders


HERSEY, Steven - Blackwall, shipwright (f372)

wife Agn; knsmn Rob Hersey; bro Jn; overs Jn Kerby; wtns Joan Han


HEWETT, Matthew (f350)

bro Jn H; sis Rose wife of Mr Amibler; 2 chldr of bro Wlm overseas; mother; wife Judith; exec Mr Edmund Phillipps; wtns Henry & Mary Burges, Dan Bunell, Mary Denton & Simon Gape


HICKNETT, Margaret - Dukes Place, London, widow (f425)

grandson Isaac Oliver; Joseph son of dtr Mary Smith; exec dtr Mary wife of Wlm Smith; wtns Ellis Southerton, Rob Dickenson & Stephen Lemins


HIDE, Mabel - St Martin Ironmonger Lane, London (f352)

Jn, Hmfry, Giles, Anne & Eliz S & Dorothy Clobery chldr of Mr Hmfry Slany merchant; Jn Wood merchant; svts Wlm Pine, Jn Graceshere & Wlm Slany; Jane Whittwell; Eliz Stringer; Anne Preston; Anne wife of Ralph Noxon; Sam & Nathaniel Rue; Nathaniel Colledge; Anne Dixon; Margery Royston; father Rich Broadshawe; bro Wlm Brodshaw; exec Hmfry Slany


HIGHWAYE, William - citizen and carpenter (f277)

father Roger H of Pontesbury, Shropshire, husb; lease in Basinglane London; wifes chldr Isaac & Rebecca Jones; Mary dtr of Rich King ctz & hatbandmaker decsd; sis Ursula wife of Roger Gostocke; Abrm & Jane chldr of bro Abrm H of Pontesbury; Beatrice Fryer widow; widow Hudson; svts Jane West & Geo Thackston; prsnt wife Anne exec; overs Lewis Goffedge dyer & Geo Endibrooke merchantaylor; wtns Ralph Gunnell, Isaiah Juice, Jn Leadon & Thos Reason


HILL, Elizabeth - London, widow (f446)

bur Blackfriars; cousin Mary Thire; 3 sons & 2 dtrs of cousin Scott; 3 chldr of cousin Ansloe Winche; chldr of Sir Rich Ansloe; Mrs Peirson widow; Ellen wife of Rich Drought; Nathaniel son of Rob & Mary Foxall (& her mother Mrs Hill; Mr Dunn taylor; Frances wife of Rob Cordwell; Susan dtr of Thos & Joan Brigstocke; execs Rich Drought & Rob Foxall; wtns Rich Woolrich & Fran Hensman svt of Geo Brame


HILL, Peter - Stepney, Mdx, and overseas (f362)

Jms Cheesemore carpenter; Mrs Anne Bilton widow


HILL, Robert - South Mimms, Mdx, oatmealmaker (f395)

son Jms & Jn S; dtr Eliz & her uncle Wlm Robinsonne & her cousin Jn Robinsonne; svt Mary Gable; wife Joan exec; wtns Nuar Gladman & Thos Hall


HILTON, Robert - merchantaylor (f133)

house in Peterbury Court; tenement in Boreshead Alley; son Jn West; bro Geo H not in England; bro Hart; wife Eliz; wtns Margt Bonnell & Edmund Cougust


HINTON, Margery - Precinct of Bridewell, widow (f74)

decsd husb Rowland H; knswmn Anne wife of Austen Bryant; Mary & Wlm Ham; Anne wife of bro in law Jn Church decsd; Joan wife of Elias Masters; Ruth Riges; Rich Boise; execs dtr Margt Lee & her husb


HITCHCOCKE, Anne - St Botolph without Bishopsgate, London (f104)

Mary dtr of Thos & Frances Langley; Jms Brookes; Wlm Bicknell; Rich Jolly; Rob Langley; Mary Townerowe; kinswmn Anne Richards; Jane wife of Henry Simpson ctz & sadler; dtr Anne H exec; overs Jn Everett


HITCHCOCKE, Anne - London, widow (f340)

bro Jn Newland; dtr Eliz H exec; overs uncle Jn Child, Wlm James & Valentine Fyge; wtns Anthony Boys


HOBLON, Mary (f436)

chldr Jn, Judith, Jenne & Manne; exec son in law Jn Faber clerk; wtns Jms Godsall, Jenne de Couter & Judith Pollard


HODGER, Joan - Harefield, Mdx, spinster (f288)

