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Places Q-Y

NB. This is an INDEX- the photographs themselves are not available for viewing here.

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Queen Street, Carlton Restaurant and Principality Buildings, 1922, III-66 Queen's Cinema, Queen Street, 1955, X-182/183
Queens Hotel, St.Mary Street, c1894, VI-11 Quong Lee's Chinese Laundry, Crwys Road, 1911, X-57
R.E.Jones Café , Forerunner of Carlton Restaurant in Queen Street, pre 1911, XI-36 Rabaiotti's Café , St.Mary Street (Engraving), ---, XII-56
Radyr, Heights above Heol Isaf, 1930s, XXIX-36 Radyr, Heol Isaf, 1910, XXXV-139
Radyr, Heol Isaf, pre 1914, XIV-31/32 Radyr, Pentyrch Station, c1888, XXXV-127
Radyr, Radyr Court, 1955, XXXVI-28 Radyr, Radyr Weir, c1910, XXIX-37
Railway Hotel, Saunders Road, 1910, XXXI-71 Raper's Hotel, Westgate Street / Wood Street, 1917, V-69/70
Rapport & Co., Ivor House, 1953, XXII-40 Rapport & Co., Ivor House after Re-building Programme, 1962, XXII-42
Rapport & Co., Llanybythyr House, ---, XXII-41 Red & White Buses, Gelligaer Street Depot, c1960, XXVII-119
Redman's Butchers, Cowbridge Road, Early 1900s, XIV-44 Reese & Gwillim's Shop Window, James Street, 1914, XI-34
Reese & Gwillim's Stores, Penylan Road / Blenheim Road, 1905, XIII-57 Regal Dance Hall, Western Avenue, 1930s, VIII-193
Regal Dance Hall, Western Avenue, 1966, XV-28 Rhiwbina, Beulah Road, 1925, XV-27
Rhiwbina, Beulah Road, 1930s, XIII-39 Rhiwbina, Brooklands (now Maes-y-Deri), Late 1920s, XXX-15
Rhiwbina, Heol y Deri / Beulah Road, 1928, VIII-10 Rhiwbina, Heol y Deri / Beulah Road, 1963, VIII-11
Rhiwbina, Heol-y-Deri, c1921, XX-17 Rhiwbina, Lon-y-Dail, 1920s, IV-32
Rhiwbina, Lon-y-Dail, 1930s, XXIX-20 Rhiwbina, Pen-y-Dre, 1930s, XXIX-19
Rhiwbina, Reservoir and View from Wenallt, 1962, XXIX-21 Rhiwbina, Rhiwbina Village Across Fields, 1923, XX-18
Rhiwbina, Smart's Tea Gardens, 1916, XIII-38 Rhiwbina, Thatched Cottage, pre 1914, XXX-14
Rhiwbina, The Deri and the Old Oak, c1928, XIII-37 Rhiwbina, View from Rhiwbina Hill, c1930, XIII-40
Rhiwbina, Y Groes, 1914, XIII-36 Rhydypenau Crossroads, Heath Halt Road, 1925, XXXI-44
Rhymney Railway Passenger Terminus, Cardiff 'The Parade' (Aerial View), 1927, XX-6 Richmond Road Congregational Church, Richmond Road / Gordon Road, ---, XXII-121
River Ely at the Drope, Viaduct, pre 1983, XXXI-207 River Taff, Llandaff Bridge, ---, II-28
River Taff and Curran's Works, Aerial View, 1964, XXIX-12 Riverside, Clare Gardens, c1920, IX-17
Riverside, Clare Street, pre 1914, VII-23 Riverside, Clare Street / Tudor Street, 1939, XXVI-34
Riverside, Cowbridge Road between Lower Cathedral Road and Rawden Place, pre 1914, XXXIII-32 Riverside, De Burgh Street and Neville Street after Bombing, 2 January 1941, VI-197
Riverside, Fitzhamon Embankment, c1912, I-19 Riverside, Fitzhamon Embankment, 1910, XXX-6
Riverside, Lower Cathedral Road, 1910, XVI-17 Riverside, Neville Street, ---, XXVI-35
Riverside, Neville Street / Tudor Road / Clare Road, 1937, II-184 Riverside, Ninian Park Road, XXXVI-41
Riverside, St.David's Hospital, ---, XXXIV-110 Riverside, St.Dyfrig's Church, pre 1968, X-84
Riverside, Tudor Road, c1910, XII-9 Riverside, Tudor Street, c1914, XXIV-17
Riverside, Tudor Street, 1920, VII-21 Riverside, Tudor Street, 1939, V-184
Roath, 13 Wellfield Road, 1894, XXXIII-22 Roath, Aerial View, 1921, XXIII-3
Roath, Aerial View, 1960, XXXI-27 Roath, Air Raid Damage in Newport Road, 1941, XI-20
Roath, Albany Road, 1894, I-22 Roath, Albany Road, 1908, VIII-15
Roath, Albany Road, 1910, III-25 Roath, Albany Road, 1912, XV-25
Roath, Albany Road, 1923, XXXIV-21 Roath, Albany Road, 1926, XV-26
Roath, Albany Road / Marlborough Road, c1919, XXIX-24 Roath, Albany Road / Richmond Road, 1927, X-24
Roath, Albany Road / Wellfield Road, 1950, XXII-23 Roath, Albany Road Board School, XXXIII-193
Roath, Alfred Street, 1908, IX-16 Roath, Amesbury Road, 1920s, XXVI-55
