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Places D - P

NB. This is an INDEX- the photographs themselves are not available for viewing here.

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D.Morgan & Sons, Showrooms in Windsor Road, Early 1900s, II-60 Dairy, 96 Whitchurch Road, 1920s, XXXI-64
Dairymaids, 35 Albany Road, c1915, VIII-43 Dan Murphy's Boot Shop, St.Mary Street / Wyndham Arcade, 1925, IV-52
David Evans & Co., Queens Street, Early 1900s, XVII-18 David Jones & Co., Albany Road / Diana Street, 1911, III-72
David Morgan Department Store, The Hayes, 1910, VIII-3 David's Grocery Store and Post Office, Station Road / Ty Mawr Road in Llandaff Yard, 1905, XIII-34
Davies & Co. Gents' Mercers, Crwys Road, 1911, XXX-49 Davies & Son Boot and Shoe Repair Shop, Wellfield Road, 1903, V-38
Dialoy, Colchester Factory Estate, ---, XXV-73/74 Docks, 'Discovery' Loading Coal at Roath Basin, 1929, VI-33
Docks, 'Terra Nova' in Roath Basin, June 1910, IV-46 Docks, Adelaide Street, c1908, III-58
Docks, Aerial View, Early 1900s, II-53 Docks, Aerial View, 1923, II-54
Docks, Aerial View, 1923, VIII-38 Docks, Aerial View, 1930, XXV-37
Docks, Aerial View, 1946, XXX-20 Docks, Aerial View, 1964, XXXII-47
Docks, Aerial View of Hancock's Brewery and Curran's, 1954, XXXI-54 Docks, Aerial View of Roath Dock, 1932, XII-14
Docks, Aerial View of Timber Float, 1930, IX-30 Docks, Aerial Views, 1930s, III-63/64
Docks, Alexandra Dock Aerial View, 1930, XXXI-51 Docks, Arial View, 1930, XIII-48
Docks, Baltic House, 1930s, XXXI-52 Docks, Bowles Wharf, 1943, XXVI-37
Docks, Burt Street, ---, II-36 Docks, Bute Docks, 1864, II-40/41
Docks, Bute Docks (Aerial View), 1927, XXIII-15 Docks, Bute Esplanade, Early 1900s, XVI-28
Docks, Bute Street, c1920, XI-29 Docks, Bute Street, 1937, IV-42
Docks, Bute Street, 1950, XVIII-35 Docks, Bute Warehouse, ---, II-43
Docks, Bute Warehouse, c1871, V-32 Docks, Bute West basin, 1920s, XII-24
Docks, Bute West Dock, 1900, IX-27/28 Docks, Cardiff Docks Station, 1920s, XXXIV-65
Docks, Chain Ferry between Docks and Penarth, pre 1899, XXIII-1 Docks, Clarence Embankment, 1908, XVI-24
Docks, Clarence Road / Pomeroy Street, 1917, XIII-50 Docks, Clarence Road Tram Terminus, 1939, XIV-123
Docks, Coal Tip at Bute Dock, 1911, XVIII-32 Docks, Commercial Dry Dock, 1891, XV-54
Docks, Cory's Corner, Early 1900s, XXVI-50 Docks, Crichton Street, 1955, X-35
Docks, Crown Preserved Coal Company and Roath Dock Lock, 1910, XXIII-123 Docks, Dry Docks, 1899, XXXIII-44/45/46
Docks, Dudley Street, 1950s, VII-43 Docks, East Dock Shipping, pre 1914, XXVI-45/46
Docks, Eleanor Street Board School, c1900, XII-28 Docks, Eleanor Street Board School, XXXIII-185
Docks, England's Potato Wharf, 1955, X-41/42 Docks, England's Wharf, Early 1900s, VII-63 and XXX-19
Docks, Entrance to Roath Basin, 1874, V-31 Docks, General Post Office, c1890, II-38
Docks, Hamadryad Hospital Ship, 1901, XI-33 Docks, Hannah Street Congregational Chapel (Aerial View), 1923, XXIII-16
Docks, Herbert Street, 1955, X-33/34 Docks, Hodges Row, 1955, X-43/44/45
Docks, Hunter Street, ---, XVI-25 Docks, James Street, 1908, XVI-26
Docks, James Street, 1910, XVIII-34 Docks, James Street Swing Bridge, 1927, XXXII-43/44/45
Docks, Lighthouse on Low Water Pier, c1920, IV-43 Docks, Lock Gates in Bute East Dock, pre 1914, XX-35
Docks, Low Water Pier, 1890s, V-34 Docks, Merchant's Exchange and Campbell's Pontoon, c1910, XXXIII-37
Docks, Merchants' Exchange, 1891, XXXII-49 Docks, Mount Stuart Dry Docks, 1908, XXXVI-70/71/72/73
Docks, Mount Stuart Square, 1908, VIII-31 Docks, Mount Stuart Square, 1920s, II-49
Docks, North Church Street, 1953, VII-40 Docks, Norwegian Church, 1950, IX-55
Docks, Pier Head, c1895, I-39/40 Docks, Pier Head, c1912, XXVII-24
Docks, Pier Head, 1890s, XXXIV-38 Docks, Pier Head, 1895, I-1
Docks, Pier Head, 1930s, XXIII-29 Docks, Pier Head and Bute Street (Aerial View), 1927, XXIII-14
Docks, Pier Head Building, c1914, XXI-33 Docks, Pier Head Building, c1913, XXX-18
Docks, Pier Head Building, 1896, XXXI-53 Docks, Pier Head Tram Terminus, c1913, XXI-39
Docks, Queen Alexandra Dock, 1914, X-37 Docks, Queen Alexandra Dock, 1920, X-40
Docks, Queen Alexandra Docks, ---, XIV-33/34/35/36 Docks, River Taff and Southern Cardiff (Aerial View), 1960, XXXVI-3
