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Commissary Court of London Will Abstracts Volume 26 (1629-1634) Surnames K-P


KEMPTON, William - Rosemarie Lane, Mdx, drayman (f344)

bro Edward K; sis Anne Pymocke; sis in law Joan Wiberte; wife Anne exec; wtns Thos Farrar, Jms White & Wlm Forde


KENN, Anne - St Andrew Hubbart, London, widow (f437)

chldr Peter, Thos, Eliz & Martha K; dtr Anne Furnivall; exec bro Thos Ken gent; wtns Henry Mistow & Jn Roch


KIDDER, Thomas - St Brides, London, sheeremaker (f206)

sons Rich & Wlm; cup from Mr Bartram to dtr Deborah; wife Helen exec; wtns Jn Carpenter & Geo Whitter


KIFFORD, Agnes - Hadley, Mdx, widow (f203)

son Andrew; dtrs Joan Kettrige & Eliz West; son Rich & his wife; sis Anne Flexmore & her dtr Anne; Roger James; Jn Denton; 3 dtrs of Wlm Car; poor of South Mimms; exec son in law Jn Crane; overs Wlm Carr; wtns Thos Anthony


KILBY, William (f474)

cousin Jn & Kath Dattarne; cousin Francis Kilby & Henry & Rich Band; svt Joan Prence; Mr Crene; wtns Peter Crewe


KING, Joan - St Botolph without Bishopsgate, London, spinster (f59)

bur near father in St Anne near Aldersgate; exec: master Jn Rhodes ctz & draper; wtns Francis Harvie & Jacob Crowder


KING, Lawrence - Lyme Regis, Dorset, taylor on the ship Lyon of London, now overseas (f103)

captain Rob Nethersole; Eliz Wilkinson of Lymehouse Mdx spinster; wtns Wlm Parramore


KING, Margaret - St Sepulchre without London, widow (f352)

cousin Wlm Briggill shoemaker; cousin Kath Winter; sisters dtrs Margt Myles & Joan Barrett; execs Mary wife of cousin Rowland Morgan goldwiredrawer; wtns Anne Jones & Geo Wilkinsonne


KING, William - Fulham, Mdx, taylor (f33)

chldr Jn, Henry & Prudence; dtrs Kath & Eliz Jones; dtr Joan Dansere; wife Marian exec; wtns Thos Waring, Jn Reeve & Wlm Eaversbe


KIRKE, Thomas - St Giles in the Fields, Mdx, yeo (f57)

Francis Mathewes ctz & fruturer; widow Twine; exec prsnt wife Joan; wtns Jn Megridge


KIRTON, Richard - Rislipe, Mdx, yeo (f5)

son Jn; house & land in Rislipe & Herfield, Mdx; dtr Amy; execs dtrs Awdry & Susan; overs Jn Andrewes & Matt Baker


KNELL, Jane - St Sepulchre, London, spinster (f253)

land in Brookland, Kent; exec knsmn Pascal Knell; wtns Henry Canes, Anne Witt, Eliz Harwood, widow Hayborne & Edward Gardner


KNIGHT, John - citizen and marchantaylor of London (f156)

son Jn; wife Margery; wtns Thos Johnson, Eliz Wright, Margt Henton & Anne Griffin


KNIGHT, Robert - Whitechapel, London (f149)

dtr Susan; wife Alice exec; overs Valentine Emes & Wlm Chapman; wtns Susan Emes, Anne Taylor & Giles Gower


LA MEIRE, Henry - St Botolphs without Bishopsgate (f63)

son Joseph; godchldr Sara Gadsby, Ellen Parens & Isaac Deprece; poor of the French church; wife Ester exec; overs Francis De Preie & Harman Parens; wtns Jn Doutfyrd & Edward Joye


LAMAS, Mary - Hendon, Mdx, widow (f265)

sons Randall & Thos; sisters son Raggland Oliver; dtr Mary L exec; overs Jms & Dan Marsh; wtns Rich Vinson


LATHOME, Thomas - Ratcliffe, Mdx, carpenter (f313)

sons Thos & Jn; 2 dtrs named Anne; wife Emmett exec; wtns Rob Burroughes, Wlm Orputt & Rob Bendall


LE FEBURE, Peter - near London, tiffany weaver (f234)

wife Martina Bartran; son Arnel tiffany weaver; chldr Simone & Mary; wtns Leonard de Landa, Nichls Bennay & Abrm Derkinler


LEDESHAM, Edward - the Inner Temple, London, gent (f366)

house in St Brides Fleet St & Hadham; wife Joan; nephew Thos Ledesham & his bro Hugh; Edward son of bro Wlm L; sis Eliz wife of Edward Nicholas; cousin Wlm Browne; nieces Dorothy & Ellen dtrs of Wlm Turner; niece Kath Davyes; wtns Thos Turner, Rich Ledesham, Thos Clarke, Thos Renson, Valentine Figge & Jms Palmer


LEGGOTT, Martha (f533)

sis Mary; bros Hmfry & Edward; mother; nephew Basson; sis Langhorne; Kath Arnold; bro Jn L exec; wtns Chris Hoddesdon & Phil Morton


LEIGH, Margery - wife of John L, citizen and fishmonger (f343)

decsd son Wlm Warner ctz & haberdasher & his bro Rich; godtr Margery dtr of Wlm Ellys of Bletchingley, Surrey; Jn Hateley ctz & grocer; Jn Killicke of Nutfield, Surrey yeo; godchldr Mary Sherman & Edward son of Edward Harbert of Bletchingley; svt Margery Smith & her sis Honor S; Jn Scatliffe; exec husb Jn L; wtns Alex Popham, Nichls Cartmell, Rob Lucas, Jn Carpenter, Jn Ashridge & Jn Southliffe


