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Commissary Court of London Will Abstracts Volume 26 (1629-1634) Surnames Q-S


QUIER, Matthew (f402)

Wlm Gaijge; Eliz Hord; Joan Spookes; Margt Huckes; Adam Quier; wife Alice exec; wtns Wlm Pritchard & Geo Mychell



RAILTONN, Thomas - Poplar, Stepney, Mdx, yeo (f267)

Wlm Smith of Northstreet; Rich Godfrey; wife Judy; chldr Thos, Geo, Eliz & Judy; son Jn exec; wtns Anna Lymford & Barnard Fenerell


RAPPE, Annabell - St Gabriel Fanchurch (f187)

husb Rich R gent living overseas; mother Mrs Annabell Evans; sis Eliz wife of Mr Nichls Waynwright & her dtr Eliz; sis Rose Corbett & her son Geo; Rich & Jane Corbett; cousin Roger Nott; wtns Jn Heath


RAWLINS, Joan - St Stephen Coleman Street, London, widow (f274)

cousins Alice, Thos & Jane Bradway; Sarah Bradway; Joan dtr of Owen & Christian Grigson of St Bennett Fink; Susan dtr of Wlm Jones of St Bennett Fink; Christian Jones; Susan & Anne Moore; goodwife Myer; nurse Cawdle; Rich son of sis Jane Stiles; overs Wlm Pitcher draper & Wlm Jones croke of St Bennett Fink; wtns Margt Pitcher


RAWLINS, Thomas - Hackney, Mdx, yeo, freeman of London (f21)

chldr Thos, Jn, Anna, Eliz & Alice; wife Eliz exec; overs Mr Geo Robbines gent & Geo Willis of Kingsland yeo; wtns Jn Nicholl, Edward White & Geo Wilkinson


REA, Alice - Lepates Hill, Waltham Holy Cross, Essex, widow (f395)

son Nichls R; bro Wlm Smith of Edmonton; dtr Mary exec; overs Wlm Smith & father in law Rob Higginsone; wtns Jn Kistringbery, Thos Harrisonne & Rob & Zephaniah Smith


READ, John - South Mimms, Mdx, smith (f215)

chldr Jn & Eliz; execs knsmn Jn Hill yeo & Francis King of Northaw, Hertford yeo; overs Jasper Horsey of Enfield, Mdx gent; wtns Thos Rambold & Rich Swann


READE, Clement - sailor (f46)

niece Isbl Reade living with Mr Bates of Wapping; goodman Cope & Fokes; Thos Neale; Thos Garlen; Valentine Stantley; Wlm Archassone; Rob Parson; wtns Jn Wells & Thos Rogers


READE, William - Edmonton, Mdx, yeo (f128)

land in Cranfield & Odell, Bedford; son Wlm; dtr Anne wife of Michael Staminnott & her dtr Mary; sis Kath; sis Agn Odell; wife Alice; son Jn R exec; overs Thos & Jn Martin; wtns Wlm Dobble


REIGNOLDS, Thomas - servant of Sir Thos Darnell knight and baronet (f130)

bros Jn & Wlm R; legacy from Mrs Fisher; masters 2 dtrs; Thos & Edmund Reignolds; Mr Mien lecturer; poor of St Giles; Mr Tindalls svt; execs bro Rich & his son Thos; overs cousin Wlm Willcocks; wtns Wlm Betchfeild


RENDALL, William - Enfield, Mdx, yeo (f393)

drs Joan Bridgeman & Mary Rolson; execs son Wlm & wife Sara; overs Wlm Boteler & bro in law Jn Harlowe; wtns Rob Spenser & Henry Thorne


RESTON, Francis - Hackney, Mdx, esq (f279)

lease in Lumber St, London; chldr Rich, Wlm, Eliz & Anne; dtr Martha wife of Francis Romney; land in Kent St Southwark [Surrey] to son Thos; execs wife Eliz & Mr Jn Saddler grocer; overs Mr Wlm Cheney esq


RICE, Edward - St Giles in the Fields, Mdx, gent (f382)

bur near late wife Dorcas; sisters chldr Hmfry, Jn, Eliz & Sibyl Pelset & Thomasine wife of Hmfry Thomas; svt Judith wife of Wlm Horrope; Penelope Millen dtr of sis Joyce; uncle Wlm Rice; Mr Jn Mabell; Wlm Hutchins; lease from Bishop of St Davids; sis Thomasine Pelset exec; overs Mr Allen & Phil Parker chandler; wtns Peter Penson, Jn Hebs, Geo Hatch & Jn Penketh