Docks, Roath Dock, 1900, IX-29 Docks, Roath Dock Aerial View, 1930, XXXI-50
Docks, Roath Dock and Spiller's Mill, 1937, XX-36 Docks, Roath Dock Construction, 1883, XV-38
Docks, Roath Dock Mills, 1934, IV-65 Docks, Roath Dock Shipping, ---, XXVI-47/48
Docks, Sailing Ships in Bute East Dock, 1864, XIX-29 Docks, Shipping, 1890, III-54
Docks, Shipping in Roath Basin, 1923, II-55 Docks, Shipping in West Dock, Early 1900s, II-48
Docks, Ships and Shipping, Volume XXXIII Docks, South Church Street Board School, ---, XXXIII-1
Docks, South William Street, 1908, II-79 Docks, Spiller & Browne Steam Mill, pre 1882, XI-30
Docks, Stuart Street, 1894, VII-1 Docks, Stuart Street, 1950s, VII-42
Docks, Telegraph and Mercantile Marine Offices (Drawing), ---, XXXV-40 Docks, Wagons of Coal Bound for Export, 1930s, XII-31
Docks, Warehouse in Collingdon Road, 1890, II-42 Docks, West Bute Street, 1908, XVI-27
Docks, West Dock, 1920, X-38 Docks, West Dock and All Souls Mariners' Church, ---, XXVI-49
Docks, West Dock Entrance, 1893, XXXIII-39 Docks, Wharf Street, 1955, X-36
Docks, White Funnel Fleet Paddle Steamers, ---, II-50/51/52 Docks, Windsor Esplanade, 1912, XX-34
Docks, Windsor Slip, ---, XXXIII-48 Docks, York and Stuart Warehouses at Bute East Dock, 1899, XXXIII-43
Dodd's Newsagent's, 31 Caroline Street, ---, XVIII-53 Donald Knight's Drapery Business, Cowbridge Road East, ---, XII-45
Dowlais Steelworks, Blast Furnaces, c1889, XXI-119 Drill Hall, Dumfries Place (Interior), 1920, XVII-58
Drill Hall, Park Street, 1912, XIII-193 Duggan's Furniture Shop, Mundy Place, ---, XXVI-68
Duggan's Furniture Shop, Woodville Road, ---, XXVI-69 Dunkley's Bootmakers, Caroline Street, 1920s, XXV-57
Dyke Greengrocers, 8 Kings Road Canton, 1906, II-67 Ebenezer Baptist Chapel, Pearl Street, 1905, III-91
Ebenezer Chapel, Ebenezer Street, 1978, XXVII-131 Edwin Dobbin, Stationer (St.Mary Street), 1903, V-9
Edwin Poole's Chemist Shop, 71 Broadway, 1906, III-67 Eglwys Dewi Sant, Howard Gardens, ---, XXII-122
Eglwys Dewi Sant, Howard Gardens, ---, XXXIII-151 EJM Plating Factory, Interior, ---, XX-51
EJM Plating Factory, Newport Road, 1938, XX-49 Electric Power Station, Newport Road, ---, XI-56
Electric Theatre, 37 Queen Street, 1911, XXXI-126 Electric Theatre, Queen Street, c1912, II-162
Ely, Avenue Cinema in Cowbridge Road West, ---, XII-105 Ely, Bridge after Road Widening, 1911, IV-30
Ely, Children's Home, ---, XXVII-182 Ely, Church of the Resurrection, ---, XXVI-145
Ely, Cottage Homes, ---, XV-179 Ely, Cowbridge Road, 1910, XIII-19
Ely, Cowbridge Road, 1913, XI-14 Ely, Cowbridge Road outside Ely Hospital, c1920, XXXI-31
Ely, Crosswells Cardiff Brewery and Ely Brewery (Aerial View), 1950s, XXVI-81 Ely, Cwrt-yr-Ala Park (Coachman's Cottage), 1891, XXXV-32
Ely, Cwrt-yr-Ala Park (Pont y Wiwer), 1891, XXXV-33 Ely, Ely and Crosswells Breweries, ---, V-64
Ely, Ely Brewery, 1960, XI-51/52/53 Ely, Ely Hospital (was Poor Law Industrial School), ---, XXX-182
Ely, Fairwater Road (now St.Fagans Road), pre 1909, XV-10 Ely, Garden City Bakery, c1924, V-56
Ely, Glan Ely Hospital, ---, XVIII-187 Ely, Glan Ely Hospital, 1922, XXV-198
Ely, Gospel Hall, 1930, XX-123 Ely, Grand Avenue, 1922, XIII-18
Ely, Grover's Terrace, c1900, VII-16 Ely, Highmead House (Later West End Club), ---, XXI-20/21
Ely, Level Crossing by Paper Mill Road, 1932, XXIV19/20 Ely, Lower Grand Avenue, 1920s, I-15
Ely, Lower Grand Avenue / Phyllis Crescent, 1944, XXXI-30 Ely, Mill Road Corner, c1906, XX-31
Ely, Moors Farm, 1915, XIV-50 Ely, New Bridge, 1910-11, XXIV-12
Ely, Old Bridge, ---, IV-29 Ely, Old Bridge, 1906, XXIV-13
Ely, Old Bridge, pre 1911, XV-9 Ely, Paper Works, 1865, V-61
Ely, Phyllis Crescent, 1936, IX-12 Ely, Regent Cinema in Mill Road, ---, XII-104
Ely, The White Lion, ---, XXXI-73 Ely, Western Welsh Workshops, ---, XXVII-114/115/116/117
Ely, Wilson Road, ---, XIV-55 Ely Common, Farmhouse, 1913, XXXI-32
Ely Paper Mills, Aerial View, June 1930, I-71 and XIX-24 Ely Paper Mills, Aerial View, 1930, XXXVI-65
Ely Paper Mills, Marooned by Floods, 1912, XXX-62 Ely Paper Mills, Mill House, pre 1960, XXIII-110
Ely Paper Works, Aerial View, 1932, XII-13 Ely Racecourse, Open Air Stand, c1898, I-160
Ely Wesleyan Chapel, Mill Road, pre 1911, XXVIII-143 Empire Theatre, Queen Street, c1912, I-12