Roath, Angus Street (War Damaged), 1940, XXX-22/23 Roath, Arran Street, 1910, XVII-36
Roath, Balaclava Road, 1910, XVII-37 Roath, Bedford Street Lane, early 1900s, XI-134
Roath, Broadway, c1912, II-26 Roath, Broadway / Blanch Street, 1892, VII-32
Roath, Broadway Methodist Church, ---, XXIII-128 Roath, Broadway Methodist Church (Interior), pre 1950, XXVIII-141
Roath, Castle Road (now City Road), 1908, I-26 Roath, Celyn Fach Cottage in Highfield Road, pre 1934, VI-27
Roath, City Road, c1920, IV-39 Roath, City Road, 1910, XXXII-25
Roath, City Road, 1912, III-23 Roath, City Road / Newport Road Corner (now Longcross Court), 1910, XI-9
Roath, City Road between Keppoch Street and Glenroy Street, c1890, XXXII-26 Roath, Claude Road, 1908, XVII-35
Roath, Clifton Street, 1909, III-20 Roath, Clifton Street, 1930s, IV-34
Roath, Clifton Street, 1937, XVIII-12 Roath, Clifton Street Presbyterian Church, ---, XXXII-128
Roath, Corner Shop Iron Street / Clifton Street, 1932, II-66 Roath, Cottages in Albany Road near Claude Hotel, pre 1959, XXVI-26
Roath, Diamond Street / Clifton Street, 1932, XV-35 Roath, Diana Street, c1916, XVIII-63
Roath, Glenroy Street, 1906, XXXI-46 Roath, Graham Buildings (Newport Road), 1960s, XXXV-22
Roath, Harold Street / Pearl street, c1916, XIX-122 Roath, Helen Street and Nora Street, 1892, I-32/33/34
Roath, Hillsborough Terrace (now City Road), c1890, XXXII-26 Roath, Keppoch Street, 1910, VIII-17
Roath, Kimberley Road, 1912, XVIII-18 Roath, Kincraig Street, 1906, VIII-16
Roath, Lock's Grocers in Broadway, 1906, V-63 Roath, Mackintosh Institute (Formerly Plasnewydd), ---, XI-98
Roath, Mackintosh Institute Bowling Green, 1906, XI-99 Roath, Marlborough Road Schools, 1903, IV-89
Roath, Milton Street, 1969, XXXIV-27 Roath, Minster Gospel Hall, 1927, XVI-128
Roath, New Dock Tavern, 1892, VII-32 Roath, Newport Road, c1901, I-27/28
Roath, Newport Road, 1909, III-21 Roath, Newport Road, 1909, XXIV-11
Roath, Newport Road, 1916, XVIII-11 Roath, Newport Road, 1938, VI-21
Roath, Newport Road / Broadway, 1897, VII-33 Roath, Newport Road / City Road, 1902, XVII-20
Roath, Newport Road and Roath Wesleyan Methodist Church, 1904, XXXIV-8 Roath, Newport Road between Clifton Street and Roath Court, Early 1900s, VII-34
Roath, Ninian Road, c1920, XVI-22 Roath, Ninian Road, 1908, XIV-17/18
Roath, Old St.Margaret's Church, 1865, V-148 Roath, Pearl Street, 1891, I-37
Roath, Pearl Street, 1898, XIII-80/81 Roath, Penylan Road / Blenheim Road, 1908, VIII-14
Roath, Railway Station in Pearl Street, pre 1917, X-67 Roath, Richmond Road, 1905, XX-22
Roath, Richmond Road, 1907, IV-19 Roath, Roath Court / Newport Road (War Damaged), 1941, XXX-33
Roath, Roath Mews, c1896, XVII-11 Roath, Roath Mews (Andrews Garage), c1946, XVII-12
Roath, Roath Mill, 1890, VII-36 Roath, Roath Mill Gardens, 1950, XXII-26
Roath, Roath Park Boating Lake, Early 1900s, VIII-191 Roath, Roath Park Café, 1929, X-50
Roath, Roath Park Lake, ---, XIII-116/117 Roath, Roath Park Lake, ---, XXIV-206
Roath, Roath Park Lake from Lake Road East, c1914, XVII-32 Roath, Roath Park Lake from Lake Road West, c1914, XVII-31
Roath, Roath Park Lighthouse, 1930s, II-21 Roath, Roath Park Pavilion, 1916, VII-192
Roath, Roath Park Recreation Ground, 1905, III-43 Roath, Roath Park Tram Terminus, 1938, X-80
Roath, Roath Road Wesleyan Chapel, c1872, V-146 Roath, Roath Road Wesleyan Methodist Chapel, 1903, XV-129
Roath, Roath Road Wesleyan Methodist Church, 1955, XXXVI-19 Roath, Royal Oak Junction of Broadway / Newport Road, 1944, XIX-11
Roath, Russell Street, c1900, I-24 Roath, Shakespeare Street, 1969, XXXIV-26
Roath, St.Margaret's Church, 1882, XXXIII-149 Roath, St.Margaret's Church, Early 1900s, XXV-135
Roath, St.Margaret's Church, 1906, XXI-141/142 Roath, St.Margaret's Church, 1930, XXXI-134
Roath, St.Margaret's Church (pre Tower), c1890, XV-127 Roath, St.Margaret's Church (pre Tower), 1906, X-92
Roath, St.Margaret's Church across Flooded Fields, 1882, XXXIII-150 Roath, St.Peter Street, 1982, XXXV-24