RICH, Anne - Bridewell, London, widow (f283)

late husb Peter R ctz & turner; chldr Jn, Rob & Agn; goodwife Pharre in Southwark; Mary Meridace; Mr Browne preacher; Dan Harcott son of sis Margery wife of Joseph Wayborne; execs Jn Jeweller fletcher & Wlm Ham woolmonger, ctzs; wtns Wlm Freeman & Isaac Rowlett svt of Jn May


RICHARDSON, Robert - citizen and silkweaver (f318)

wife Isbl; house in St Martins in Vintry; dtr in law Alice Brisby; cousin Wlm Baker silkweaver; wtns Thos Farmer, Jn Parram & Jn Russell


RICHARDSON, Robert - St Dunstans in the West, merchantaylor (f438)

bro Anthony Hutchens; aprnt Wlm Tomlyn; prsnt wife Alice exec; overs Thos Kellam gent & Thos Babb painterstayner; wtns Henry Deane


RICHARDSON, Simon - Wapping, Mdx, yeo (f481)

Faith sis of cousin Wlm Bywater of Sherburn, Yorkshire; 2 sons of dtr in law Dorothy wife of Geo Baskett; Margt wife of Jn Leach of St George, Southwark, Surrey yeo; born in Sherburn, Yorkshire; Mr Randall; Anne wife of Jn Digs mariner; Kath wife of Wlm Wainfleete mariner; Mary wife of Sam Lockeram mariner; Dorothy Batt widow; svt Margt Hall; wife Jane exec; overs Rich Cooper of East Smithfield, Mdx & son in law Geo Bassett; wtns Jn Parker


RICHARDSON, Thomas - aboard the ship Coaster (f23)[see also will of Henry Foster]

Jn Barnard; Chris Grigs; Wlm Jenson; Wlm Hancocke; Jeronimo Jackson; Wlm Leigh; Jms Bix; Hmfry Walweyn; Henry Foster; exec David Anthony


RICHARDSON, William - Waltham Holycross, Essex, cooke (f7)

chldr Wlm, Geo, Francis & Mary; svts Chris Wright & Ellen Evins; exec Geo Briggs senr; overs Mr Henry Knagg senr; wtns Roger Brombly, Rich Stapleton & Jn Gouldinge


RICHBELL, William - Bowe near London, yeo (f332)

poor of Brumley Mdx; sons Wlm, Thos, Edmund, Tim, Ben & Andrew; dtr Emerson; Mary Emerson; wife Mary exec; wtns Mary Elles & Anne Richbell


RICKETTS, Adam - St Margaret in New Fishstreet, London, cooper (f120)

dtr; wife Lucretia; wtns Anthony Kembe


ROBERTS, Alice - wife of Francis R, citizen and clothworker (f207)

cousin Jn Cripps linendraper & his bros Adam, Edward & Thos C; Alice Pratt dtr of Barnett yeo; bond of Adam Cripps freemason; exec Jn Cripps; wtns Rich Dibbetts & Alice Walter


ROBERTS, Ellen - Hampstead, Mdx (f419)

late husb Thos R; chldr Anne, Norris & Thos R; son Rob Presson; wtns Thos Phillipps & Jane Fenton


ROBINS, Henry - Ruislip, Mdx, yeo (f75)

son Jn; Mary wife of Peter Preist & their dtrs Mary, Eliz & Martha; execs wife Eliz & son Henry; overs Jn Reading & Jn Winchester; wtns Jn Wright


ROBINSON, Thomas - (Great?) Parndon, Essex, tanner (f173)

wife Joan; house in Epping; land in Navestock & Stapleford Abbotts, Essex & Broxbourne, Hertford to dtr Susanna & her childr Jn & Susan Graygoose; Helen wife of Rich Oakeman of Mint; Jn son of Jn Saring of Hoddesdon, Hertford, yeo; Thos Graygoose; dtr Susanna exec; overs Wlm Wood of Epping, Jn Saring, yeo, Geo Harrison of Harlowe, Essex & Wlm Hudson of Netteswell, clothier; witns A Stafford & Ed Springer


ROBINSON, William - St Sepulchre, London, yeo (f373)

bro Abrm R; wife Amy exec; wtns Judith Buteris


ROBINSON, William - Waltham Holy Cross, Essex, husb (f540)

chldr Roger & Anne; chldr of bros & sisters; land in Melbourn, co Cambridge; wife Cressett exec; overs Dr Foxe & Mr Henry Wollerston gent; wtns Ralph Hodge & Jn Sawdre