Empire Theatre, Queen Street, Early 1900s, XIV-114 Empire Theatre, Queen Street (Interior), 1908, XXIII-105
Empire Theatre (later Gaumont Cinema), Queen Street, ---, XXXIII-106 English Presbyterian Chapel, Windsor Place, c1870, IX-54
Evan Jones & Co Gents Outfitters, 17 Working Street, c1903, I-61 Evan Roberts, Kingsway / Queen Street, ---, XXXIV-180
Evans & Phillips (Merchant Tailors), 9 Wharton Street, ---, XXIX-48 Evans Confectioners, Fairoak Road, 1920s, XVI-35
Evans Lassam, Queen Street, pre 1928, XXXIV-177 Evans Lassam's Outfitters, Queen Street / Park Place, 1905, IX-35
Excelsior Wire Rope Works, ---, ---, XVII-39 Fairoak, Gipsy Camp, 1890-92, XX-26
Fairoak, Original Tree and Ty Draw Road, 1890-92, XX-25 Fairwater, Boy Fishing in Fairwater Brook, 1900, XIII-29
Fairwater, Brook Farm, 1920s, XXVIII-47 Fairwater, Bwlch Road, 1946, VII-209
Fairwater, Fairwater Brook, 1930s, VIII-26/28 Fairwater, Fairwater Road / Plasmawr Road, 1910, XXV-20
Fairwater, Rural Scenes, 1892, XXXIII-20/21 Fairwater, Rural Scenes, Early 1900s, XIX-17/18
Fairwater, Rural View, Early 1900s, IX-21 Fairwater, Swiss Cottage, c1914, V-29
Fairwater, Swiss Cottage, ---, XIII-23 Fairwater, The Old Forge, 1896, VII-15
Fairwater House, Residential Home, 1951, XIV-148 Fire Engine Station, Westgate Street, 1913, IV-114
Fire Service Headquarters, Westgate Street, pre 1973, XXVI-185 Fletcher's Timber Wharf, Roath Dock (Aerial View), 1965, III-62
Flower's Greengrocer's, Sussex Street / Cornwall Street, c1915, XV-43 Foulkes' Shoe Shop, 66 Holmesdale Road Grangetown, 1913-14, II-59
Franks Cardiff Rock Shop, The Hayes, 1910, VI-35 Fraylings Second Hand Furniture Dealer, City Road, 1901, VIII-47
Frazer's Ships Chandlers, West Bute Street, c1900, XIX-55 Fulton Dunlop & Co., Duke Street / St.John Street, ---, XXVIII-34
Gabalfa, North Road / Whitchurch Road / Western Avenue, 1967, XXI-139 Gabalfa, Post Office, 1967, XXXIV-23
Gabalfa, St.Mark's Church, 1966, XXI-138 Gabalfa, St.Mark's Church and Vicarage, 1926, XXIII-129
Gabalfa, Tram Terminus and St.Mark's Vicarage, 1937, XIV-120 Gabalfa, Western Avenue / North Road / Whitchurch Road, 1967, XXXIV-24/25
Gaiety Cinema, City Road, ---, XXXVI-118 Gaiety Cinema, City Road, c 1912, I-13
Gaumont Cinema (was Empire Theatre), Queen Street, c1960, II-166 Gaumont Cinema (was Empire Theatre), Queen Street, 1960, XXIII-104
Gaumont Cinema (was Empire Theatre), Queen Street, 1961, XXXIII-107 General Post Office, Westgate Street, c1920, XVI-3
General Post Office, Westgate Street, 1897, XXXII-15 Gladstone Road Infants' School, Interior, c1912, I-113
Gladstone Stores, Brithdir Street, 1905, IX-40 Glamorgan and Monmouthshire Deaf and Dumb Mission, Windsor Place, ---, XV-180
Glamorgan Buildings, Frederick Street (After Fire), 1917, XXVIII-18 Glamorgan Club, Dumfries Place, ---, XXVII-17
Glamorgan County Hall, Cathays Park, 1948, XXII-183 Glamorganshire and Monmouthshire Infirmary, Newport Road, 1874, V-169
Glamorganshire Canal, Aerial View, 1920, I-50 Glamorganshire Canal, Aerial View, 1927, XXVI-41
Glamorganshire Canal, Aerial View, 1927, XXXIV-14 Glamorganshire Canal, Anchor Fuel Works, ---, V-84/85
Glamorganshire Canal, Boat Approaching Cambrian Patent Fuel Works, c1912, I-49 Glamorganshire Canal, Building behind Working Street with Old Town Wall, 1893, XXXII-23
Glamorganshire Canal, By Castle and Law Courts, 1930s, XXX-3 Glamorganshire Canal, Castell Coch in Background, 1890s, XXXVI-16
Glamorganshire Canal, Castle Lodge, 1910, XXXIV-31/32 Glamorganshire Canal, Cottage by College Road, ---, X-29
Glamorganshire Canal, Cottage by Present Day Gabalfa Avenue, ---, X-30 Glamorganshire Canal, Cottages by Gabalfa Lock, ---, XVII-40
Glamorganshire Canal, Crockherbertown Lock, 1950, XXV-7 Glamorganshire Canal, Crockherbertown Lock, 1952, II-15
Glamorganshire Canal, Dry Dock, 1891, II-35 Glamorganshire Canal, Entrance to Old Sea Lock, pre 1905, II-47
Glamorganshire Canal, Feeder from Park Place Bridge, 1936, XXV-13 Glamorganshire Canal, Feeder in Pembroke Terrace (now Churchill Way), 1947, II-16/17
Glamorganshire Canal, Filled in Remains at Rear of Working Street, 1957, XX-12 Glamorganshire Canal, Griffiths & Sandridge Sand Wharves (Harrowby Street), 1943, V-195
Glamorganshire Canal, James Street Swing Bridge, 1943, II-44/45 Glamorganshire Canal, James Street Swing Bridge Prior to Installation, 1890, IV-45