LEMMEN, Thomas - Stepney, Mdx, mariner (f116)

going on voyage; sis Susanna Perrey & her son Wlm Smart; wtns Jn Hutton & Barbara Greice


LESCAILLET, Michael - Stepney, London (f413)

poor of French church; chldr of Eliz Bonne widow of son Jms; niece Anne Dessebry widow of Noah Vallu; niece Hester Lescaillet wife of Jn Thorowgood & her mother Hester Lourdell; execs Jn Jurion & nephew Dan Du Prie; wtns Peter Bennett & Jn Daniell


LEVER, Richard - London, gent (f564)

wife Margt exec; wtns Wl & Edward Cowper & Jn Maro


LEWEN, William - St Albans in Woodstreet, London, weaver (f342)

sisters chldr; wifes niece Anne Ellice; wife Eliz; bro; wtns Francis Bent & Francis Knight


LEWES, Thomas - St Giles in the Fields (f476)

bur near chldr; chldr Jasper, Jn & Frances L; wife Sibyl exec; overs wifes bro Mr Jn Vaux goldsmith & Jn Snellinge of Queen St gent; wtns Mary Snellinge


LINSEY, Mary - London, widow (f510)

Chas Kimble; son Wlm L exec; wtns Jn King & Jn Comberford


LITTLEFIELD, James - citizen and woodmonger (f444)

land in Aldermaston, Englefield, Wolhampton & Padworth, co Berks; mother Eliz L; mother Winifred Hall; sisters Alice & Amy L; bros Reignold Rice; sisters Eliz & Anne Rice; bro Hart; wife Abigail; execs uncle Thos Hannington tanner & cousin Jn Snape gent; overs uncle Barnard Hannington; wtns Edw & Thos Maninge & Rob Minchard


LIVELY, Samuel - Cambridge, co Cambridge, gent (f391)

exec bro Edward L; wtns Thos Taylor & Ellen Merrie


LONG, Goddard - citizen and grocer of St Dunstan in the West (f170)

mother Mrs Elnr Long; bros & sisters; exec bro Geo L ctz & clothworker; wtns Thos Ratter & Dorothy Tomson


LORD, Dennes - Enfield, widow (f561)

Sara Johnson; Jane Bowton; Jn Kroskese; Susan & Eliz Krosekes; sis Mary Krosekes; Rob, Agn, Thos & Ester Willche; Eliz Greene; widows Dove, Lawes & Rallen; Eliz & Jn Lord; Rebecca Willes; exec Simon Smeth; wtns Henry Hunsdon & Mary Smeth


LORD, Thomas - St James Duke Place, London, citizen and clothworker (f494)

chldr Jn, Alex, Wlm, Sara & Frances; wife Eliz exec; wtns Thos Harrison & Wlm Simonds svt of Ant Bodie


LOTT, Henry - Stepney, Mdx, merchant, stranger (f504)

wife Joan; bro David L; wtns Rich Pitt & Jane Coxe


LOVE, William - citizen & farryer of London (f68)

wifes son Wlm Westwray; wife Eliz exec; wtns Anthony Craven, Rich Hunt & Thos Holme


LOWE, John - of the Ship London (f76)

dtr Eliz L of Wapping; sis Mathew Lowe of Wapping; Jn Smith; Jms Youle; Thos Gee; wife Joan; wtns Jn Sherley & Geo Jacobbe


LOWE, Margery - London, widow (f384)

husbs chldr Anne, Jms & Jn L; Thos Russell silkman of Cheapside; bro Whitacre of Nantwich [Cheshire]; 4 dtrs of cousin Jms Chamberlen in Sherborne Lane; exec cousin Jms Chamberlen; wtns Wlm Manley & Wlm Bowes


LUCAS, Randolph - St Sepulchre, London, bachelor (f515)

Rich Wattleworth; cousin Jn Griffith


LUDLAM, Dorothy - St Andrew Undershaft, London, maiden (f141)

Ambrose Poulson; Dennis Allison; Rob Ludlam; exec Susan wife of Rich Parker of St Martin in Vintry; wtns Susan Staly & Eliz Dyre

LYNN, John - citizen and merchantaylor, of St Laurence Old Jewry (f177)

dtr Eliz wife of Henry Radly; wife Eliz exec; wtns Wlm Dickenson, Greg King & Jn Daye


MADDOCKE, Thomas, senr - citizen and ironmonger (f59)

land in Enfield & St Katherine Creechurch; son Rob; Thos Banocke; wife Mary exec; overs Chidley White of Enfield yeo & Jn Foster senr husb; wtns Jn Lyrence & Odedge Cordell


MADOCK, Thomas - citizen and ironmonger (f354)

house in St Katherine Creechurch; Mary dtr of bro Rob M; land in Enfield, Mdx; wife Olive exec; wtns Orledge Cordell, Wi & Parnell Meredith


MAINE, Hugh (f120)

bur in Aldgate church; son Jn; father & mother; 2 sisters; wife Isbl


MANN, Francis - St Dunstans the West, yeo (f15)

bur near wife Margt & 2 childr; sis Elnr wife of Gilbert Kettlesinge decsd of Kirklington, York & their dtr; bros dtr, Taylors wife in Chelmsford, Essex; cousin Rich Mann of Great Jenkins, Hallingbury Magna, Essex; svt Frances Molineux; Thos Mayo late of Sheerelane taylor; Mrs Price in the Strand; wife of Wlm Potts; son Cuthbert exec; overs Rich Man & Thos Mayor; wtns Edmund Wampees & Wlm Hathame