Roath, St.Peter's (Interior), ---, IX-59 Roath, St.Peter's Church, c1870, V-144
Roath, St.Peter's Church and Schools, c1910, XV-128 Roath, St.Teilo's Priory, ---, XXII-123
Roath, Stacey Road Board School, ---, XXXIII-190 Roath, The Globe Cinema, 1950, XXII-24
Roath, Tram Terminus in Newport Road, 1903, XXI-27 Roath, Ty Draw Farm, 1890, XXXI-45
Roath, Village School, c1890, IV-96 Roath, Village School (Interior), 1899, IV-97
Roath, Village School House, 1894, VII-97 Roath, Wellfield Road, 1894, I-23
Roath, Wellfield Road, 1911, IV-40 Roath, Wellfield Road, 1916, VII-25
Roath, Wellfield Road / Marlborough Road / Ninian Road, 1950, XXII-25 Roath, Wellfield Road and the Globe Cinema, 1960s, XXIV-15
Roath, Westville Road (Under Construction), 1914-15, XVII-64 Roath and East Moors Works, Aerial View, 1972, XXXIII-4
Roath Basin, Coal Hoists, 1913, XXI-35 Roath Basin, The 'Terra Nova', ---, XVIII-30/31
Roath Conservative Club, Cyril Crescent, 1891, XXI-28 Roath Court, Albany Road / Newport Road, 1930s, XXVI-24
Roath Market, Constellation Street, 1894, III-31 Roath Park, Bandstand and Crowds, Early 1900s, XXXVI-27
Roath Park, Chrysanthemum House, ---, XII-15 Roath Park, Fish Pond, 1911, X-31
Roath Park, Lake from Lake Road East (pre Lighthouse), 1914, XXVIII-26 Roath Park, Lighthouse, 1920s, XXXIII-23
Roath Park, Promenade, Early 1900s, XXIX-22 Roath Park, Rustic Bridge, 1907, XV-29
Roath Park, Site Prior to Development of Roath Park, 1890-92, XX-23/24 Roath Park, Tennis Courts, c1918, XVIII-92
Roath Park, The Rose Walk, ---, XI-23 Roath Park, Tropical House, ---, XII-16
Roath Park Board School, Penywain Road, ---, XXXIII-191 Roath Park Hotel, City Road, ---, VIII-54
Roath Park Infants School, Interior, c1928, XV-156 Roath Park Lake, ---, 1912, XXXI-42
Roath Power Station, Aerial View, 1927, VII-61 Roath Power Station, Aerial View, 1955, XXXII-82
Roath Power Station, Colchester Avenue, pre 1972, XXVI-27 Roath Road Wesleyan Methodist Church, Bomb Damaged, ---, XXVII-130
Roath Road Wesleyan Methodist Church, City Road, 1910, III-95 Roath Steam Laundry, Blenheim Road / Marlborough Road, 1909, III-74
Roath Tram Depot (Interior), Newport Road, 1920s, XXI-137 Ross Garage Ltd., Penarth Road, 1957, XVI-53
Royal Buildings, Queen Street, ---, XXVIII-8 Royal Exchange Building, Coal and Shipping Hall (Interior), ---, VI-31/32
Royal Hamadryad Hospital, Ferry Road, ---, XXV-196 Royal Hamadryad Hospital, Hunter Street, ---, XXXV-39
Royal Hamadryad Hospital, Operating Theatre (Interior), c1920, XXV-197 Royal Hotel, St.Mary Street, c1870, V-68
Royal Hotel Vaults, Westgate Street, 1880s, IV-58 Rumney, Brachdy Road, c1917, V-30
Rumney, Church Farm, ---, XXX-12 Rumney, Cottages, ---, XXXII-35/36
Rumney, County Cinema, ---, II-175 Rumney, County Cinema, ---, XII-102
Rumney, Cross Inn on Newport Road, 1906, XIII-67 Rumney, Greenway gardens (John Ford's Farm), 1905, XXV-81
Rumney, J.Davies' Blacksmith's Shop, c1900, XIII-70 Rumney, Lower Wentloog Road, pre 1914, XV-32
Rumney, Lower Wentloog Road, 1920s, XXIX-25 Rumney, Memorial Hall, 1928, XXV-31
Rumney, Newport Road, c1930, XXVII-20 Rumney, Newport Road, 1932, VII-30
Rumney, Newport Road, 1932, VIII-12 Rumney, Newport Road, 1940s, XXXII-33
Rumney, Newport Road, c 1960, XXII-28 Rumney, Orchard Terrace (now Wentloog Road), 1920s, VII-39
Rumney, Parish Church, c1912, II-33 Rumney, Post Office, c1900, XIII-75
Rumney, Post Office, 1910, II-32 Rumney, Rumney Baptist Church, ---, XXV-138/139
Rumney, Rumney Bridge and Pottery, c1914, VI-28 Rumney, Rumney Central School, 1930s, XXV-146
Rumney, Rumney Hill, 1930s, XXIX-26 Rumney, Rumney Pottery, 1900, VI-29
Rumney, Sea Bank Dairy Farm, pre 1914, XIV-48 Rumney, St.Augustine's Church, ---, XXVI-141
Rumney, St.Augustine's Church, 1908, V-149 Rumney, The Carpenter's Arms, c1900, XIII-69
Rumney, The Cross Inn, 1896, XXI-22 Rumney, The Rompney Castle, 1909, VII-38
Rumney, Wentloog Road, XXV-32 Rumney, Wentloog Road, 1960s, XXII-29