Glamorganshire Canal, James' Dock House, ---, XVII-41 Glamorganshire Canal, Kingsway by Castle wall, 1920s, XII-10
Glamorganshire Canal, Lock House in North Road, c1910, I-48 Glamorganshire Canal, Melingriffith Lock, 1890, XXXIV-20
Glamorganshire Canal, Mill Street, c1939, IV-24 Glamorganshire Canal, Mynachdy Lock and Lock House, ---, XVII-39
Glamorganshire Canal, Ornamental Bridge over Feeder in Bute Park, pre 1963, VI-17 Glamorganshire Canal, Pembroke Terrace and Dock Feeder, c1948, XXIX-11
Glamorganshire Canal, Sea Lock, 1890, IX-31 Glamorganshire Canal, Sea Lock, 1891, I-47
Glamorganshire Canal, Sea Lock and James Street Bridge, 1943, XXVI-38 Glamorganshire Canal, Site of Swing Bridge over Sea Lock, c1900, XII-27
Glamorganshire Canal, Towpath between Canal and Melingriffith Feeder, 1943, XXVI-40 Glamorganshire Canal, Tunnel under Queen Street, ---, XXVI-39
Glamorganshire Canal, View from Roof of Great Western Hotel, 1912, III-11 Glamorganshire Canal, Watson's Timber and Grain Importers, ---, XXVII-53
Glamorganshire Canal, Weigh Lock at North Road, 1919,XVI-11 Globe Cinema, Wellfield Road, 1960s, XXIV-15
Gordon Cirel Tailor's Shop, Wellfield Road, ---, IX-46/48 Gough's Radio Shop, North Road / Canada Road, 1962, XXII-63
GPO Westgate Street, Interior Shots, ---, XXVII-176/177/178/179 Graham Buildings, Newport Road, pre 1986, XXVII-19
Graham's Cake Shop, 22 Carlisle Street, 1908, XX-43 Grainger's Store, Working Street, 1907, V-35
Grand Theatre (later Hippodrome), Westgate Street, c1898, XIX-13 Grange Farm, Clive Street, 1913, X-23
Grangetown, Clare Road, c1920, XIX-28 Grangetown, Clare Road, 1912, VII-24
Grangetown, Clarence Bridge, c1900, XXXI-22 Grangetown, Clarence Bridge, 1914, XI-24
Grangetown, Clarence Bridge Under Construction, 1889, XXXII-40/41/42 Grangetown, Clarence Swing Bridge under Construction, 1889, V-33
Grangetown, Clive Street, 1908, V-15 Grangetown, Clive Street, 1908, XII-23
Grangetown, Corporation Road, c1912, XVI-18 Grangetown, Corporation Road, c1914, XXIV-18
Grangetown, Court Road Board School, ---, XXXIII-189 Grangetown, Ferry Road / Holmesdale Street (War Damaged), 1941, XXX-21
Grangetown, Forward Movement Hall, ---, XV-132 Grangetown, Gillard's Field (now Sevenoaks Park), 1915, X-152
Grangetown, Grange Gardens, ---, XIII-46 Grangetown, Grange Gardens, 1895, XVIII-17
Grangetown, Jubilee Street (War Damaged), 1941, XXX-35 Grangetown, Ninian Cinema ---, XIII-147
Grangetown, Paget Street / Penarth Road, pre 1914, VIII-8 Grangetown, Penarth Road / Havelock Place / Clare Road / Corporation Road, ---, XVI-19
Grangetown, Penarth Road Looking East from North Clive Street / Clive Street, 1912, XVIII-16 Grangetown, Pendyris Street, 1920s, XIII-112
Grangetown, R.B.Flower's Greengrocery Business, c1915, XV-43 Grangetown, Signal Box, 1940s, XII-130
Grangetown, St.Patrick's RC School, 1920, XVI-130 Grangetown, St.Paul's Church, c1910, II-86
Grangetown, Station, c1909, III-187 Grangetown, The Grange Farm in Clive Road, 1890, I-18
Grangetown, Tram crossing Clarence Bridge, 1930, XXVI-53 Grangetown, White Heather Laundry (Fire Damaged), 1908, IX-41
Grangetown Board School, Bromsgrove Street, ---, XXXIII-188 Grangetown Gas Works, Aerial View, 1930, XXI-107
Great Western Hotel, St.Mary Street, pre 1914, II-4 Green Farm, Cyntwell (Ely), ---, XVIII-26
Greyhound and Speedway Track, Sloper Road (Aerial View), 1930, XXI-76 Griffin's Stores and Off Licence, Wyndham Crescent, 1930s, XXVI-88
Guildford Crescent Baths (Interior), Ladies' Section, Early 1930s, VI-161 Gwalia & Co., Crwys Road, c1910, XXVII-49
Gwyn's Cottage, West Side of Merthyr Road near Present Day Rich's Road, 1919, III-29 Hagon's Chemists and Opticians, Hayes Bridge Road / Millicent Street, 1954, X-13
Halewood's Boot and Clog Stores, 154 Cowbridge Road, 1920s, XXVIII-46 Hamadryad Hospital Ship, West Dock, c1900, IV-44
Hamadryad Seamen's Hospital, Ferry Road (Under Construction), c 1904, VII-137 Hancock's Brewery, Bottling Stores and Annexe at Crawshay Street, 1900, XXVI-84
Harding's Cycle Shop, Cowbridge Road East, 1962, XXI-117 Harlequins Recreation Ground, Newport Road, c1889, XI-87
Harris's General Stores, Ty Mawr Road in Llandaff North, 1940, XIV-40 Hawkins Dressmaker's, Piercefield Place / Gold Street (Roath), 1920s, XXII-62