Wlm, Rich, Thos & Rob sons of bro Jn H; sis Bridget Rowe; mother Bridget Porter; exec father in law Jn Porter; wtns Jn Wadum & Geo Brian


HODGSON, Robert (f14)

Bryan Beddons; Sam Migott of Gainsborough, Lincoln; exec Simon Richardson dwelling near kings arms upon Wapping Wall; wtns Anthony Swaile & Wlm Poope


HOLLAND, Joan - St Lawrence Poultney, widow (f272)

son Cornelius & his dtr Susan; grandtrs Sibyl & Eliz Holland; bro Thos Brett; execs sons Cornelius & Jms; wtns Rich Gardiner, Christian Prier & Dorothy Collins


HOLLOWAY, Henry (f1)

wife Margt; bros Alex & Oliver; sisters Margt & Darasie; cousin Wlm Holloway; wtns Rich Lewell & Francis Sharpe


HOLLOWAY, Peter - citizen and blacksmith (f309)

dtr Rebecca wife of Wlm Ridges upholster; sis Mary wife of Matt Harrison of Norton, Northampton; wife Ellen exec; wtns Chas Hill


HOLT, James - Virginia, planter (f150)

land in Virginia to son Jms; svts Wlm Bond & Rich Bawinton; execs Nathaniel Flood, Henry King & Theophilus Berrestone, planters; wtns Peter Perkins


HOOKE, John - citizen and goldsmith of London (f96)

son Jn; wife Mary exec; wtns Moses Dannett & Sam Walpoole


HOOPER, Elizabeth - Ruislip, Mdx, widow (f107)

chldr Nichls, Edward & Kath H; other dtr; son Wlm exec; overs Jms Osmond & Rich Preist; wtns Rich Nelham


HORNE, Robert, jr - citizen and merchantaylor (f528)

bond of Mr Cartridge & Mr Francklyn of Maidstone, Kent gents; dtr Mary; mother Anne H; Mary wife of bro Henry H yeo; bros Jn & Wlm H; execs prsnt wife Thomasine & father Rob H of St Mary Whitechapel yeo; overs Thos Horne of St Leonard Shoreditch, Mdx; wtns Peter Gee, Adam Shaples & Wil Symons


HOST, Peter - draper, weaver, born in Kortrijk, Flanders, now of London (f33)

Eliz & Priscilla dtrs of decsd son Abrm H; execs wife Beatrix & dtr Mary H; overs Jms de Whaghenaer & Francis Van Den Broecke of London; wtns Chas Demetrius, Jn King & Peter Bollard


HOSTE, Mary (f221)

parents Peter & Bayten H decsd; poor of Dutch church; bur in St Lawrence Pountney; Mr Abrm Molins preacher; fathers svts Thos Uschin, Peter Bolart & Jn Arnoulf; goodwives Addams & Vriendt; godchldr Mary Vriendt & Peter Arnoulf; Anne dtr of Mrs Smith; Mrs Ouldvalk; cousin Abrm Bateman; niece Priscilla (dtr of Priscilla Hoste) wife of Wlm Heynt gone to the Bermaedas; Joos Calf; Peter Wibs; exec Mrs Josina Calfe widow; overs Peter Calf & Nichls Abeels; wtns Josua Maniett, Sam Boviere, Thos Bilston & Jn Penman


HOULDFORD, John - St Margarets New Fish Street, citizen and fishmonger (f509)

chldr Jn & Eliz; wife Joan exec; overs Wlm Ayerst & Thos Jupe; wtns Thos Lithall


HOWE, Thomas - Waltham Holycross, Essex, baker (f181)

decsd bro Jms H & his son Wlm; svt Maudlin Bitterstaffe; execs son & dtr in law Jn Humersted alias Humberstone of Berkhamsted & his wife Margt; wtns Rich Malmesley, Jn Goulding, Henry Blott, Geo Bridges & Jn Fulham


HOWELL, Richard - Sutton at Hone, Kent, yeo (f387)

Jn Edwards of "Ridley", co Kent; wife Bridget; Thos Tomson of Westminster; exec Joan wife of Geo Cartwright of St Giles in the Fields blacksmith; overs Edward Godfrey of Wilmington, co Kent; wtns Francis Marriot, Jn Hathaway & Wltr Penn


HUDSON, Felix - clothworker (f23)

bros in law Rich Haward & Edward Morant; bro Hawards son at sea; sis Kath; wifes sis Frances