MARSH, Margery - St Brides, widow (f289)

Rob Standford; cousin Jn Nicholls; wtns Wlm Gabell & Rob Smith


MARSHALL, John (f131)

bur in St Giles; dtr Eliz M; wife exec; overs Chris Veare, Wlm Rediard & Jn Francis; wtns Jn Oker


MARTIN, Alexander - citizen and cordwayner (f411)

bur St Botolphs without Bishopsgate; wife Alice exec; wtns Jms Browne, Eliz Winckies & Wlm Cooper


MASON, Alice - Poplar, Stepney, Mdx, widow (f491)

Anne Mitten; grandtr Anne Silver; bond of Rich Wilson; dtr Kath Silver; Jn son of cousin Dorothy Blackdon alias Blagne; wtns Kath Edridge & Sara Tett


MASON, Joyce - St Giles in the Fields, Mdx, widow (f461)

nephews Dan & Rich Brewer; sis Sara widow of Jn Brewer; cousin Eliz wife of Anthony Hull of St Margarets, Westmr; Elnr & Jn chldr of cousin Mrs Joan Wrexall widow; knswmn Margt Mason; Margt Oliver widow; knswmn Jane Brewer; knsmn Thos Brewer; Thos Mason; Mathewe Hobson widow; exec Dan Brewer; overs Anthony Hull & Jn Looper of East Greenwich; wtns Wltr Carpenter & Jn Ellis


MATHEWE, Sara - St Mildred Breadstreet, London, widow (f56)

son Jn M & his wife Eliz; dtr Patience M; dtr Eliz wife of Abrm Howson & their dtr Sara; dtr Mary M exec; wtns Chris Miller & Wlm Snelling


MEDELY, John - (mariner, f305)

Geo Sephton; Andrew Sairanne; wages from East India Co; exec bro Bennett M apothecary in St Dunstans in the West; wtns Wlm Burrowes, Jms Feke & Jn Houlgate


MIHELL, Henry - citizen and clothworker (f182)

nurse Alice Jones; Isbl Eames; Dr Taylor; Mr Matts minister of St Alban Woodstreet; exec father Henry M minister of Redgrave, Suffolk; wtns Lewis Powell, Wlm Samwell & Sam Walpole


MILLER, Henry - London, peynterstayner (f125)

bur near father in St Katherine Coleman; bro Edward Glover ctz & pewterer & his chldr Edward, Eliz, Hester, Geo, Lydia, Sara, Mary & Martha; Nathaniel Kidd son of bro Edward Glovers 2nd wife; bro Edward Glovers wife Susanna & her dtr Susanna Guye; widow of Jms Clarke wineporter; Stephen Wingrave, his wife Margt & dtr Anne; Hester Wingrave; exec bro Edward Glover; overs Stephen Wingrave & Jn Merricke scrivener; wtns Jn Biker & Francis Gilbert


MILLER, Richard - Hampstead, Mdx, husb (f199)

chldr Rich, Jn & Eliz; wife Eliz exec; overs Jn Freelove yeo; wtns Jn Paddy & Jn Oxlie


MILMASTER, Andrew - merchant (f66)

born in London, age 38 or 39; mothers bro Arnold Doricke of Middelburg, Zeeland; Mr Thos Tike minister of St Olave in Old Jewry; Mr Sibbald minister; Sarah dtr of Miles Hutchins; Ellen dtr of Jn Neane; Andrew son of Peter Wessell Goodwyn dyer; Andrew son of Francis Moller taylor; mothers svt Ester Marsh; svts Andrew Drybutter, Pieter Van Damme & Mary Tonnevetts; Dutch poor of Colchester & Sandwich; Jn Gregory & Thos Allen clerk & sexton of St Olave Old Jewry; Sam Schilt & Anthony de Coninck of Dutch church; poor of French church; cousins on fathers side: Jn Stevens & Susanna wife of Jn Van Belcam; chldr; wife Mary exec; overs cousins Jn Stevens & Cornelius de Rycke; wtns Geo Cotton


MITCHELBORNE, George - Wapping, St Mary Whitechapel, Mdx, citizen and merchantaylor (f319)

sis Jane wife of Joseph West; sis Anne wife of Adam Dibball; sis Eliz M; sis Margery wife of Steven Pommuell; Roger Blackhurst; wife Ellen exec; wtns Rt Beneworth, Francis Whitney & Thos Kingston


MOLE, John - Stepney, Mdx, gardener (f529)

bro Jeremy M & his dtr Jane & 3 sons; cousin Anne Sainte; Jn, Mary & Merry chldr of Wlm Wilton gardener; exec Mr Wlm Band of Creechurch, merchant; overs Mr Wlm Leigh goldsmith in Cheapside; wtns Jo Tryme svt of Tho Bower


MONTGOMERY, Robert - of Killwinning, Scotland, now of Wapping Wall, London, mariner (f502)

on ship William & Francis with Captn Archibald to Canady; sis Eliz wife of Jn Hinderson mariner; wtns Hugh Montgomery & Jn Morgan