ROLFE, Edward, senr - Finchley, Mdx, yeo (f301)

sisters Sara Watson & Eliz Husse; nephews Wlm, Edward & Thos Rolfe; nieces Mary Evelan & Margt Rolfe; exec sis in law Eliz Dixon widow; overs knsmn Rob Rolfe of London draper & nephew Wlm Rolfe; wtns W Kingsland & Ellen Walbanke


ROLFE, Richard - Finchley, Mdx, yeo (f311)

wife Eliz; grandtr Eliz Page; son Henry exec; wtns Jn Edward, Wlm Payne & Wlm Page


ROWLAND, Alice - Fulham, widow (f32) testators name given as John Martin in margin & index

church of Poulls; Jn & Matt sons of Jn Martyn; Jn & Rich sons of Henry Buesond; dtr Eliz wife of Rob Bur & their childr Rob, Edmund, Rich & Eliz; Margt Dickenson; Eme wife of Wlm Shearecraft; wife of son Rich R; execs son Rich & dtr Eliz Burr; overs Humphrey Lumpany & Mr Anthony Bond


ROWLAND, William - citizen and haberdasher (f276)

sons Wlm & Josiah; bro Michael R; sis in law Eliz Hobkins; godtrs Mary Sparling & Sara Elkin; cousins Jn & Agn Bryan; wife Jane exec; wtns Thos Blakwell & Jn Treagle


ROYSE, Joseph - citizen and marchantaylor (f465)

land in Trinity Minories without Aldgate; chldr Wlm, Joseph, Anne, Sara & Sam; cousin Mihill Bates; son in law Wlm Coose; sis Susan wife of Barnaby Dove; Joseph & Eliz Coose chldr of dtr Susan; Mr Cooke minister; poor of St Swithin; Eliz wife of Thos Coffin; execs wife Eliz & son Wlm; overs son in law Thos Coffin; wtns Peter Starr, Jn Ellistones & Wlm Thomas


RUDDOCKE, Mary - St Albans in Woodstreet, widow (f318)

Mr Watts parson; Mr Ralph Yardley; sons Jn, Thos & Sam R; dtr Eliz wife of Jn Hangar; Wlm Ruddocke; wtns Francis Cannon


RUSSELL, William - citizen and bricklayer and tyler of London (f138)

dtr Eliz Pennard & her childr Rob & Eliz Elell; son in law Humphrey Stevens; wife Anne exec; overs Thos Finch ctz & tyler & bricklayer & his son Rich; witns Edward Finch, Sam Milles & Geo Widdowson


RYDER, Elizabeth - St Lawrence Pountney, London, widow (f50)

cousin Edward Ryder of Roygate, Surrey; son Rich R; witns Joan Midwinter widow & Margt Sheriffe widow


RYVERS, Elizabeth - Whitechapel without Aldgate (f319)

bro Nichls, Dan & Wlm R; return of ships Royal Defence, Royal Merchant & Katherine; sisters Rose & Mary; exec father Wlm R; wtns Sam Harris & Tristram Mathewe


RYVERS, Thomas - Whitechapel, mariner (f316)

bro Edward R of Sproughton, Suffolk; return of ship Royal Defence; bros Rob, Jn & Wlm; chldr of bro in law Lawrence Whiting; exec knswmn Eliz Ryvers; wtns Sam Harris & Tristram Mathewe


SABLON, Barbe, widow of George Terowend (f28)

chldr of Jn Terovenne & Roc du Rosse by Mary Terovenne; nephew David Matton; Mary Salier wife of Wlm Dole; son in law Jn Canchie; poor of French church in London; execs Geo Caron & Jn Bassuesne; wtns Geo Sablon, Jn Tierry & Phil Boyllion


SANNEY, Thomas, senr - Finchley, Mdx, husb (f61)

sons Thos, Wlm, Rob, Jn & Rich; wife Mary exec; overs Jms Turvin & Thos Sanney; wtns Wlm Page & Wlm Skege


SAPP, Mary - London, widow (f198)

dtrs Mary & Eliz; sisters Anne Payne, Eliz Brewster & Amy Frary; bro Sam Allen; landlady Joyce Cooke; Dorcas Bezey; mother; cousin Eliz Paine; Margt Nutter; exec nephew Sam Payne; overs Wlm Baylye & Anthony Denningham; wtns Martin Higgins & Edward Cynn