Hayes Island, Open Air Fruit and Vegetable Market, c1946, I-60 Hayman's Millinery Shop, Queen Street, pre 1914, XXVI-66
Heath, Heath Halt Station (now Low Level), 1920s, XIII-107 Heath, Heath House, c1948, XXI-112
Heath, Heath House after Fire, 1964, XXI-113 Heath, Heath Park and Northern Cardiff (Aerial View), 1961, XXXVI-18
Heath, Heath Park Avenue, 1923, XXI-26 Heath, The Three Arches Viaduct, 1904, XX-20
Heath & Sons Pianos, Queens Street / Charles Street, 1910, VII-48 Heath Presbyterian Church, Whitchurch Road, c1914, XVIII-139
Heath Stores, Birchgrove, 1932, VIII-49 Heinz warehouse, Western Avenue, 1960s, XXV-63
Herbert House, Greyfriars Road (Aerial View), 1959, XXXVI-17 Hiles, Herbert, Chairman of Public Works Committee, Opening Western Avenue, 1933, XXVIII-22
Hill's Devon Fish Bar, Anglesey Street / Pen-y-Peel Road, c1924, XIX-57 Hippodrome, Westgate Street, 1914-18, XII-197
Hockridge Butcher's Shop, 230 Cowbridge Road, 1910, XVII-48 Home & Colonial, 130 Cowbridge Road, 1930s, XXVIII-45
Hope Baptist Church, Cowbridge Road, 1936, XXIII-127 Hosking's Bakery, Plantagenet Street, 1930s, XXIX-53
Hotel de Marl, Field Club in Ferry Road to Circumvent Sunday Closing Act, ---, IV-63 Houses on Site of Market Buildings, St.Mary Street, 1881, IV-4
Howard Gardens Higher Grade Board School, ---, 1900, XIII-172 Howard Gardens Higher Grade Board School, After Blitz, 1941, XIII-173
Howard Gardens Municipal Secondary School, As Western General Hospital, 1914-18, XXVIII-148 Howard Lodge, Newport Road, 1965, XXXIII-15
Howell's Grocer's, 46 Whitchurch Road, 1919, XXX-42 Howell's School, Chemistry Lab in Stable Loft, ---, XXIV-144
Howell's School, Dining Hall, c1933, XXIV-146 Howell's School, Quadrangle, ---, XXIV-141
Howell's School, Swimming Baths, ---, XXXVI-155 Howell's School, Tennis in Grounds, c1880, XXIV-145
Huish Fishmongers, King's Road, pre 1923, IX-43 Hunt's Stationer's, Bridge Street, ---, XXIV-29
Hurford's Butcher's Shop, James Street, ---, XV-40 Hutchins Ship Store Merchants, Bute Docks, 1920s, VII-58
Ind Coope's Office and Store, Cowbridge Road / Radnor Road, 1963, XII-46 Ireland's Boot Repairs, 33 Moira Street, c1908, XVI-34
Ireland's General Store, 2 Maitland Street, 1918, XVI-33 Irwin's Grocery Store, Crwys Road, c1900, XIII-53
Jackson Hall, Westgate Street, ---, XXXII-20 James Cox's Fish and Poultry Shop, Queen Street, 1933, VII-56
James Howell Department Store, St.Mary Street (Engraving), 1876, XVI-40 James' Victoria Monument Works, Cathays Terrace, 1910, X-56
John Cory Sailor's and Soldier's Rest, Bute Street (Interior), ---, XII-25/26 John Cory Sailors' and Soldiers' Rest, Bute Street, 1905, VIII-32/33
Jones & Son Funeral Directors, Charles Street, 1908, XXXIV-173 Jones' Butcher's Shop, Constellation Street / System Street, 1891, IV-55
Kaltenbach Jewellers, Caroline Street, 1920s, XXVII-51 Keir's Jeweller's and Watchmaker's, Castle Arcade, c1900, XX-37
King's Theatre, Westgate Street, ---, II-161 Lakeside, Ty Celyn Farm, pre 1959, XI-168
Lamerton & Sons Butcher's Shop, City Road, c1924, VIII-48 Langmaid's Boat Builders, Collingdon Road, c1890, XXVIII-35
Lansdowne Garage, Lansdowne Road / Norfolk Street, 1937, XV-49 Lansdowne Hospital, Aerial View, 1964, XXXIV-107
Lansdowne Hospital, By Flooded River Ely, ---, VII-134 Lansdowne Road Hospital, ---, 1914-1918, VI-188
Lansdowne Road Hospital, Interior, 1918, VI-189 Leckwith, Leckwith Hill and Old Stone Bridge, Early 1900s, V-27/28
Leckwith, Municipal Isolation Hospital (Aerial View), 1935, VII-133 Leckwith, Old Bridge, 1900, XIII-30/31
Leckwith, Village, Early 1900s, V-25/26 Leckwith, Weir on the River Ely, 1941, VIII-30
Leckwith Common, Gipsy Encampment, 1940s, XV-33 Leckwith Viaduct, ---, 1944, XXXI-25
Leckwith Viaduct, Under Construction, 1934, XXXVI-24 Lilah Lane's Tobacconist and Newsagent's, James Street, 1912, VI-36
Lilliputian Confectionery and Tobacconist, Penhill Road / Conway Road, 1930s, XXXII-77 Lisvane, Cwm Tranch Farm, XXXIV-33/34
Lisvane, St.Denis Church (Interior), 1930s, XXXIII-155 Llandaff, Aerial View, 1936, III-46
Llandaff, Bishop's Castle Gateway, 1954, XXXVI-141 Llandaff, Cardiff Road, c1920, III-51
Llandaff, Cardiff Road, Aug 1894, XV-11 Llandaff, Cardiff Road, 1905, XIV-26
Llandaff, Cardiff Road, 1914, X-18 Llandaff, Cardiff Road, 1924, X-17