MOORE, Prudence - St Bennett Pauls Wharf, London, widow (f224)

cousins Eliz Goddyn, Sara Childe, Eliz wife of Rich Stepples, Anne wife of Osmond Coppyn, Joan wife of Jn Cotterall & Anthony & Ralph Marking; Elnr dtr of cousin David Edwards; sis Alice wife of Wlm Browne; knswmn Dorothy Nott; svt Margt Wade; sis Mary Dudson; godtr Rebecca Richardson; 2 chldr of cousin Jn Cotton esq; chldr of cousin Sara wife of Jn Leyton; Philip dtr of cousin Luke Ekes; Susan dtr of cousin Susan wife of Mr Wlm Negoose in co Oxford; cousin Dorothy of St Gregory & her son Rich Steeple in St Saviours & his chldr; cousin Goodyn in Coleman St & her sis Susan Child; Margt dtr of Mrs Smith; Thos Reeve; Jane & Kath dtrs of Mr Jn Man; cousin Anne Coppyn & her sis Hawkins; poor of St Saviours Southwark, Surrey; Mr Thos Grifins; Mr Edward Davyes; Mr Edward Harryson; execs cousins Jn Cotton & David Edwards & son Rob M; wtns Thos Pennant & Margt Woode


MOORE, Richard - St Dunstans in the West, stationer (f273)

sons Jn, Godfrey, Joseph & Jonathan; poor of Appleby, Westmoreland; wife Anne exec; wtns Henry Burton & Henry Hood


MORECROFT, Anne - Precinct of Bridewell, London, widow (f130)

son Edward Isaacke; execs sons Jn & Geo Isaacke; wtns Thos Perrin, Jn Brome & his svt Francis Housman


MORGAN, John - citizen and haberdasher (f241)

bro Ellis Ball; cousins Edward & Anne Oliver; aprnt Wlm Salisbury; mother Jane Ball; sis Mary Thomas; overs cousins Rob Evans & Ellis Morgan; wtns Wlm Jones


MORRIS, Mary - London, widow (f539)

bur St Mary Magdalen Milk St; Eliz wife of Peter Joyce taylor; lease in Great Wood St; sis Eaton; Ben & Thos sons of bro in law Thos Smith; cousin Mary Warren; Dorothy in Shropshire; Kath Kitchen; sis Mrs Jane Smith; exec bro in law Thos Smith; wtns Thos Reve, Wlm Tibbes & Edm Wilton


MOSLEY, Nicholas - St Sepulchre without Ludgate, London, barberchirurgeon (f515)

poor of Holborne Crosse quarter; bro Roger & sis Hobtrowe & their sons Thos, Wlm & Roger; sis Eliz Welles; wife Elnr exec; wtns Jn Lowther & Nichls Danivill


MOSSE, Richard - South Mimms, Mdx, innholder (f401)

bro Wlm M; wife Eliz; wtns Thos Richardes, Francis Mosse & Eliz Allixander


MOWNDEFORD, Thomas - London, Dr in Phisicke (f111)

parsonage of St Botolphs without Aldersgate; dtr Kath & her son Thos Rands; decsd dtr Bridget wife of Jn Bramston sergeant at law & her son Jn; grandsons Francis & Mowndford Bramston; wife Mary exec; wtns Wlm Damer, Rich Archbolde & Wlm Pearpoint


MUDDLE, Margaret - Lymehouse, Stepney, Mdx, widow (f91)

cousin Joan Stamper; witns Eliz Banieham, Jane Meredith & Isbl Chapman


MUNDY, Anthony - citizen and draper (f516)

chldr Rich, Eliz & Priscilla; prsnt wife Gillian exec; wtns Thos Griffyn & Wlm Vintner


MUNTE, Isabel - Edmonton, Mdx, widow (f403)

Wlm & Margt chldr of Francis Barker of Hertingfordbury, co Hertford husb; Jn, Wlm & Eliz chldr of Rich Barker of Essendon, co Hertford husb; exec knswmn Sara dtr of Rich Barker; overs Thos Lewes & Thos Bourne gents; wtns Thos Hoare & Edw Whalley


MUSSEDGE, William - citizen and joyner (f483)

poor of St Sepulchre; godson Jn Bloome; wifes grandson Wlm Evans; Edith wife of Geo Edwards; sisters son Wlm & Geo Soules; godsons Rich Williams & Wlm Acton; svt Anne Bristowe; wifes son Ralph Evans; land in Finchley, Mdx; Wlm son of Donken Wallis taylor by Mary dtr of sis Joan by her 1st husb; Wlm son of Wlm Billingsley paynter by Constance dtr of sis Joan Soule by her 1st husb; prsnt wife Frances exec; overs Wlm Billingsley senr; wtns Rich Linwood, Rob Towers, Antho Hudson & Wlm Clewett


MUTTON, Peter - citizen and broderer (f341)

sons Roger & Rich; poor of St Michael in Wood St; father in law Thos Parke; exec wife Flower; overs Mr Jn Wright goldsmith & Mr Lawrence Hill grocer, ctzs; wtns Arthur Jackson & Thos Walter


NEALE, Edward - St Sepulchre without Newgate, citizen and clothworker (f268)

son in law Phil Marsham; sis Cicely wife of Anthony Edens & her sons Rich & Roger Bradberry; svt Thos Chaplin; land in Cottingham, Northampton to bros Andrew & Francis N; wife Anne exec; overs Rob Neale & Rich Tuttle; wtns Chris Winter, Rich Wolfe & Rich Merydale


NEEDS, Richard - Old Brentford, Ealing, Mdx, butcher (f254)

land in Burnham, Buckingham; Eliz dtr of Dorothy wife of Jn May of Windsor, Berkshire, joyner; Frances dtr of Francis Larkin of Fulham Mdx butcher; Jn Mouldoe of Burnham, Buckingham labourer; sisters dtr Jane Woodcocke; knswmn Jane Needs of Putney, Surrey; wife Susan exec; overs Sam Waller & Edward Hanbury