Rumney, Wesleyan Church, 1929, XVIII-140 Rumney, Witla Court, c1900, XIII-49
Rumney Board School, Wentloog Road, c1905, XX-143 Rumney Court, Now British Legion Club, ---, XX-27
Rumney Hill, Old Schoolhouse, 1918, X-32 Saddler's Shaving Saloon, Holmesdale Street, 1900, XII-51
Sailors' Home, Stuart Street, c1900, II-46 Salem Welsh Baptist Church (Church of Christ), Moira Terrace / Meteor Street, 1982, XXXI-47
Salvation Army, Splott Bridge Temple, ---, XXVII-135 Salvation Army Barracks, Cecil Street Roath, 1894, XXVII-136
Samuel Hall's Drapery Shop, 8-10 High Street, ---, XCII-46 Sanday & Jones, Charles Street, c1906, XXXI-62
Seccombes Department Store, Queen Street, 1950s, IV-47 Sensicle's Butcher's Shop, Albany Road, c1900, VI-40
Sessions & Sons Timber Slate and Cement Importers, Penarth Road, ---, VII-59 Severn Road Boys' School, Woodwork Class (Interior), 1920, X-101 and XIX-155
Sherwood House, Newport Road, 1933, XII-143 Shine's School of Motoring, Northcote Street, 1920s, XXXVI-135/136/137
Siloam Welsh Baptist Chapel, Corporation Road, 1929, IX-62 Silvester's Grocery, 41 Splott Road, ---, XXXVI-32
Sirrell's Bakery, City Road, ---, VII-53 Skerry's College, Newport Road, 1910, VII-105
Soldier's Rest, St.Mary Street, 1914-18, I-178-185 Sophia Gardens, The Pavilion, ---, XIII-156
Sophia Gardens Lodge, Cathedral Road, ---, XXVI-33 South Wales Daily News and South Wales Echo Offices, St.Mary Street, 1907, XVI-13
South Wales Daily News Building, St.Mary Street, Early 1900s, X-54 Sparkes' Garage, Penhill Road, 1940s, XII-52
Speedway Stadium, Penarth Road, ---, 1951, XXVIII-124 Speedway Stadium, Penarth Road, 1950s, VI-176
Spiller's Mill, Roath Dock, 1936, XXV-65 Spiller's Record Shop, Queen Street Arcade, 1894, VI-37
Spillers Nephews Biscuit Factory (Interior), Moorland Road, c1900, V-46/47 Spillers Nephews Biscuit Factory (Interior), Moorland Road, c1920, XIII-59
Spital Buildings, Queen Street, 1891, II-14 Spital Buildings, Queen Street, 1910, XXVIII-19
Spital Cottages, Crockherbertown, pre 1885, XXVIII-19 Splott, Carlisle Street / Ordell Street, c1908, XI-11
Splott, Council School, c1890, I-31 Splott, Diamond Street Methodist Church (Interior), ---, XXXII-133
Splott, Dowlais Cottages, ---, I-38 Splott, Dowlais Works, 1927, VI-56
Splott, Eyre Street, 1967, XXXIV-37 Splott, Habershon Street, 1920s, VI-23
Splott, James Burrow's Sweet Shop, c 1920, XV-42 Splott, Moorland Gardens, c1920, VII-18
Splott, Portmanmoor Road, 1977, XXXIV-35 Splott, Railway Street, c1890, I-31
Splott, South Park Road with the Grosvenor Hotel, 1902, XIII-167 Splott, Splotlands Board School, ---, XXXIII-192
Splott, Splotlands Library and Reading Room, ---, XXVI-187/188/189 Splott, Splott Bridge, c1902, XIII-101
Splott, Splott Cinema, ---, XII-103 Splott, Splott Road, c1925, VI-22
Splott, Splott Road, 1905, XI-12/13 Splott, Splott Road, 1910, IV-33
Splott, Splott Road / Carlisle Road, c1925, XVI-20 Splott, Splott Road Baptist Church, ---, XXXI-135
Splott, St.Alban's (Interior), ---, IX-60 Splott, St.Francis Church (Swansea Street), 1953, XV-131
Splott, St.Saviour's Church, 1925, X-90 Splott Cinema (now Bingo Hall), Agate Street / Pearl Street, ---, XXVII-106
Splott Park, Bandstand, 1911, III-42 Splott Park, The Bathing Pavilion, ---, XIV-92
Splott Wesleyan Methodist Chapel, Splott Road, c1923, XXVIII-24 Springfield House, 129 Queen Street, XXXV-18
St.Agnes Anglican Church, Bertram Street, c1887, III-90 St.Andrew's and St.Teilo's Church, Woodville Road / Flora Street, 1955, XXV-136
St.Cyprian's Church (Interior), Monthermer Road, ---, XXXI-137 St.David's, Charles Street, 1904, XXXIV-76
St.David's RC Church, Charles Street (War Damaged Interior), 1941, XXII-18 St.David's RC Primary School, David Street, 1965, XXX-8
St.Dyfrig's Church, Wood Street, 1968, XXVII-134 St.Dyfrig's Church, Wood Street, 1968, XXXII-124
St.Dyfrig's Clergy House, Fitzhamon Embankment, 1918, X-85 St.Fagans, Aerial View, 1930, XXXIV-28
St.Fagans, Castle, 1920, XXV-17/18 St.Fagans, Castle, c 1948, XV-13, XV-14