Llandaff, Cardiff Road, 1938, VIII-24 Llandaff, Cardiff Road / Heol Fair, 1905, XIV-30
Llandaff, Cardiff Road and the Probate Registry, c1914, XIX-27 Llandaff, Cathedral, ---, XXXVI-143
Llandaff, Cathedral (Bomb Damaged), 1941, XXXV-141 Llandaff, Cathedral and Statue of Archdeacon Buckley, ---, XXXVI-139
Llandaff, Cathedral Exterior, pre 1914, XXXI-39 Llandaff, Cathedral from North West, March 1898, XV-126
Llandaff, Cathedral Interior, 1898, XXXVI-142 Llandaff, Cathedral Interior, pre 1914, XXXI-39
Llandaff, Cathedral School (Bishop's Palace), ---, XXV-153 Llandaff, Cathedral School (Original Building), ---, XXV-152
Llandaff, Cathedral School on The Green, 1955, XXXI-41 Llandaff, Cathedral Spire under Construction, 1860s, XV-125
Llandaff, Cathedral West Door, 1893, XXXVI-140 Llandaff, College of Domestic Arts (Aerial View), 1961, XXXV-21
Llandaff, Ely Court, ---, X-19 Llandaff, Ely Road / Waungron Road, 1937, XXXVI-25
Llandaff, Gatehouse of Bishop's Castle, ---, XXV-24 Llandaff, Gatehouse to Bishop's Castle, 1890, XXXI-38
Llandaff, Heathcock Hotel, 1948, XIV-37 Llandaff, High Street, c1910, III-49
Llandaff, High Street, c1909, XII-22 Llandaff, High Street, March 1898, IV-27/28
Llandaff, High Street, Early 1900s, XXIV-14 Llandaff, High Street, 1907, XIV-25
Llandaff, High Street, 1920s, VIII-22 Llandaff, High Street / Cardiff Road, 1935, XXV-25
Llandaff, High Street / Cardiff Road, 1960s, XXV-26 Llandaff, High Street and The Black Lion, 1930s, XXIX-14
Llandaff, Howell's School, ---, XXIV-140 Llandaff, Howell's School, 1960s, XIX-136
Llandaff, Howell's School (Aerial View), 1920s, XIII-182 Llandaff, Howell's School (Aerial View), 1947, XXXVI-154
Llandaff, Llandaff Cathedral, c1897, XIX-114 Llandaff, Llandaff Cathedral, 1894, XXII-120
Llandaff, Llandaff Cathedral from North East with Mill Stream, 1910, XXVI-140 Llandaff, Llandaff Court (now Cathedral School), ---, III-47
Llandaff, Llandaff Court (now Cathedral School), ---, XVIII-24 Llandaff, Llandaff Cross and Castle Gateway, 1894, XVIII-25
Llandaff, Llandaff Fields, 1911, XXV-23 Llandaff, Llandaff Mill, 1910, X-20
Llandaff, Maltsters Arms, 1939, II-68 Llandaff, Old Bridge, 1890, XXXIII-18
Llandaff, Old Bridge, 1956, XXXII-30 Llandaff, Old Bridge from what is now Hailey Park, 1891, XIII-28
Llandaff, Old Cottages in High Street, c1890, III-48 Llandaff, Probate Registry, c1900, IV-26
Llandaff, Rookwood Hospital, ---, XXXI-182 Llandaff, St.Michael's College, ---, XXV-148/149/151
Llandaff, St.Michael's Theological College, ---, XI-145 Llandaff, The Cross, ---, XXV-21
Llandaff, The Green, 1890, XXXI-36/37 Llandaff, The Green, pre 1914, VIII-23
Llandaff, The Green, 1914, III-50 Llandaff, The Green, 1930, IV-25
Llandaff, The Hendre, ---, XXV-199 Llandaff, Toll Gate, 1884, XI-15
Llandaff, Tower House, pre 1924, XXV-22 Llandaff, Victoria Mews and Tower House, pre 1924, XXXI-40
Llandaff, Western Avenue, Early 1940s, XXXIII-31 Llandaff Bridge, ---, 1891, VII-19/20
Llandaff Cathedral, West Front, 1898, XIII-157 Llandaff Fields, Fountain, ---, VIII-29
Llandaff Fields, Swimming Baths, 1920s, XVIII-103 Llandaff North, Bridge over Glamorganshire Canal by Cow and Snuffers, 1948, XV-12
Llandaff North, Canal Bridge in College Road, 1940s, II-29 Llandaff North, College House, c1924, XXI-23
Llandaff North, Evansfield Road, 1930s, XVIII-22 Llandaff North, Gabalfa Road, ---, XVIII-23
Llandaff North, Glamorganshire canal Lock and The Cow and Snuffers, 1930, VIII-21 Llandaff North, Hazelhurst Road, c1910, XIV-28
Llandaff North, Railway Hotel, c1914, II-69 Llandaff North, Railway Hotel, 1948, XIV-38
Llandaff North, River Bridge, c1925, VIII-25 Llandaff North, Station Road, c1912, II-30
Llandaff North, Station Road, 1920s, XXXV-29 Llandaff North, The Cow and Snuffers (Original), c1904, II-70
Llandaff North, The Cow and Snuffers (Post 1905 Extension), c1905, II-71 Llandaff North, Ty Mawr Road, c1910, XIV-27
Llandaff Yard, All Saints Church (Drawing), 1890, XXXII-131 Llandaff Yard, Eagle Foundry, 1890, XIX-21
Llandaff Yard, Glamorganshire Canal Lock and Cow and Snuffers, c1910, II-27 Llandaff Yard, Pineapple Row, 1890, XIX-22
Llandaff Yard, Station Road. 1905, XIII-34 Llandaff Yard, The Square, 1905-1910, XX-32
Llandough, St.Dochdwy's Church, c1890, XXXV-143 Llandough Hospital, Aerial View, 1933, XXXI-181