NELSON, George (f6)

legacy from Thos Lickborrowe given to Sam Lowe & Wlm Harrison, sailors in the Mary; wtns Dan White purser & Rich Currall


NEVILL, James - Northall, Mdx, yeo (f495)

chldr Margt, Mary, Thos & Henry; wife Margt; exec son Jms; overs Henry Arundell, Rich Bures & Edward Sired; wtns Jn Fabian & Jn Maddocks


NEWIN, Thomas - St Giles in the Fields, Mdx, yeo (f205)

grandchldr Thos, Bridget & Alice Mince; Rob son of Tobias Hitchcocke; son in law Geo Mince; wife Lucretia exec; wtns Jane Parratt, Bridget Penner, Guy Lynn & Rich Curtis


NEWIN alias HITCHCOCK, Lucretia - St Giles in the Fields, Mdx, widow (f399)

Hmfry Parteridge; Wlm Phanne; knswmn Joan Grannet; exec son in law Geo Mince; wtns Kath Thompson & Wlm Fawne


NEWMAN, Andrew (f457)

sis Rawley; Mr Jn Abbott alias Rivers; wtns Jms Shelly & Rich Bretton


NEWMAN, Arthur - Acton, Mdx, yeo (f552)

sisters chldr Eliz, Roger, Jn & Henry Stevensonne; dtrs of bro Wlm N; 5 dtrs of sis Young; Mary Stevenson of Fulham, widow; execs bro Henry N, Henry Lered & Roger Stevenson; wtns Wlm Kirbye & Kath Stevenson


NICHOLDSON, Mary - Waltham Holycross, Essex, widow (f277)

dtrs Sara & Mary; son Wlm & his son Wlm; chldr of dtr Eliz; son Wlm exec; overs Arnold Francis & Giles Knight senr; wtns Jn Jeve


NICHOLL, John, senr - Upper Hale, Hendon, Mdx, yeo (f242)

wife Susan; Thos, Jn, Arthur & Francis sons of Thos Nicholl decsd of Grafte Farme in Finchley; son Jn exec; wtns Thos Sanders & Dan Taylor


NICHOLL, Thomas - London, yeo (f78)

Thos, Eliz, Hanna & Sara chldr of bro Wlm N; bros dtrs Mary wife of Rich Leigh ctz & haberdasher & Margt wife of Wlm Lane ctz & haberdasher; cousin Wlm Nicholl of Mill Hill, Hertford; cousin Mary Shepard of Kingsbury Mdx widow; bro in law Jn Warren ctz & clothworker; bro Wlm N exec; wtns Jacob Pearse, Edward Gaudren & Francis Shepheard svt of Jn Woodward


NICOLL, Pernell - Hadley, Mdx, widow (f427)

bur in Shenley [Hertford]near late husb Wlm Birchmore; poor of Barnett & Nunside; son Francis Birchmore & his son Francis & dtr Eliz wife of Rich Westerman & her son Francis; Eliz, Eve & Anthony chldr of son Rob Birchmore; Ellen, Wlm & Nathaniel chldr of Ellen wife of Nathaniel Stringe minister; Jn, Ellen, Eliz & Ursula chldr of Priscilla Meade; Joseph son of Jn & Ursula Norton; sis Smith & her dtr Skeale; son Wlm Birchmore exec; overs sons Rob & Francis Birchmore; wtns Jn Emery & Thos Anthony


NODINUR, John - St Johns Street, Mdx, locksmith (f266)

bur St Sepulchre; wife Isbl; son Thos exec; wtns Jn Arthur & Rich Browne


NUTSSONN, Robert - Ratcliffe, Mdx, mariner (f206)

Dorothy Colinwood; overs Nichls Ball of Wapping, Mdx, mariner; wtns Chris Williams & Rich Everes


OCKER, Richard - St Sepulchre, London, of the company of plasterers (f120)

son Stephen; chldr of bro Thos O; chldr of sis Anne Molton; wife Anne exec; wtns Jn Drumond priest & Michael Neare


OCKLEY, William - St Giles in the Fields, Mdx, blacksmith (f433)

wife Jane; chldr Jn & Eliz; Susan dtr of Jn Ockey; son Thos exec; wtns Peter Penson, Nichls Riddett & Henry Drury


OHAYE, John (f271)

cousin Hugh OHaye svt of Sir Thos Stukely; debt of Francis Aprice of Saddle Bow, Norfolk; Mr Rodman Morris gent of Grays Inn; Rob Passe; Phil Neale svt of Duchess of Buckingham; Jn Burke svt of Earl of Southampton; Wlm Gillam svt of Mr Henry Smith; Rob Starling svt of Mr Hayes; bond of Mr Patrick Welshe; chldr of sis Joan; cousin Anthony Bryan; Dr Gerard Purcell; bro Garrett in Ireland; exec Patrick Duffee; wtns Jn Conerford & Hugh Hides


OKAR, Elizabeth - All Saints Barking, London, widow (f295)

son in law Jn Okar; 2 chldr of sis Ellen Procter widow; cousins Mary, Ursula & Tim Moure; cousins Jms, Anne & Jane Thompson; cousin Chris Bell; exec Thos Hall ctz & staconer; wtns Alice Canon & Henry King svt of Rich Greene