SAULE, Isaac - citizen and merchantaylor (f191)

bur in St Margaret in New Fishstreet; Mr Thos Wood minister; born in Horley, Oxford; bro Thos S, his wife Anne & chldr Francis, Rebecca & Jane & Orilea wife of Wlm Dickinson; bros Rich & Wlm S; sis Dorcas wife of Henry Russell; bro in law Jn Thompson & his dtrs Frances & Eliz; cousin Eliz wife of Simon Grover; Joan wife of Nichls Williams; svts Jonathan Claridge & Jn North; wife Anne exec; overs Wlm Ayerst & Thos Baye; wtns Rob Fenn & Henry Shelbery


SAUNDERS, Isabel - St Brides in Fleetstreet, London, widow (f229)

dtr Dorothy Hall; son in law Job Hall; exec son in law Rich Hewett; wtns Henry Dinn & Ellen Francklyn


SAUNDERS, John - Ratcliffe, Stepney, Mdx, chandler (f18)

cousins Geo Harrison, Geo Vawdry & Eliz Westwood; bro Rob S minister; cousins Wlm & Hmfry Smallwood; Lydia Foster; wife Joan exec; wtns Jn Morgan


SAUNDERS, John - London, gent (f533)

bur South Weald, Essex; poor of Whitefriars; son Jn; dtr Mary Hunter; wife Lucretia exec; wtns Matt Burghe, Rich Bron


SAUNDERSON, Richard - Hornsey, Mdx, gent (f475)

lease in Friday St; dtr Mary Ive; poor of St Dunstans in the West; wife Alice exec


SAYER, Abraham - Stepney, Mdx, mariner (f13)

wife Anne exec; wtns Rebecca Sayer & Anne Hitchcockes


SAYRE, Thomas - Sowarston, Waltham Holycross, Essex, yeo (f85)

chldr Rob & Mary; Agn Staynes; 3 sisters of Thos England; svt Alice Doune; son Jn exec; wtns Henry Stoke & Wlm Wheeler


SCOTT, Margaret - Wapping, Mdx, widow (f459)

bur in Whitechapel near late husb Edward Newton; widow of Wlm Mumford; Edward & Margt chldr of Ellen wife of Rich Mumford nailsmith; Wlm, Eliz & Mary chldr of Roger Wade victualler; godtr Joan Lance; Nichls son of Wlm Layne; Thos Clarke; Anne dtr of Joan Clarke widow; Rich & Francis sons of Rich Cray; Jane wife of Geo Johnson seaman; Wlm son of Wlm Allyne shipwright; Mrs Joan Collins; Mrs Salisbury; Joan Watson; Alice dtr of Wlm Kent decsd; Mary dtr of Rich Longbourne; Stephen Johnson; exec Wlm Allyn senr; wtns Wlm Paramore


SCOTT, Richard - Stratford Bowe, Mdx, vintner (f447)

Mr Jms Conyer preacher; bro Roger S of Wigan, Lancashire cordwayner; knsmn Hugh Scott; Jn son of Rich Bavitt labourer; Wltr son of Wltr Hutchinson; Jn son of Jn Paige taylor; Grace dtr of Jn Chandler cordwayner; Audrey Morrall of St Martains; wife Anne exec; overs Mr Jn Hogshead of Laurence Lane innholder & Mr Oliver Markeland of Wood St; wtns Thos Skoryer & Jn Bawden


SCRIVEN, Margaret - Allhallows Barking, Towerstreet, London, widow (f98)

son Jn S overseas; son Francis S; dtr Mary wife of Henry Russell; exec son in law Henry Russell; wtns Jacob Jefard Jn Pende


SCRUGGLE, Elizabeth - St Stephens Coleman Street, widow (f141)

Sam son of Edmund Harvy ctz & draper & his wife Eliz; Eliz wife of Sam Gatt ctz & ironmonger; exec Edmund Harvy; wtns Jn Deodate


SEAGE, Thomas - Ruislip, Mdx, husb (f193)

grandchldr Francis, Rich & Eliz Reading; dtr Cath wife of Francis Reading; exec son in law Francis Reading; overs Jn Weedon gent & Jn Winchester; wtns Wlm Randoll


SEARSON, Thomas - Wapping, Mdx, waterman (f537)

exec dtr Helen wife of Roger Heaborne waterman; wtns Rob Beneworth, Edward Jenings & Gillford Elve