Llandough Quarry, Penarth Road, 1920s, XXVI-94 Llanedeyrn, Craigwen in the Snow, 1947, IX-20
Llanedeyrn, Pant-y-Llechau Farmhouse, pre 1967, XXIX-27 Llanedeyrn, Village School, pre 1914, XXVII-155
Llanishen, Baptist Chapel and Fidlas Road, c1910, XXV-27 Llanishen, Baptist Chapel in Fidlas Road, c1910, XI-149
Llanishen, Blue House, pre 1955, XXXI-35 Llanishen, Bridge over Rhymney Railway, XIV-19
Llanishen, Century Wesleyan Methodist Chapel, 1907, XV-130 Llanishen, Church Terrace (now Station Road), Early 1900s, XI-22
Llanishen, Cottage in Rhydypenau Road, c1920, XXIV-22 Llanishen, Cottages near Church Inn, c1930, XXIV-21
Llanishen, Fidlas Road, c1910, II-25 Llanishen, Fidlas Road and Baptist Church, 1910, XXIII-130
Llanishen, Melbourne Road, 1920s, XV-31 Llanishen, Railway Station, c1910, V-190
Llanishen, Railway Station, pre 1914, IX-194 Llanishen, Rhydypenau Road, 1920s, XIX-23
Llanishen, St.Isan Church, pre 1914, XXXVI-147 Llanishen, St.Isan Church (Interior), 1930s, XXXIII-154
Llanishen, St.Isan Vicarage, pre 1914, XXXVI-148 Llanishen, Station Road, ---, V-19
Llanishen, Station Road, 1908, III-30 Llanishen, The Old Mill, Early 1900s, IX-22
Llanishen, Ty Glas Road, ---, V-18 Llanishen, Village, 1912, II-24
Llanishen, Village, pre 1914, XXX-10 Llanishen, Villas, ---, XXXIII-28
Llanishen Fach Farmhouse, Heol Erwin, pre 1960, XXXI-34 Llanrumney, Llanrumney Hall, 1890s, XIII-44
Llanrumney, Mill Farm, 1890s, XXXII-37/38 Llanrumney Hall, ---, 1891, XXXII-80
Llanrumney Hall, With Tredegar Hunt, 1920s, XXVI-200 Llysfaen (Lisvane) Council School, Rudry Road / Heol y Delyn (Drawing), 1913, XXXII-164
Locomotive Inn, Broadway, 1912, IV-61 Longcross Street Baptist Church, Formerly Zion Baptist Chapel, 1967, VI-77/78
Lord Ninian Hospital, Cathedral Road, ---, XVI-177 Lord Tredeger Statue, City Hall Grounds, ---, XXV-10
Loveridge Ltd., Workshop Interior, ---, XXXII-53 Magnet House, Kingsway, 1940, XVII-29/30
Maindy, Aerial View, 1927, XXII-22 Maindy, Cambrian Wagon Works (Aerial View), 1955, XXXVI-78
Maindy, Llystalybont Farmhouse, c1900, XII-11/12 Maindy, Star Patent Fuel Works (Aerial View), 1927, XXII-21
Maindy Pool, ---, 1928, XXI-77/78 Mansion House, Richmond Road, ---, XXVII-21
Mansion House, The Walk, ---, VI-20 Market Buildings, Original Solomon Andrews Building (Engraving), 1884, I-57
Martin Braddon's Tobacconist's, James Street, pre 1914, XXII-55 Martin's Umbrella Shop, High Street Arcade, pre 1914, XI-37
Masons Arms Hotel, Queen Street, 1904, I-66 Mathias Brothers (Builders Merchants), Cowbridge Road, 1960s, XIX-48
Mathias Brothers (Builders), Cowbridge Road, c1901, XIX-46 Mathias Brothers (Builders), Cowbridge Road, 1920s, XIX-47
Mathias Brothers (Builders), Houses Adjoining Showroom, ---, XIX-49 Matthews Confectionery Shop, 113 Albany road, c1920, XIX-53
Maypole Dairy, The Hayes, 1920s, VII-47 McLay & Co. (Printers), Binding Room (Interior), 1928, X-63
McLay & Co. (Printers), Fairwater Road, ---, XXV-42 McLay & Co. (Printers), Interior Shots, 1927, XXV-43/44/45
Melingriffith, Lock Cottage and Melingriffith Stack, 1920, VII-27 Melrose Court, Penhill Road, 1937, XXXVI-26
Michaelston-le-Pit, Mill House, 1891, XXXV-34 Midland Bank, Cardiff Docks Branch (Interior), 1928, XI-49
Minifie's Bakery, 27 Severn Road, c1900, XIII-54 Minifie's Bakery (Interior), 27 Severn Road, ---, XII-32
Molyneux & Co., Queen Street, 1906, X-52 Monico Cinema, Pantbach Road, ---, XXVII-107
Monkleys Ltd., 19 Custom House Street, ---, XVI-36 Monkton House School, The Parade, 1918, V-152
Monument Roundabout, St.Mary Street, 1982, XXXVI-11 Moorcraft's Grocery Shop, Hewell Street / Worcester Street, 1927, XIV-43
Morgan's Stores and Off Licence, Paget Street, 1950s, XXVI-89 Morganstown, Gelynys (Clynis) Farm, 1888, XXXII-34
Morris Jacob's & Sons Outfitters, Cowbridge Road, 1930s, XXI-114 Morris's Store Bakery (Interior), Wilson Road, ---, XXIV-33
Morris's Stores, Wilson Road, 1930s, XXIV-31/32 Mossford & Co., Monumental Masons, ---, XXIX-51/52
Mount Hermon Primitive Methodist Chapel, Pearl Street, 1895, III-89 Mount Hermon Primitive Methodist Church, Pearl Street, ---, XXVII-135
Mynachdy, Appledore Road, 1928, IX-15 Mynachdy, Cefn Road, 1930s, XXXV-26
Mynachdy, Council School (Cefn Road), 1930s, XXXV-26 Mynachdy, Llantarnam Road, 1930s, XXXV-26