OLIVER, John - St Dunstans in the West, London (f249)

chldr of sis Eliz wife of Jn Bowyer bricklayer; svt Anne Blackman; exec Wlm Good ctz & merchantaylor; wtns Nichls Clement & Jn Gilber


OLIVER, William - St Sepulchre, Mdx, coppersmith (f314)

bro Francis O; sis Eliz Drap; knswmn Anne Wilcox; wife Cicely exec; overs Wlm Bigford & Michael Gorton; wtns Jn Whetston & Harman Trigarne


ORE, John - Finchley, Mdx, yeo (f90)

Susan wife of Rich Pratt & her sis Isbl Stocking; bro Thos O; svt Rob Cole; Dr Marrall; 3 chldr of Rob Smith; execs wife Anne & dtr Eliz; overs Jn Raslin & Edward Cooke; wtns Thos Anthony


OSBORNE, Margery - London, widow (f351)

cousin Bartons wife; cousin Maudlyn Marshall; wtns Susan Brisley widow, Amy Wattford spinster, Thos Zouche, Thos Walter & Hugh Treswell


OSPLYN, William - Enfield, Mdx, carrier (f362)

sisters son Thos son of Thos Chure; svt Jn Kitchen; Wlm son of goodwife Fletcher; knswmn Frances Spakeman; Jms Eire; cousin Jn Martindale of St Jms Duke Place, needlemaker; overs Francis Betts yeo; wtns Rob Saunderson, Thos Cheston, Nichls Sparkman & Jn Cooper


OVERALL, John - Walthamstowe, Essex, yeo (f266)

chldr Ursula, Mary & Jn; land in Bocking, Essex; wife Anne exec; wtns Wlm Groome clerk & Nichls Sparkman


OVERALL, John - Walthamstowe, [Essex] mariner (f320)

land in Barking, Essex; son Jn; mother Anne O; sisters Mary Stourton & Ursula Butterfield; wife Ellen exec; wtns Wlm Groome & Thos Brooke


PAGE, Mathias - St Mary Whitechapel, Mdx, silkweaver (f4)

wife Isbl; wtns Geo Grymes, merchantaylor & Hmfry Spittle, Rich Tilley & Mark Campsen, silkweavers


PALMER, Joan - Radcliffe, Stepney, Mdx, widow (f233)

Mary Palmer widow; 2 chldr of sis Welthen Clemence; Jn Browning of Bristol; Henry, Rich & Hanna chldr of Rich Chester of Whitehorse St, silkweaver; exec dtr Kath wife of Rich Chester; overs Mr Rob Weale pewterer & Rich Chester; wtns Rob Hay, Peter Anderson & Francis Grante


PARKER, Giles - London (f468)

bro Sam P; bro in law Mr Pinchion in Ireland; wife Anne exec; wtns Rob Erswell & Pollidor Garman


PARKER, Mary - St Peter the Poor, London, maiden (f495)

mother Mrs Rose P; late father Leonard P; bro Mr Geo P; wtns Dorothy Harwell & Sara Deacon


PARNELL, Edward - citizen and clothworker of London (f122)

bur St Mildreds in Poultry; chldr Henry & Eliz; wife Eliz exec; overs Mr Dan Waldoe, Geo Chittam & Kellam Hartly; wtns Chas Davies & Wlm Smart


PARREY, Ellis - citizen and weaver of London (f99)

bur St Mary Aldermanbury; David ap Harry of Bagillt, Flint yeo; Roger Jones & Rich Griffith of Brynford, Flint gent; Rob Price & Cath Pennant widow both of Holywell, Flint; Jane Jones sis of Roger J; Margt Wrey & Jane Pease widows; Kath Jones; Roger Ellis; Mr Powell clerk of Weavers Co; svt Alice Heskytt; nephew David ap Harrey & his chldr Henry, Oliver, David & Mary; 4 chldr of Roger Jones; Rob Young clerk & Dr Taylor preacher of Aldermanbury; Sir Hugh Middleton baronet; Joan wife of Rob Hill; Owen Roberts weaver; Hmfry Carter; exec David Hughes brewer; overs Henry Holland ctz & stationer & Rob Hill ctz & joiner


PARSONS, Alexander - St Sepulchre without Newgate, citizen and clothworker (f564)

chldr of sis Johane wife of Jn Pegon of Martocke, co Somerset, yeo; chldr of sis Dorothy Pinney; sisters son Morgan Bagwell; Wlm son of cousin Giles Edwards porter; wife Anne exec; overs Jn Hart vintner & Wlm Freeman sadler; wtns Jn Bray & Wlm Cluett svt of Anthony Hudson


PARY, William - citizen and merchantaylor of London (f159)

dttr Eliz; mother Sarah P; land in co Lincoln from uncle Wlm Feild; wife Sara exec; overs Hmfry Gulson & Thos Reding ctzs & merchantaylors; wtns Chas Bragge & Edward Goughe


PAYNE, John - Enfield, Mdx, yeo (f371)

wife Jane; chldr Wlm, Mary & Jane; wtns Nichls Baugh


PAYNE, Mary - St Sepulchre, London (f86)

sis Martha P; sis Eliz Cooke alias Locke wife of Chas Locke of St Michaels in Cornhill; wtns Mary wife of Thos Rogers of Christchurch


PAYNETER, Anne - St Giles in the Fields (f424)

cousins Allington & Eliz Paynter; nephews & sis Paynter; Mary, Dorothy & Ann Reignolds; cousins Jn Goodwyn & Grace Campe; godson Jms Peeters; Thomasine Hide; Mrs Price; Faith Lyndsey; Anne Taylor; exec Hmfry Hugeford gent; wtns Jn Midlemore, Rich & Faith Bethams & Fra Lovett