SEDCOLE, John - Epping, Essex, yeo (f26)

land in Theydon Garnon to son Jn; dtr Margt; grandtr Mary Sedcole; wife Joan; execs sons Jn & Rich; overs Jn Searle of Chambers & Wlm Lacke of Stanverd Hall; wtns Francis Archer, Thos Wood & Jn Hollinhead


SELL, William - St Mary Whitechapel, Mdx, yeo (f24)

land in Much Hadham, Hertford to bro Jn S & his wife Mary; wtns Thos & Eliz Bruerton, Thos Mosse & Jms Beare


SERRETT. widow - Epping, Essex (f345)

Rich & Mary chldr of dtr Mary wife of Rich Hare; dtr Anne wife of Spencer; dtr Ellen wife of Browne; dtr Clemence; son Jn; overs son Roger; wtns Jn Serle & Edward Nicholson


SERRETT, William - Epping, Essex, yeo (f134)

chldr Henry, Anne, Ellen, Clemens, Jn & Roger; dtr Mary Hayer; wife Mary exec; wtns Cresse Burton & Jn Searle


SHACKLE, Edward - Hackney, Mdx, gent (f11)

chldr Jn, Susanna, Eliz & Mary; wife Joan exec; overs father White & bro Leversidge; wtns Cath Baker


SHALCROSSE, Elizabeth - London, widow (f511)

exec Thos Maunde ctz & cordwayner; wtns Nathaniel Hickman, Geo White & Geo Maund


SHARPE, William - St Sepulchre, London, leatherseller (f127)

childr of bros & sisters; wife Frances exec; wtns Jn Johnson & Eliz Marshall


SHAWE, James - St Sepulchre without Newgate, citizen & cordwainer of London (f34)

bro Jms S of Brampton, Derby; svt Thos Poole; Eliz widow of Thos Smedley; Joan Lewes widow in Bansteds Alley; 3 chldr of Andrew Meadowes; Jms son of Israel wife of Henry Shott of Chisselhurst; Mr Fulk Manyng master of cordwainers co; Mr Edmund Money; Mr Thos Cornish & his wifes son Thos Bradshawe; Rob & Wlm Slausted; Sma Wilcott; Hugh Dennis; Morris Tanner; Joan Erlis; Nichls Sone; Jms Partridge clerk; Mr Rich Cooper; Mr Anthony Hawkes; Grace Gomersall widow; Mr Edward Savage; Mr Wlm Fox; Mr Francis Acton; 2 dtrs of Rob Currey;3 dtrs of late cousin Jn Dards; Isaac Rowlett svt of Jn May; Jn Wilcoxe; Rich Keeling; Simon Payne; Miles Fawcett; Mr Edward Grime; Rich Brase; Mr Bray preacher; Mr Oldam Islipp; wife Eliz exec; overs Jn May & Wlm Smith & Rob Currey cordwainers


SHAWE, Roger - citizen and broiderer (f513)

poor of St Bennetts Pauls Wharf; wife Amy exec; wtns Jn Man, Rob Clarke & Andrew Knight


SHAWE, Thomas - Hackney, Mdx, gent (f491)

bur near father in West Ham, Essex; chldr Wlm, Jn & Susan; Thos Terry of Stoke Newington, Mdx esq; Francis Sydnor of Grays Inn esq; wife Martha exec; overs Mathias Presse & Stephen Kinge; wtns Geo Brigham & Peter Porter


SHELLEY, William - Waltham Holycross, Essex, yeo (f54)

land in South Mimms, Mdx to son Wlm; 2nd son; dtr Joan wife of Wlm Greene; dtr Eliz; svts Eliz Kilhogg & Agn Abraham; exec Jn Gouldinge senr; overs Edward Fulham & kinsman Thos Shelley of Suerstone; wtns Rich Stocke, Wlm Sherbonte & Wlm Portrie


SHELSHEWE, Steven - Cowley, Mdx, yeo (f24)

dtrs Ellen & Ursula; wife; Michael Beckett & his dtr Rebecca & 8 other chldr; dtrs Ellen Langley & Eliz Pipkin; Susan Langley; sis Sisley & her sons Toby Pay & Joseph Stanbury; Anne, Avery & Susan Pipkin; godtr Anne South; Thos Triplett; widow Woodford; Margery Comen; Jn Newington; Eliz Monnsey; 2 chldr of Roger Langley; exec Michael Beckett; overs Roger Langley & Wlm Pipkin; wtns Rob Nicholl & Wlm Tasdal