St.Fagans, Castle and Gardens, ---, III-44 St.Fagans, Cottage on Plymouth Estate, 1890, XV-16
St.Fagans, Cottage on Plymouth Estate, 1915, XV-15 St.Fagans, Cricket and Bowls Pavilion, 1935, VII-184
St.Fagans, Cricket Pavilion, Early 1900s, IV-180 St.Fagans, Ladies' Lawn Tennis Pavilion, c1907, IV-181
St.Fagans, Parish Church (Exterior), ---, XXX-152 St.Fagans, Parish Church (Interior), ---, XXX-153
St.Fagans, Plymouth Arms, 1908, V-78 St.Fagans, Plymouth Arms Hotel, 1910, XIII-83
St.Fagans, Post Office and Plymouth Arms, Early 1920s, XIX-15 St.Fagans, Railway Station, 1930s, XXXIV-66
St.Fagans, Road Along River Ely, Early 1920s, XIX-16 St.Fagans, St.Fagans Church in Wales School, ---, XXX-156
St.Fagans, St.Mary's Church, ---, III-96 St.Fagans, Thatched Cottages, c1920, III-45
St.Fagans, Thatched Cottages, pre 1939, VIII-27 St.Fagans, Village, pre 1914, XIII-20/21/22
St.Fagans, Village, 1936, XXXII-27/28 St.German's Church (Interior), Star Street / Metal Street, ---, XXIX-140/141
St.James the Great Church, Newport Road, ---, XXXIII-148 St.John's National School, Queen Street, 1912, XIV-147
St.John's Rectory, Rectory Road / Romilly Road, 1908, IX-14 St.Joseph's Church, Whitchurch Road (Interior), ---, XXXII-135
St.Joseph's RC Church, Whitchurch Road / New Zealand Road, 1936, XXXII-134 St.Luke's Church, New Building (Interior), 1912, XVIII-134
St.Luke's Church, Original 'Iron Church' (Interior), early 1900s, XVIII-136 St.Martin's Church, Albany Road, 1920s, III-93
St.Martin's Church, Albany Road (Interior), 1920, VII-91 St.Mary of the Angels RC Church (Interior), King's Road Canton, c1900, XXIX-143
St.Mary's Church, Bute Street (Interior), 1870s, XXXIV-81 St.Mary's Church (Interior), Bute Street, ---, IX-56
St.Mary's RC Church, Kings Road, c1920, XI-140 St.Mellons, Began Farm, c1900, XXXIII-34
St.Mellons, Church in Wales School, 1905, XXV-157 St.Mellons, Farmstead, c1900, XXXIII-33
St.Mellons, Fox and Hounds in Chapel Row, 1890s, XIII-68 St.Mellons, Post Office and Village Store, 1906, XXV-36
St.Mellons, Quarry Hill House, 1920s, XXVII-23 St.Mellons, St.Mellons Country Club (Blue Horizon Club), ---, XX-28
St.Mellons, The Blue Bell Inn, 1906, XXV-82 St.Mellons, The Blue Bell Inn, 1920s, XVIII-28
St.Mellons, The Blue Horizon Club, ---, XIV-108 St.Mellons, The White Hart, 1906, XXV-83
St.Mellons, Ty-to-Maen, ---, XXVII-188 St.Mellons, Village, 1914, II-34
St.Mellons, Village, 1920s, XVIII-29 St.Mellons, Village from Church, 1913, XX-29
St.Mellons, William Nicholls Convalescent Home, ---, XXIX-188 St.Paul's RC School and Chapel, Tyndall Street, ---, XXIX-138
St.Stephen's Church, Mount Stuart Square, c1900, VIII-78 St.Stephen's Church, Mount Stuart Square, ---, XXXIV-73
St.Winifred's Hospital, Romilly Crescent, c1938, XIII-186 Statue of Lord Aberdare, Howard Gardens, 1909, IV-37
Stead & Simpson Shoe Shop, Queen Street, ---, XXVI-71 Stead & Simpson Shoe Shop, Working Street, 1908, XXVI-71
Stealey's Off Licence (Formerly The Earl of Windsor), Union Street / Little Union Street, 1956, XX-15 Stephens' Saddler's Shop, 23 Custom House Street, ---, XXXII-69
Stevens & Son, Wine Merchants, c1874, V-4 Stork's Sweet Shop, Wilson Road, ---, XIV-55
Stuart Hall, Salvation Army HQ in The Hayes, c1965, VI-13 Stuart Hall, Salvation Army HQ in The Hayes, 1914-18, VI-12
Supolstery Works, Ferry Road, ---, XXVII-28-35 Synagogue, Cathedral Road, c1925, I-100
Tabernacl Welsh Baptist Chapel, The Hayes, ---, XXXV-142 Taff Vale and Rhymney Railway Bridge, Newport Road, 1890, III-18
Taff Vale Railway, Old Bridge over the Taff (Ferry Road), c1890, VII-41 Taff Vale Railway 'Iron Bridge', Queen Street / Dumfries Place, XXVII-17
Taff Vale Railway Offices, Queen Street / Station Terrace, 1906, VI-66 Taff Vale Railway Station, Original Building, 1886, XIII-106
Taff Vale Railway Station, Queen Street, 1886, IV-3 Taff Vale Railway Station, Queen Street, 1907, III-188