PEARCE, Amy - London, spinster (f406)

Mrs Mary Lomley; Mrs Ellen Proobie; Mrs Martha Allen; Mary dtr of Mary wife of Mr Thos Allen of Finchley, esq; Eliz & Mary dtrs of sis Eliz Doe; cousin Mary wife of Jn Coppes marchantaylor; Michael son of decsd bro Thos P; cousin Jn Doe; Mary dtr of Francis Waterhouse fishmonger; wife of Jn Nickoles of Nether St, Finchley; exec Eliz wife of Mr Rich Lee of Langly, Shropshire esq; wtns Rob French & Thos Wilshire


PEGRAM, Thomas - Nazeing, Essex, husb (f235)

land in Roydon, Essex; N Allen of Hoddesdon [Hertford]; chldr Thos, Jn & Joan; wife Mary; father Wlm P exec; overs Thos Wilkinson; wtns Jms Fale


PEIRSON, John - Hadley, Mdx, yeo (f230)

wife Anne; sons Wlm, Thos & Rich; grandson Wlm Peirson; bro & sis; exec Mr Jn Gale; wtns Edw Turner & Edward Cooke


PENARDE, Samuel - Cowley (f442)

chldr Eliz, Ursula, Kath & Wlm; knsmn Peter Penard & Wlm Sporlinge; grandsons Sam Haynar & Wlm Poswater; wife Eliz exec; overs Thos Cruchley & Jn Bishopp


PENNELL, William - St Alban Woodstreet, London, merchantaylor (f412)

wife Alice; wtns Mr Wlm Cleut, Hannah Bayley & Joan Weston


PERRIMAN, John - Lymehouse, Stepney, Mdx, shipwright (f136)

father in law Jasper Hooper; Wltr Hicocks; wife Jane exec; wtns Wlm Moore, Deodat Prichen & Thos Morehouse

PERRINGER, Ursula - St Giles in the Fields, widow (f312)

Rob, Edward & Matt Bowlett; wife of Gabriel Rule; Francis Goulett; Anne Acton; execs Rob Paulon, Tim Barnes, Wlm Pratt & Edward Lawrence; wtns Francis Baker & Henry Drury curate


PETTITE, John - Four Mills, St Leonards Bromley, Mdx, yeo (f421)

dtr Susan P; Jn son of bro Jn P; wife Dionis exec; overs bro Jn P & Jms Dunkeney; wtns Wlm Wright, Thos Pollard, Wltr Huchinson & Jn Story


PHILLIPPS, Anne - Fulham, Mdx, widow (f194)

son Thos P; grandson Matt Atkinson; dtr Kath Atkinson exec; wtns Jn Pluckenett, Jn Flood, Agn Sherecrofte & Agn Chapman


PHILLIPS, Mary - St Botolphs without Bishopsgate, London, spinster (f137)

servant of Mr Arthur Sheires; Jane Kent; Alex Clethrew; wtns Mary Sheere, Anne Bogon & Ellen Mason


PILGRIM, William - Tottenham, Mdx, yeo (f176)

son Andrew P; wife Anne exec; wtns Edward Allibone & Sam Osborne


PITTMAN, Francis - Chancery Lane, Mdx, woodmonger (f496)

father Francis P ctz & woodmonger decsd; Mr Edward Barker; fathers widow Dame Susan Billingsley; Susan dtr of Ralph Twisledon; wife Sara exec; wtns Thos Potter, Silvanus Pentrace, Wlm Durdent, David Anthony, Thos Pitcher, Thos Prosser & Wlm Morgan


POINTER, George - citizen and girdler (f410)

bur St Sepulchre; Giles son of bro Thos P; cousin Jn Willington; bro Rich Westwood; wife Thomasine exec; wtns Chas Hill


POOLE, John - Chingford, Essex, gent (f301)

dtr Joan Smith; wife Mary exec; wtns Francis Tanner, Jn Burton, Chris Moodie & Rob Snell


POOLE, Thomas - St Sepulchre, London (f128)

wife Hagar exec; wtns Sam Wilcox


PORTER, Emanuel - St Botolphs without Bishopsgate, haberdasher (f290)

bro Jn P; sis; wife Rachel; wtns Rob Osborne & Edmund Salford


PORTER, Henry - citizen and marchantaylor of London (f116)

bro Edward P; Ralph Leaver; house in Cutter Lane; Mary Smith; Susan wife of Jeremy Ewer; Rob Hudson ctz & skinner; son Henry exec; wtns Thos Fyerbrother, Jn Halstead & Francis Harrison svt of Jn Davies


POTTER, Elizabeth - St Mildred Poultry, London, spinster (f488)

bur near father Peter P in St Johns near Dowgate; Mr Suite minister; bro Thos; sis Ellen Bostocke; sis Martha wife of Abrm Turner; Benoni son of sis Margt Barkesdale widow; cousin Wlm Hall ctz & marchantaylor; Mrs Clinckard widow; cousin Thos Stone; Mr Madye minister; uncles Cumberledge & Rock; uncle Mr Rich Stone; 5 chldr of uncle Collier alias Gold of Walfall, co Stafford; exec mother Eliz P widow; wtns Wlm Smarke & Mary Merry