SHEPPARD, John - Poplar, Mdx, baker (f503)

sons Jn & Rob; cousins Rachel & Margt Sheppard; mother Joan S; sis Duckett; wife Jane exec; wtns Barnard Feverell & Bridget Duckett


SHEPPARD, Robert - St Mildred Breadstreet, citizen & pewterer of London (f31)

dtr Joan wife of Lawrence Pike silkweaver; cousin Wlm Sheppard; wife Jane exec; wtns Rich Curries, Jn Robinson & Jn Swanne


SHERECROFT, William, senr - Fulham, Mdx, yeo (f237)

bro in law Thos Nicholls; chldr Wlm, Jn, Thos & Dorothy; wife Eliz exec; overs Mr Henry Marsh & Nathaniel Danser; wtns Jn Plucknett


SHIPPIE, George - Nazeing, Essex, husb (f42)

chldr Geo, Jn & Mary; wife Mary exec; overs Jn Shelley senr & Wlm Campe; wtns Jms Fale


SHORTER, Solomon - Newington Greene, Mdx, gent (f119)

Anthony Dauser; land in St Bartholomew near the Royal Exchequer; chldr Solomon, Margt & Jane; wife Margt exec; wtns Thos Pennant


SILVERWOOD, Thomasine - St Martins in Vintry, London, widow (f315)

Anne Gibson; dtr Massocke; cousin Cordells; execs grandson Augustine Garland & late grandtrs husb Wlm Newbold; wtns Allan Swamonke & Alice Hunt


SIMSON, Jane - St Gabriel Fanchurch, London, widow (f183)

late husb Jn S ctz & cook; sis Joan Greame; bro Wlm Graby; niece Jane Graby; exec dtr Jane wife of Gunter Younge; wtns Jn Coachman & Roger Sackar


SIMSON, Thomas - St Mary Whitechapel, Mdx, Dr of Physicke (f219)

bro Jn S; sis wife of Thos Truelove; late father Jn S clerk; sons Jn & Thos; wife Winifred exec; overs Phil Owen ctz & haberdasher; wtns Eliz Shrimpton, Rowland Spratt & Jms Rudstone


SKIDMORE, John (f292)

Prudence wife of Renold Peters; wtns Wlm Alsopp & Alice Thompson


SKIRRETT, Clement - London, widow (f571)

bro Wlm Fulwood; sisters Mary, Alice & Eliz; cousin Mrs Anne Alsopp widow; Jane wife of N Charles butcher; svts Eliz Aldridge, Eliz Symonds & Joan Huffe; exec Alice Roundtree widow; overs Andrew Symmons porter; wtns Rich Foster, Lawrence Heale & Martin Higgins


SKULL, William - St Lawrence Old Jewry, London (f416)

wife Alice; wtns Jane Cumberbatch & Eliz Lyme


SLEDD, Charles - Stepney, Mdx, gent (f85)

bur near chldr & wife Mary; Mr Rob Delahay; svt Alice Stapelton exec; wtns Matt Hoff mayor, Rob Barker, Henry Stake, Paul Elliott & Jonathan Blackwall


SMALE, Elizabeth - South Mimms, Mdx, widow (f292)

son Edmund & his dtr Kath; son Roger; dtrs Eliz Elkingham & Sara Mixen; son Joseph S exec; wtns Numa Glauman & Agn Francklin


SMALLE, Roger - South Mimms, Mdx, husb (f165)

son Joseph; dtr Eliz Elkingham; dtr Sara Nixen; wife Eliz exec; wtns Mark Gladman & Jn Jaies


SMART, Hester - London, widow (f167)

late husb Rowland S, swordbearer; sis Lady Susan Billingsley widow; Tracie, Collett, Rob & Hester, childr of decsd son Sir Nodtracye S, knt; grandtr Barbara wife of Francis Everton & her bros Edward & Jms Barker; grandtr Hanna Smith; grandsons Jms & Paul Clarke; dtr in law Dame Anne Smart widow; bur St Giles without Cripplegate near husb; exec Mr Paul Tracie son of decsd bro Sir Paul T, knt & baronet; witns Rich Spicer, Rich Phillipp & Jn & Wlm Frithe


SMART, Margaret - St Lawrence Old Jewry, London (f204)

Margt dtr of cousin Jn Addams; chldr of cousin Roger Justice; cousins Eliz Taylor, Joan Harvey & Joan Mabar; 2 sons of cousin Thos Smart; Thos Clough, Thos Peate, Wlm Justice, Mary Love, Eliz Webster & Wlm Cowdwall; exec cousin Wlm Addams; Roger Justice, Rob Taylor & Jn Addams all of Newport [Shropshire]