Taylor's General Store, 39 Lochaber Street, c1920, XXIX-54 Temperance Town, Eisteddfod Street, 1930s, XXVII-11
Temperance Town, Marcovitch's Grocery Eisteddfod Street / Wood Street, 1930s, XII-3 Temperance Town, Scott Street, 1920s, XXXIII-50
Temperance Town, Wood Street, 1930s, XII-4 Temperance Town, Wood Street Council School and St.Dyfrig's Church, 1930s, XII-6
Temperance Town, Wood Street Looking Towards St.Mary's Street, 1930s, XII-5 The Albert Hotel, St.Mary Street, 1957, XIX-36
The Albion Hotel, 260 Bute Street, 1890s, XXXIV-166/167 The Angel Hotel, Castle Street / Westgate Street, ---, XXXVI-46
The Angel Hotel (Original Building), Angel Street (now Castle Street), ---, XXXVI-45 The Asher Hart Café (Interior) (Later the Dormie), Queens Street, 1924, XXI-8
The Birchgrove (Old Building), Caerphilly Road, 1928, XIX-41 The Blue Anchor, Wharton Street, 1900, III-80
The Borough Arms, St.Mary Street, ---, V-50 The British Volunteer, The Hayes, 1965, XX-14
The British Volunteer Hotel, The Hayes, ---, I-63 The Butcher's Arms, Llandaff Road, 1927, IV-62
The Cambrian, St.Mary Street / Caroline Street, 1958, XIX-37 The Canton Hotel, Llandaff Road, c1890, IV-59
The Capitol Restaurant (Interior), Queen Street, ---, XVIII-110 The Carlton, Queen Street, 1920s, V-49
The Carpenters Arms, Newport Road Rumney, 1916, III-79 The City Arms, Quay Street, 1935, XIX-44
The Corporation Hotel, Cowbridge Road East, ---, XXVI-80 The Cow and Snuffers, Llandaff North, c1900, VIII-52
The Cross Inn, Cowbridge Road, 1911, XXVIII-15 The Cross Inn, Cowbridge Road / Delta Street, c1905, XXXII-81
The Custom House Pub, Bute Street / Crichton Street, 1971, XXXV-36 The Duke of York, Wellington Street, 1960s, XII-40
The Dutch Café , Queen Street, 1916, VII-52 The Eagle Hotel, Adam Street, 1968, XXXIV-171
The Earl of Windsor, Union Street / Little Union Street, Early 1900s, IX-42 The Fishguard Arms, Hayes Bridge Road, ---, XXV-53
The Fox and Hounds, Tyn-y-Parc Road, 1908, XIX-25 The Glamorgan Hotel, North Church Street, pre 1965, XXVI-86
The Glendower, Crichton Street / East Canal Wharf, c1910, V-65 The Globe Hotel, Castle Street, 1903, I-64
The Globe Hotel, Castle Street, 1914, X-47 The Golden Cross, Custom House Street / Hayes Bridge Road, ---, XXXI-72
The Golden Cross, Hayes Bridge Road / Custom House Street, 1955, X-16 The Grand Hotel, Westgate Street, ---, XXXII-66
The Great Western Hotel, St.Mary Street, 1910, XXVIII-2 The Greyhound, Bridge Street, ---, XXV-51
The Greyhound, Wellington Street / North Morgan Street, 1960s, XII-39 The Griffin, St.Mary Street, October 1971, II-62
The Griffin, St.Mary Street, pre 1974, XXVII-5 The Hastings Hotel, Herbert Street, 1914, X-48
The Hope, Blackweir, 1981, XXXIV-170 The Horse and Groom, Womanby Street, 1971, XXXIII-54
The Locomotive Inn, Broadway / Nora Street, 1912, VIII-53 The Maltsters Arms, Merthyr Road, 1914-18, XXVI-92
The Marquis of Bute Pub, Bute Street / Hannah Street, 1914, XXV-39 The Masons Arms Hotel, Crockherbtown, c1888, XI-35
The Merchant Navy Hotel, Saunders Road, 1980, XXXIV-169 The Neptune Inn, Caroline Street, 1914-18, V-73
The New Dock Tavern, Broadway / Blanche Street, 1900, XXXVI-44 The North and South Wales (Interior), Louisa Street, c1910, XIX-45
The Oxford Hotel, The Hayes, 1890, XVIII-9 The Oxford Hotel, The Hayes, 1950s, XXVI-85
The Park Hotel, Queen Street, c1895, VII-10 The Park Hotel, Queen Street, 1910, XXVII-10
The Pembroke Castle, Louisa Street, c1915, III-77 The Philharmonic Restaurant, St.Mary Street, 1890, XI-195
The Pine Apple Inn & Rock and Fountain, St.Mary Street, 1890s, XXVII-3 The Queen's Hotel, St.Mary Street, ---, XXIX-49
The Railway Hotel, Saunders Road, c1905, XX-38 The Red Cow, Wellington Street, 1960s, XII-38
The Roath Castle Hotel, City Road / Penlline Street, 1950, XXVI-79 The Rock and Fountain, St.Mary Street, c1884, II-3
The Rompney Castle, Wentloog Road, 1930-32, XIX-42/43 The Rompney Castle (was The Pear Tree), Wentloog Road, pre 1932, XXXII-79