POULTNEY, Ralph - St Mildred in the Poultry, London (f247)

bur near chldr; Jn Warton; dtr; wife Anne; wtns Joyce Hodson


POWELL, Morgan - St James in Garlickhithe, citizen and clothworker (f213)

wife Eliz; Edward Malbury parson; Mr Henry Mongers; sis in law Eliz wife of Edward Hall; execs dtr Anne & Rob Tildesley brownbaker; overs Wlm Gunnell & Rich Powell; wtns Ben Jones, Phil Lywood & Rich Barlowe


- codicil - (f226), exec bro in law Thos Rich ctz & mercer; overs Wlm Gunnell grocer & Jn Browne cordwayner; wtns Rich Blencowe & Jn Merricke


PREDDY, Richard [mariner] (f80)

bro Francis P in Wapping; Jn Morgan sailor; Jn Shirley; Geo Robinson swaber; Water Harris; bro Thos exec; wtns Jms Joras & Jn Ward


PREIST, Grace - Ruislip, Mdx, widow (f 359)

son Wlm; Henry, Peter & Margt Palmer chldr of dtr Prudence; dtr Eliz; Jn, Rose, Thos, Wlm, Jn, Rich & Grace chldr of son Wlm P; godson Thos Battman; Thos Bukington of Harefield; grandtr Grace Cannon & her son Jn Branch; exec grandson Ralph Timberlake; wtns Zephaniah Goold, Rich Nelham & Rich Webb


PREIST, Richard - Ducks Hill, Ruislip, Mdx, yeo (f195)

dtrs Anne & Martha; dtr Dorothy to marry Wlm Cooke; Rich son of cousin Jn Preist of Norwood, Ruislip; svts Jn Hale, Rich Neads & Edward Harpar; Jn Wild; decsd bro Jms P & his sons Jn, Rich & Peter & dtrs; decsd bro Brian P & his Jn & dtrs; Mr Goldminster; Rich Hale; exec son in law Michael Fotherly; overs bro Jn Robins & cousin Jn Preist; wtns Jn Andrewes & Rich Ewer


PREISTMAN, Anne - London, widow (f470)

bur St Botolphs without Aldersgate near late husb Jn P; knsmn Rich, Joan & Francis Greene; aprnt Rich Robinson; knswmn Anne Browne; bro Francis Samton alias Mathewe; knswmn Eliz Dorington exec; wtns Jn Parker & Rob Hamer


PREISTMAN, John - St Botolphs without Bishopsgate, London, weaver (f124)

wife Anne exec; wtns Thos Ridgly, Jms Cranford & Rob Maxfeild


PRESCOTT, Robert - citizen and cutler (f542)

mother Joyce wife of Jn Inse; adopted son Wlm Wiseman; cousins Rich & Wlm Prescott; 4 chldr of uncle Alex Prescott; cousin Rich Foxe; aprnt Jn Staynton; Eliz wife of uncle Jn Swanson; cousin Mary Temple & her mother Alice; aunt Margt Foxe; cousin Thos son of Ralph Prescott; wife Mary exec; wtns Nathaniel Hedgeman & Geo Willoughby


PRICE, Henry - St Andrew Hubbard, citizen and leatherseller (f524)

svts Thos Stanton & Anne Brewarton; Kath wife of Jn Frith; Abrm & Judith Johnson; Jackamyn Frost; Anne Fynne; exec Eliz wife of Rob Salisbury;


PRICE, Peirce - Allhallows Staining, London, citizen and merchantaylor (f228)

dtr Frances wife of Thos Chappell; Eliz wife of son in law Thos Beane; Rebecca wife of son in law Roger Beane; cousin Margt wife of Jn Weatherhead; wife Anne exec; wtns Jn Astell & Jn Butler


PRICKLONE, William - Enfield, Mdx, husb (f375)

chldr Wlm, Sam, Jn, Joan, Lydia & Dorcas P; wife Alice exec; wtns Wlm Billings & Rich Ward


PRINCE, Elizabeth - widow (f45)

sisters Margt Tasker & Susan Morham; Mrs Symons; dtr Eliz Prince als Symonds; overs late husbs master Mr Wilkinson brewer & Mr Joseph Symonds; wtns Jms Wright & Godfrey Cade


PRITCHETT, Dorothy - London, widow (f280)

Anne wife of Wltr Ambler; Rebecca wife of Francis Taylor; exec Wlm Richbell scrivener; wtns Job Perwitch & Rob Mawsell


PRYOR, Thomas - citizen & merchantaylor of London (f9)

decsd sis Joan & her sons Mark Reeve & Jn Breech; cousin Joan Gammon; first wifes sons Wlm & Owen Higden; wife Eliz exec; wtns Jn Merick & Thos Leister


PUE, John (f175)

husb of sis Dorothy Bradshaw; exec cousin Wlm Rovell ctz & haberdasher; overs Mr Michael Anne clerk; wtns Wlm Atkinson, Wlm Hormold & Edward Benson


PURDEY, Steven - St Giles in the Fields, Mdx, victualler (f172)

childr Rich & Joyce; wife Eliz exec; overs bros in law Rich & Jn Hersey; wtns Geo Shepard, Henry Wild & Henry Drury


PUREFY, Stanhope - St Dunstans in the West (f328)

bro Phil; sis Dorothy Abbott; wtns Margt Hall & Jn & Judith Luffkyn


PYFFE, Thomas - St Mary Whitechapel, taylor (f106)

going to East Indies in ship Dolphin; wife Elnr exec; wtns Jms Ravenscroft cheesemonger, Wlm Fayrfax & Jn Blenkarne, vintner


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[Material supplied by Mr Leslie Mahler, San Jose, California]