SMITH, Elizabeth - St Anne Blackfriars, widow (f457)

Kath Wilkes widow; Tim, Rich, Susanna, Sam & Ben Wilkes; sis Alice Weeks in Salisbury [Wiltshire]; son in law Thos Rickett in Barnsby St; wtns Ann Wetherall & Alice Davies


SMITH, Francis - Wapping, Mdx, bricklayer (f306)

wife Joan; Alice & Rebecca chldr of Jn & Joan Gaye; Joan Foard; exec Thos Abbott ctz & bowyer; wtns Jms Scott, Rob Wardall & Bart Cressner


SMITH, Henry - London, gent (f376)

bur Wateringbury, Kent near uncle Henry Wood; father Thos S; uncle Rob Smith; land in Canterbury, Swingfield & Newington, co Kent; exec Constance widow of uncle Henry Wood; overs Jn Baker haberdasher & uncle Rob Wood; wtns Jms Palmer & Edward Packer


SMITH, Luce - London, widow (f29)

dtr in law Bridget Colborne; Mary wife of Thos Corneforth printer & their dtr Margt; dtr in law Eliz Spencer; son Jn Colborne exec; wtns Wlm Keble


SMITH, Mary - London, widow(f168)

chldr Rob & Ursula; son Hmfry S exec; wtns Rob Rosse svt of Wlm Frith & Alphonsus Frithe


SMITH, Paul, senr - Whitechapel, Mdx, gent (f93)

decsd wife Eliz; son Paul away from home; dtrs Constance, Isbl & Anne; dtr Mary Borne & her sons Wlm & Jn; svt Wlm Burges; execs Wlm Browne, Thos Abraham & Roger Robinson; wtns Jn Colman, Rob Townsone, Wlm Abbott, Jn Beard & Jms Millington


SMITH, Philip - Stepney, Mdx, mariner (f46)

died overseas; 2 chldr of Henry North of Blackwall joiner; Rich Hukeley; exec Mary Hobbs of Lymehouse widow; overs Jn Stone & Mr Gunner; wtns Rob Ward


SMITH, Robert - St Sepulchre, London, pewterer (f103)

master Rob Swallowe; wtns Rich Addison, Eliz Essin & Sara Woolridge


SMITH, Robert - Hackney, Mdx, yeo (f508)

sons Thos, Jn, Jms, Rob, Edward & Wlm; dtr Mary wife of Jn Sparks; wife Anne exec; overs Geo Robins gent & Jn Bowman; wtns Nichls Rogerson, Sam Tomlins & Jms Spark


SMITH, Roger - Upshere, Waltham Holy Cross, Essex, carpenter (f418)

chldr of sis Jane Woddall; bro Jms S; wife Joan exec; wtns Jn Smith & goodwife Prise


SMITH, Roger - Greene Arbor, St Sepulchre (f435)

3 bros; 3 sisters; wife Ellen exec; wtns Edward Dynham & Michael Sparke


SMORNE, William (f287)

bur Whitechapel; mother Jane Rickaby; bros Adam & Jn S; sis Jane Stubbs; Nichls Brigha in Somer Islands [Bermuda]; wife Cicely exec; wtns Du Port Paulsonn & Emond Kemppe


SNATTE, Thomas - Ratcliffe, Stepney, Mdx, victualler (f41)

sis Bennett Williams of Maidstone, Kent, widow & her chldr Thos & Anne; wife Margt exec; wtns Hmfry Norton, Sam Hurley & Rob Burroughes


SOREAN, Simon and (Hans) John Christopher, brothers (f164)

French church of London; sis Susan wife of Michael Roger; aunt widow of Jn Jacobbet Pierre; 5 other sisters; svt Margt Walles; Kath Lucy; aprnt Jms Robertson; bro Dan S exec; wtns Johannes Baquesne


SPEE, Jacob - St Stevens Coleman St (f565)

wifes nephews Peter, Cornelius & Albert Janssen; late sons godtr Rebecca Smith; wifes niece Sara Janssen; wife Ellen exec; wtns Jacques Whaghenaer & Ambrosius Regemorterus


SPEEDE, John - Wapping Wall, Stepney, Mdx, mariner (f83)

Mr Edgeworth curate; mother Margt S widow of Dartmouth Devon widow; bros Nichls & Rich S; sisters Jane, Penelope & Joan; son in law Rich Nuttall; Jn Panner; wife Tabitha exec; wtns Jn Morgan & Wlm Silvester