HUDSPETH, Isabel - Epping, Essex, widow (f506)

grandchldr Wlm, Thos, Jn, Simon, Isbl & Anne Sompner; bro Rob Loveday; dtrs in law Anne Stacy & Eliz Searle; godchldr Edward & Mary Searle & Anne Stracy; Jn, Andrew, Habella, Jane, Eliz, Joan, Kath & Nichls Searle; Henry, Abrm, Wlm, Jn, Thos & Margt Stracy; knsmn Thos Barnard & Mr Henry Glascocke of Hursberrie; son in law Wlm Sompner; Joan wife of Andrew Searle; Edward Spranger clerk; Mary Johnsonne; exec Jn Searle of Chambers, Epping; overs Henry Stracy of Nettswell Bury; wtns Jn Hutson & Wlm Gibbins


HUGGEFORD, John - of [Great] Brickhill, Buckingham, now of St Dunstans in the West (f290)

Jn grandson of Leonard Huggeford; godchldr in Straford; dtr of Jms Pattison; Jn & Wlm Deacon; bro Leonard H; exec cousin Leonard Hickford alias Huggeford; wtns Geo Ashby & David Fluelling


HUGHES, Owen - St Dunstans in the West, Fleetstreet, London, haberdasher (f77)

bur near father in St Dunstans; dtr Eliz Sparkes; son in law Jn Sparkes; grandson Jn Sparkes; Jn Ryly; Mr Edward Henshawe; Nichls Debdell; prsnt wife Cicely exec; wtns Anthony Colborne, Percival Hart & Phil Heard


HULL, Richard, blacksmith (f171)

Rob Coulson; Thos Bell sailor; Wlm Jones blacksmith; Wlm Howson; wtns Geo Gouldington & Rich Vincent


HUMPHREY, Elizabeth - London, widow (f95)

dtr Cashelomia wife of Sam Norcott & their chldr Nathaniel, Thos, Cashelomia, Jerome, Martha, Eliz & Mary; Sithe Humphrey; Unity wife of Thos Arrowe; exec Nathaniel Norcott; overs Abrm Woodall & David Maddington; wtns Wlm Noods, Rich Horsell, Sam Dukes, Hester Maddington & Anne Ladman


HUNT, Evan - St Peters Pauls Wharf (f53)

wife Joan; bro Lewis; sis Anne in the country; cousins Thos & Eliz chldr of Rich Cradocke of Newton Notage [Glamorgan]; bro Wlm H exec; wtns Rice Mathew, Rich & Hopkin Reythell


HUNT, Robert - Coleman Street, citizen and fishmonger (f246)

chldr; wife Kath exec; overs bro Thos H of Longton, Stafford, gent; wtns Thos Heygate, Randall Hunt & Clare Trumpart


HUNT, Thomas - St Alban in Woodstreet, London, apothecary (f361)

mother Joan H; wtns Thos Flower & Ralph Yardley


HUNTE, Isabel - Edmonton, Mdx, widow (f403)

Wlm & Margt chldr of Francis Barker of Hertingfordbury, co Hertford husb; Jn, Wlm & Eliz chldr of Rich Barker of Essendon, co Hertford husb; exec knswmn Sara dtr of Rich Barker; overs Thos Lewes & Thos Bourne gents; wtns Thos Hoare & Edw Whalley


HUNTLY, Thomas - Waltham Holy Cross [Essex] (f315)

bro Geo H of Wapping; Jn Huntly; Jonathan Waker; godsons Jn Carter & Thos Parson; Lewis Evans; wife Helen exec; wtns Ralph Hodge



INGOLE, Henry - Nazeing, Essex, carpenter (f490)

Eliz wife of Thos Byem; Agn & Eliz dtrs of decsd son Henry; son Jn exec; overs Thos Rugles; wtns Phil Turner & Anne White


INGOLE, John - Nazeing, Essex, husb (f56)

chldr Jn & Mary; wife Mary exec; overs Rob Keyes; wtns Thos Pegram, Wlm Shelley, Jn Payson & Jms Fale


ISACK, Thomas - Wapping, Mdx, mariner (f237)

voyage to the Straights in ship Sarah; bro & sis Wlm & Joan I; Anne wife of Edward Mailes taylor; Eliz wife of Wlm Barnabury & their dtr in law Mary Dee; execs wife Ewrith & Edward Mailes; wtns N Beneworth, Jn Chappell & Edward Clarke


JACKSON, Alice - St Dunstans in the West, London, widow (f73)