Mynachdy, Mynachdy Road, 1930s, XXXV-26 Mynachdy, North Road, 1930s, XXXV-26
Mynachdy, St.Athan's Road, 1930s, XXXV-26 Mynachdy, The Welfare Institute, 1930s, XXXV-26
Mynachdy, Viriamu Jones Secondary Modern School, 1955, XXVI-166 National Children's Home & Orphanage (1911-1933), 85-87 Newport Road, ---, XVI-178
National Memorial to Welshmen who Fell in the Boer War, Boulevard de Nantes, ---, XIII-11/12 National Provincial Bank of England, 277 Cowbridge Road, ---, XXXIV-18
Nevard's Grocery Shop, Dalton Street / May Street, 1930s, XVIII-61 Neville's Footwear Shop, Portmanmoor Road, 1920s, XIV-41
New Moon Club, New Street, 1960s, XXXV-19 New Theatre, Park Place, 1906, II-159
Newport Road. Aerial View, 1964, XXVIII-1 Newton & Sons, Tailors (Park Place), 1930, II-56
Newtown, Tyndall Street, 1894, I-29/30 Newtown Goods Yard, Kite Street, 1965, XXXI-13
Ninian Park Hospital, Interior, 1918, XVII-196 Ninian Park Hotel, Originally the Atlas Hotel, ---, XIII-148
Ninian Park Stadium, Aerial View, 1930, II-114 Ninian Park Stadium, Aerial View, 1930s, XXI-54
Ninian Park Stadium, Aerial View, 1962, XXI-55 Noah Rees & Sons Corn Cake & Seed Mills, Working Street, 1900, VIII-39
North and South Wales Public House, Louisa Street, c1912, II-75 Nurse Cleverley's Maternity Home, 55-57 Tudor Street, ---, XVIII-186
Oddfellows Hall, Newport Road, 1965, XXXIII-9 Old Sea Lock Hotel, Glamorganshire Canal, 1891, I-46
Old Town Hall, St.Mary Street, ---, IX-8 Old Town Hall, St.Mary Street, 1891, XXXII-13
Old Vicarage, St.John's Street, 1873, V-147 Parish's Drapery Store, 37 Wilson Road, ---, XXIX-41
Park Hall Buildings, Queen Street, 1925, II-13 Park Hall Theatre, Park Place, ---, XXIX-121
Park Hotel, Palm Lounge, 1920s, XXVII-44 Park House, 20 Park Place, ---, XXII-182
Park House, Park Place, 1953, XVI-8 Park House, South East Corner of Park Place, ---, III-15
Park Newsagency, 109 Albany Road, 1901, V-37 Parker & Son, Ladder Makers (Interior of Workshop), c1910, XIV-59
Pascos Grocery Shop, 15 Wood Street, pre 1937, XVII-45 Patterson's Grocery, Theobald Road / Brunswick Street, ---, XXIII-113
Penarth, John Batchelor's Ship Building Yard (Engraving), 1859, XXXI-75 Pengam, Railway Marshalling Yards, 1930s, XI-136
Pengam Farm, Aerial View, ---, I-21 Pengam Farm, Roath Moors, 1906, XXV-33/34/35
Penny Bazaar Offices, West Canal Wharf, ---, XXX-56 Penylan, Construction of Eastern Avenue (Aerial View), ---, XXXIII-30
Penylan, Deri Farm from Waterloo Gardens, 1890, IX-23 Penylan, Old Quarry and Llwyn-y-Grant Road, 1920s, XXV-29/30
Penylan, Penylan Hill, 1920s, XVI-21 Penylan Hill, Oldwell, pre 1940, XXXI-43
Penylan Hill, Pont Lecky Bridge, 1890, XXIX-23 Percy Cadle (Tobacconist), St.Mary Street, 1920s, XXX-41
Percy Davey (Bookmaker), Fairoak Road, 1920s, XVI-35 Phillip's Newsagent's, Cowbridge Road / Aldsworth Road, ---, XX-44
Phillip's Pork Butchers, Woodville Road / Crwys Road, 1929, XII-60 Plain's Fishmonger and Poulterer, Corporation Road, 1932, XI-45
Plaisted's Emporium, 205 City Road, c1912, XXIX-47 Plaza Cinema, North Road, ---, XXI-104
Pontcanna, Cathedral Road, 1914-18, XXV-15/16 Pontcanna, Cathedral Road and Presbyterian Church, c1905, XIV-29
Pontcanna, Cathedral Road Presbyterian Chapel, ---, XXII-129 Pontcanna, Plasturton Avenue, 1912, XXVII-18
Pontcanna, Plasturton Gardens, 1904, XVII-38 Pontcanna, Plasturton Gardens, 1908, XXVI-32
Pontcanna, Post Office (85 Pontcanna Street), post 1914, XVII-50 Pontcanna, Post Office (Pontcanna Terrace), pre 1912, XVII-49
Pontcanna Cottages, Opposite Pontcanna Street, pre 1897, III-53 Pontcanna Fields, Upper Mill Cottage, 1988, XXXIII-19
Pontcanna Fields and Blackweir, Aerial View, 1927, XXXV-25 Pooles Butcher's, Bute Street, ---, XXV-55
Pope's Photo Service, Cowbridge Road, 1934, II-64 Pope's Photo Service Shop, Cowbridge Road, 1931, XXXVI-40
Pope's Sweet Shop, Cowbridge Road, 1910, II-65 Presbyterian Forward Movement Hall, Moorland Road, 1905, III-92
Preswlfa Day and Boarding School for Girls, Penylan Road / Sandringham Road, ---, ---, ---, XIX-135 Principality Educational Depot, Station Terrace, 1907, I-59
Prudential Assurance Building, Kingsway, 1951, XII-7 Prudential Assurance Co. (until 1951), St.Mary Street, ---, XXXV-13 
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