The Rose and Crown, Kingsway, 1913, XVII-26 The Rose and Crown, Kingsway, 1960s, VI-7
The Rose and Crown, Kingsway, 1972, II-63 The Rover Vaults, Wellington Street, 1960s, XII-37
The Royal Clarence Hotel, Tudor Road, 1930s, XVIII-51 The Royal Hotel, St.Mary Street, 1890s, XXXV-55
The Royal Oak, Cowbridge Road, 1914-18, XX-46 The Royal Tudor Hotel, Tudor Street, c1914, XXIV-17
The Ruperra Hotel, City Road / Shakespeare Street, 1940s, XXVI-83 The Salutation, Hayes Bridge Road, ---, XXV-52
The Salutation, Hayes Bridge Road, 1971, XXXIII-57 The Taff Vale Pub, Queen Street / Paradise Place, ---, X-49
The Three Horse Shoes, High Street, 1900, III-78 The Three Horse Shoes, High Street, pre 1913, I-65
The Tivoli Hotel, Tunnel Court, 1957, XX-11 The Traveller's Rest, Thornhill, 1948, XXXIII-58
The Westgate Hotel, Westbourne Place, ---, III-75/76 The White Hart Hotel, Little Bridge Street / Bridge Street, pre 1926, I-68
The White Swan, Bute Street, pre 1909, V-71 The White Swan, Shakespeare Street, pre 1972, VII-62
The Windsor Hotel, Stuart Street, pre 1900, XXXII-48 The York Hotel, East Canal Wharf, 1911, XXVIII-36
Thomas & Evans Ltd., Hayes Bridge Road / Millicent Street, 1954, X-14 Thomas' Corner Shop, 81 Wellington Street, Early 1900s, XXIX-1
Thompson & Shackell Ltd., Piano Dealers, ---, XIII-73 Thompson's Park, Statue by Sir William Goscombe John, ---, VII-14
Thorley's Florist Shop, Clifton Street, 1920s, XXV-50 Toll Gate, Cardiff to Penarth Road, ---, I-20
Toll Gate, Cardiff to Penarth Road, c1939, II-37 Town Hall, St.Mary Street, 1913, IV-5
Town Hall, St.Mary Street (Rear View), 1895, VI-18 Tredegarville, 2-8 Newport Road (was Belgrave Place), 1965, XXXIII-11
Tredegarville, 58-60 Newport Road, 1965, XXXIII-14 Tredegarville, East Grove, 1907, XXVI-28
Tredegarville, Howard Gardens Higher Grade Board School, ---, XXXIII-163 Tredegarville, Newport Road / City Road, 1965, XXXIII-8
Tredegarville, Newport Road /West Grove, 1965, XXXIII-13 Tredegarville, Richmond Road / St.Peter's Street, ---, XXVI-29
Tredegarville and Plasnewydd, Aerial View, 1963, XXVIII-4 Tremorfa, Ocean Club in Rover Way, 1960s, XXVIII-135/136/137/138
Tresillian Hotel, Tresillian Terrace, c1912, V-66 Trott's General Store, Hirwain Street / Darran Street, 1930s, XVI-37
Trustee Savings Bank, St.Mary Street / Quay Street, 1977, XXXV-12 Turner's Off Licence, Constellation Street, ---, XXVI-90
Ty-Pwll Coch Hotel, Cowbridge Road, 1880s, XV-39 United Methodist Free Church, Newport Road, 1899, XI-138
University Chemistry Laboratory (Exterior), Newport Road, 1920s, XXVIII-12 University Chemistry Laboratory (Interior), Newport Road, 1920s, XXVIII-11
University College, Newport Road, 1960, XXVIII-13 University College (was Glamorgan and Monmouthshire Infirmary), Newport Road, 1909, XX-4
Victoria Park, 'Billy the Seal', ---, X-21 Victoria Park, Aerial View, 1927, XXIII-9
Victoria Park, Feeding 'Billy the Seal', ---, VIII-20 Victoria Park, Lake, 1905, XXV-19
Victoria Park, Redcliffe Avenue, pre 1914, XI-16 Victoria Park, St.Luke's Church, ---, XXXV-140
Victoria Park, The Monkey House, ---, XXIV-205 Victoria Park, Tram Terminus, 1940, V-187
Victoria Park Post Office, Cowbridge Road / Nesta Road, 1900, XXXIII-49 Virgil Street Board School, Later Ninian park Council School, 1900, XIII-170
Ward's Butcher's Shop, James Street / Louisa Street, 1890s, XXXI-69 Wedal Road, Gipsy Encampment, 1890, II-20
Welsh Board of Health Building, under Construction, 1937, XXX-4 Welsh Calvinistic Methodist Chapel, Pembroke Terrace (Drawing), 1878, XXXII-127
Welsh National School of Medicine, Newport Road, 1920s, XXIV-190 Wenvoe, Castle, pre 1910, XXXV-30/31
Wenvoe, Wenvoe School, 1908, XXV-147 Wesleyan Church, Albany Road, c1910, XIX-115
Wesleyan Day School and Masonic Hall, Working Street, c1890, I-14 West End Club, Highmead House (Ely), 1930s, XIX-197
Western Mail printing Works, Wood Street, 1939, XXXII-113 Western Welsh, Cowbridge Road West, ---, XXVII-112/113