STANGAR, John - St Nicholas Coleabbey, London, marchantaylor (f62)

cousin Rich Rowley, his bro Geo R & his wife Rachel & their sis Joan Nowell & her dtr Mary; Hannah dtr of Magdalen Shephard; last wifes knsmn Geo Hynde; Dan Chibald; Mr Wlm Greene curate; Edmund Hales; Joan Ellill widow; exec Cicely Smith; wtns Chris Spencer & Jn Jennings


STEARE, Jerves - Charterhouse Lane, Mdx victualer (f553)

Jn Jenings; dtr Susan Greenehill; Wlm & Chas sons of Thos Bragg of Hampstead Mdx; wife Susan exec; overs Oliver Page & Edward Buckley brewer; wtns Nathaniel Field & Wlm Wilson


STEEVENS, Roger - St Dunstans in the West (f423)

dtrs Kath & Mary S; wife Bridget exec; overs Jn Waldron esq & Silvester Kennedry; wtns Wlm Domvill & Edward Lanam


STEPHENS, Henry - South Mimms, Mdx, yeo (f458)

dtr Anne Fox widow; chldr Henry, Thos, Wlm & Susan; wife Alice exec; wtns Henry Ewer, Wlm Carre, Marc Gladman & Thos Ketherick


STEVENSON, Elizabeth - St Lawrence Lane, London,widow (f169)

Thos, Anthony & Margt chldr of sis Mary Lee; bro Thos Tesdall of Abingdon [Berks]; sis Sara wife of Dr Parkhurst; sis Lydia wife of Mr Elks parson of Enborne [Berks]; cousin wife of Mr Hill schoolmaster in Gilford; cousin Eliz Richards; Thos, Anthony & Abrm sons of bro Elias Tesdall; chldr Jn & Eliz Read; exec son Thos S; overs bro Tesdall, bro Godwin & cousin Cole; wtns Jn Hannes


STEWARD, Alice (f441)

dtr Jane wife of Edward Dickman of St Giles in the Fields; wtns Ralph Dickson, Edward Ives & Eliz Burkett


STEWARD, Margaret - Wapping, St Mary Whitechapel, Mdx, widow (f341)

sis Judith Scotte; Mary wife of Jn Chapman of Chatham, Kent; sis Alice wife of Sam Roberts; son Jn S exec; overs Jn Fossaker of Ipswich, Suffolk mariner; wtns Nichls Ordimer, Alice Hilles & Margery Nayllor


STOCKE, John - Sewardston, Waltham [Holycross, Essex], yeo (f235)

chldr Jn, Wlm, Nichls, Jane, Susanna, Eliz & Margt & their legacies from Jn Shelley; wife Jane exec; wtns Thos Ansley, Rob Vale & Wlm Portens


STORY, John - citizen and barber chirurgion, St Brides alias Bridgetts, London (f123)

cousin Thos Story of Redbourn, Hertford & his sis & mother; poor of St Andrews Holborne; Jane wife of cousin Wlm Story; uncle Jn Kolner; bro Wlm Ketlan; Edward Gorni; wife Theodocia exec; wtns Rich Taylor, Jn Hubbard, Wlm Clewett & Anthony Hudson


SURRIE, Hugh - Tottenham, Mdx, husb (f253)

chldr Hugh & Bridget; unborn child; mother Jane Watkins; Eliz Barrett dtr of bro Jn Watkins; wife Bridget exec; overs Rob Marre of Westminster grocer & Francis Mascall gent; wtns Anthony Hunt & Rich Dee


SWANNE, Eleanor - St Botolph Bishopsgate (f543)

Jn Voolrick of St Giles without Cripplegate goldwiredrawer; son Jms St Leger; land in Harmondsworth Mdx; cousin Wlm Ferrell; wtns Margery Swan & Joan Ferrell


SWEET, Mary - Hendon, Mdx, widow (f242)

chldr Jn, Jms & Mary; bros Jn Gibbs & Geo Francklin; exec father in law Peter Francklin; wtns Edward Nicholl & Jms Blat


SYMES, William - Stepney, Mdx, citizen and clothworker of London (f81)

chldr Jane, Grace, Eliz, Jn, Joan & Joseph; execs son Jms & wife Joan; overs son Edward & wifes bro Rich Stills


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[Material supplied by Mr Leslie Mahler, San Jose, California]