Geo, Mary, Thos & Chas chldr of Geo Westwood; svt Jane Davison; sis Anne Booth; execs Eliz Burges & Geo Westwood jr; overs Rich Parme gent & Hmfry Horwood gent


JACKSON, Dorcas (f191)

Mrs Chibald; Mr & Mrs Randall; Jane Chibald; Mary Monke; Elnr St Nicholas; Honor Couper; wtns Stephen Strong & Eliz & Thos Hayden


JAMES, David - Ratcliffe (f166)

bro Jn J & father James David of Penallt, Monmouth; decsd bro Edmund J; wife Sara exec; wtns Abrm Gouldstone, Jn Matler & Edward Singleton


JAMES, Joan - Hampsted, Mdx, widow (f87)

first husb Wlm Freelove; son Wlm Freelove, his wife Eliz & chldr Jn, Eliz, Anne, Edward & Mary; dtr Susan wife of Rob Goodale & her chldr Susan, Jn, Nathaniel, Joan, Rob & Jms; Mary Moore; exec Geo Long esq; wtns Mary Long & Rob Key


JAMES, William - Walthamstowe, Essex, gent (f279)

childr of decsd bro Alban J & his widow Susan; land in Leighton & Barking, Essex; nephews Thos & Francis Middleton; Geo son of Nichls & Thomasine Harris; Eliz dtr of (nephew?) Edward Burby; land in St Sepulchre to Mary wife of Rich Nurse; born in Woodford, Northampton; Eliz dtr of Wlm Couper esq; wife Margt exec; overs Wlm Johnson & Francis Middleton; wtns Wlm Conyers, Jn Horne, Thos Collard & N Rawlyn


JENKINS, Katherine - St Martin in Vintry, London (f219)

late wife of Matt J; Anne Wood; svt Ben Hans; exec knswmn Kath Jones; overs Chris More & Thos Canter churchwardens; wtns Peter Hans, Sarah Cotterill, Margt Thornton & Jane Potter


JENNEY, Mary - St Lawrence Pountney, London, widow (f448)

Mr Crabtree minister; Mr Goldwyre reader; son Rob J; sisters Heath, Danis & Hearne; dtr; cousins Dorothy Younge, Rose Walcott & Mr Jn Smith; Mrs Clarke; godtrs Mary Bishopp, Lettis Heath & Mary Jenney; dtrs of cousin Pindlebury; mother Jones; son Francis exec; overs son Wlm J


JENNINGS, William - St Stevens Coleman St, London, weaver (f493)

sons Jn & Wlm; wife Alice exec; wtns Ben Wheate, Peacable Pougher & Jn Bird


JOHNSON, Anne - Sprusons Island, Stepney, Mdx, widow (f312)

dtr Jane J; Mary dtr of Jms Sharpe of Wapping, grocer; exec Jms Sharpe; wtns Rt Benewarte & Susan Poole


JOHNSON, Katherine - Cowcrosse, Mdx, widow (f264)

mother in law Alice Hudson; son; execs bro Jn Johnson, uncle Thos Johnson butcher & Rich Richardson; wtns Jn Hudson, Rich Merydale & Judith Richardson


JOHNSON, William - Allhallows Barking (f139)

bro Rich J; cousins Ralph Symans, Kath Huch & Barbara Crone; Jane Bywater; wife Ellen exec; wtns Jn Mills & Rich Brad


JOHNSON, William - Low Layton, Essex, gent (f258)

sons Wlm & Chas; dtr Frances wife of Mr Jms Williamson; chldr of dtr Ellen Spilman; chldr of dtr Anne Maxfeild; decsd dtr Margt wife of Edward Organ & her chldr Thomasine, Thos, Edward & Alice; Tristram Conyers gent son of Mrs Mary Mayles widow; Mr Jn Allen of Pauls Chayne, London; son Thos exec; overs Mr Jeff Warberton & son in law Dan Spilman; wtns Rich Cox & Thos Westbrome


JURDEN, Henry - St Sepulchre without Newgate, London, whitebaker (f161)

son Henry; bros Rich & Jms; sis Joyce; wife Margt exec; overs bros in law Wlm Smith & Jn Sweeting; wtns Jn Leaves & Sibyl Godfrey


JURY, Stephen (f516)

bur Stepney; Rich Bulls; Thos Fisher; Wlm Hix; Wlm Fotherly; exec Geo Purse; wtns Rob Wilby & Isbeand Hancocke


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[Material supplied by Mr Leslie Mahler, San Jose, California]