Westminster House, St.Mary Street, 1964, XXXII-9 Whitbread & Co., Penarth Road Depot, ---, XXVI-78
Whitbread's Bottling Depot, East Canal Wharf, ---, XXVI-77 Whitbread's Off Licence (was The Earl of Windsor), Union Street / Little Union Street, ---, XXVI-91
Whitchurch, 'The Laurels' in Penlline Road, ---, XXIX-15 Whitchurch, Ararat Baptist Chapel, 1908, XI-150
Whitchurch, Church Road, 1910, VIII-13 Whitchurch, College Road where TVR Roath Dock Branch left Main Line, ---, XXXI-96/97
Whitchurch, Edward Arnold's Grocery Store, 1920s, XV-46 Whitchurch, Entrance to Military Hospital, 1914-18, IV-222
Whitchurch, Golf Links, 1933, VII-29 Whitchurch, Green Close, ---, XXXIII-26
Whitchurch, Hay's Farm, 1926, XXXIII-35/36 Whitchurch, Heol Don, c1920, XIV-23
Whitchurch, Heol Don, c1905, XX-19 Whitchurch, Heol Don, Early 1900s, XXXV-27
Whitchurch, Library, 1910, XXIX-18 Whitchurch, Library and Velindre Road, c1912, VII-28
Whitchurch, Manor Way, 1930s, XXXIV-186 Whitchurch, Melingriffith Tin Works, 1910, XI-57
Whitchurch, Mental Hospital, 1908, V-173 Whitchurch, Mental Hospital (In Use as Welsh Military Hospital), 1914-18, XIV-190
Whitchurch, Merthyr Road, c1920, XIV-22 Whitchurch, Merthyr Road, Early 1900s, XVIII-21
Whitchurch, Merthyr Road, 1909, III-178 Whitchurch, Merthyr Road, 1910, V-16
Whitchurch, Merthyr Road, 1910, X-26 Whitchurch, Merthyr Road, pre 1914, XIII-42
Whitchurch, Merthyr Road, 1946, XV-30 Whitchurch, Milwards Terrace (now 87-111 Merthyr Road), 1908, XIX-26
Whitchurch, Mwynalch-Bwlch Cottages, ---, XVI-23 Whitchurch, Old Church Road / Merthyr Road, 1906, II-178
Whitchurch, Old Maltster's Cottages and John Lewis's Draper's Shop, 1908, X-28 Whitchurch, Old Oak Restaurant, 1914-18, V-17
Whitchurch, Pantmawr Road, 1910, XIV-24 Whitchurch, Pantmawr Road (was Ashgrove Terrace), c1910, XXIX-17
Whitchurch, Park Road, pre 1914, XXXV-28 Whitchurch, Park Road Cottages, IX-18
Whitchurch, Park Road Roundabout and Velindre Hospital Grounds (Aerial View), 1958, XXXII-39 Whitchurch, Penlline Road, 1900, XXI-29
Whitchurch, Penlline Road, 1930s, XXI-30 Whitchurch, Post Office in Merthyr Road, 1919, X-25
Whitchurch, Railway Station, 1914-18, XXXVI-133 Whitchurch, St.Mary's Church (Original), pre 1904, XXXII-125
Whitchurch, St.Mary's Church (Present), ---, XXXII-126 Whitchurch, Tabernacle Calvinistic Methodist Church in Merthyr Road, 1920, VII-89
Whitchurch, Thatched Cottages North of Philog, 1900, IX-19 Whitchurch, The Common, c1945, XIV-21
Whitchurch, The Common, pre 1914, XIII-43 Whitchurch, The Parade, 1910, XVIII-20
Whitchurch, The Parade, 1910, XXIX-16 Whitchurch, Tyn-y-Parc Road, 1910, III-28
Whitchurch, Tyn-y-Parc Road and the Fox and Hounds, 1930s, XVIII-19 Whitchurch, Velindre Road, c1909, XIII-35
Whitchurch, Village, pre 1914, X-27 Whitchurch, Village Farm, 1934, XXII-32
Whitchurch, Village from Church Tower, 1905, III-26 Whitchurch, Welsh Metropolitan Military Hospital, IX-18
Whitchurch, Welsh Military Hospital, 1914-18, XXX-184 Whitchurch, Wesleyan Church, 1910, VII-90
Whitchurch Hospital, Aerial View, 1948, XIX-165 Whitchurch Hospital, Female Dormitory (Interior), c1910, XIX-166
Whitchurch Junior Boys' School, Ty'n y Parc Road, ---, XXVII-166 Whitchurch Library, Velindre Road, c1912, III-27
Wigley's Tobacconist, James Street, 1930s, XXXVI-39 William Fry's Butcher's Shops, Bridge Street and Central Market, 1920s, VIII-40/41
Williams & Sons, Ironmongers and Silversmiths, 1890s, XI-42/43/44 Wood Street Congregational Chapel, Interior, 1908, XV-134
Wood Street Congregational Church, Interior, 1971, XXVII-138 Woodcock's Butcher's, Bute Street, 1920s, XXV-54
Woolf Brothers Outfitters, Duke Street, 1924, IX-37 Worrell & Co. Cycle Shops, Cowbridge Road East, Early 1900s, VIII-140/141
Worrell's Cycle Shop, 2 Angus Street, pre 1898, XVI-31/32 Worrell's Cycle Shop, Angus Street / Albany Road, c1900, XVI-30
Worrell's Ely Garage, Cowbridge Road West, 1927, VIII-142 YMCA, Station Terrace, c1910, XXIV-134 
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